Magic Mike vs The Full Monty


I recently posted about bowing out of the body image debate. However in that weighty piece I didn’t say anything about perving on blokes. I fully intend on doing that well into my 80s from behind my outlandish sunglasses and silk turban, preferably whilst sipping on a champagne cocktail. I note the hypocrisy in this. I guess I am not pure of heart. My excuse? I may be middle aged, married and low of mojo but I am NOT DEAD YET GOD DAMN IT!

Given my appreciation for the male form, it may surprise you to hear that Mumabulous has never been to a strip show. It’s not that I’m a prude – quite the opposite. During my misspent youth I deemed it unnecessary to pay money to see naked hunks. It didn’t appeal anyhow. All those super buffed, oiled up meat heads bumping and grinding seemed like a grotesque parody of sexuality. The hordes of screaming women were in my youthful view  pathetic. (Fast forward twenty years and I’ve proudly joined the ranks of the pathetic.) To me sexiness has always been more complex than a chiseled jaw and cheese grater abs, though I’ll happily admire these assets. Its intangible and 90% above the neck. If I had to chose between a dinner date with Channing Tatum (recently voted the world’s sexiest man) or the decidedly non aesthetic Jonathan Green ( a respected ABC journalist) its Jonathan all the way.

During the 90s Manpower Australia took the world by storm and launched Jamie Durie’s career whilst I merrily ignored it. Then in 1997 The Fully Monty was released. I initially dismissed the film as “crapola” until my bestie dragged me along to the cinema.  I absolutely loved it and it remains one of my favorite movies. It’s not a high brow choice but its funny, warm hearted and poignant. Moreover its got an important social message about the devastating effects of unemployment but its served up with humor rather than shoved down our throats Hollywood style. The scene where Gaz and his chubby mate Dave rescue the security guard,  Lomper, from gassing himself in his car, to my way of thinking, one of the most gently life affirming in movie history. As for the actually stripping, our troupe are just gorgeous in all their imperfect glory.  I’m grinning like a Cheshire Cat remembering it. Perhaps I need to get out more.

Get yer gear off lads!

Get yer gear off lads!

In 2012 male stripping became the movie topic du jour again with Magic Mike. I was preparing to dis MM as shallow Hollywood tripe but I thought I should actually watch it before I ripped in. Cue a trip to the DVD store last night where I hovered above the copy of MM like an aging pervert. Finally I wussed out, concerned about Dadabulous’ reaction. I selected two Fassbender films instead*. Dadabulous hasn’t picked up on it yet.  I deferred to YouTube for research purposes and spent the morning watching clips from MM while Dadabulous took the girls out. This was enough for me to grasp the film’s main (ahem) thrust.

Magic Mike- dress code is strictly black tie.

Magic Mike- dress code is strictly black tie.

To my chagrin, I found myself enjoying it in the same way a teenager enjoys raiding their parents’ liquor cabinent. It was a cheeky, guilty pleasure watching those hawt hunks gyrating comically about. I was drooling over my computer screen like a moronic dog.  Seriously though, did they have to dry hump the floor quite so much? Really? Hundreds of millions of women are going to hate me when I say that Channing doesn’t really do it for me but that young Alex Pettyfer – Woo Hoo! I’m old enough to be Alex’s mother.  I’d be  a young, hip MILF type mother but fawning over Alex is all kinds of wrong nevertheless. Excuse me while I take a shower. I didn’t need to watch until the bitter end to predict that Mike eventually abandons the sleazy world of stripping for the more wholesome pursuit of furniture design and a long term relationship.

I may have misjudged Mike. He and his anatomically perfect mates provided a titillating distraction for a pathetic old bird like me. I’d still balk at the idea of paying money to see dudes strip but, thanks to MM, if I scored a free ticket I’d be in like Flynn. Still when it comes to heart The Full Monty has the bigger package.

I was titillated by this. I must be more of a desperate house wife than I thought.

I was titillated by this. I must be more of a desperate house wife than I thought.

But when it comes to heart these guys have the bigger package.

But when it comes to heart these guys have the bigger package.

What do you think? Male strippers – hawt or not?



*Centurion and A Dangerous Method.

Meanwhile I'd pay good coin for the Fass!  I know I'm completely pathetic.

What did you expect? I’m the Fassbassador after all.

photo credit: Movie-Fan via photopin cc

30 thoughts on “Magic Mike vs The Full Monty

  1. lol..Im with you never have been one for a strip show..Im not a prude far from..I know a nice piece of design when I see it but strippers its all just a bit eeeww for me..but I do have to disagree with you on the channing issue he would be a hard one to look away

  2. I’m all for going to see a MM type strip show, but could you imagine going out with someone like that in real life, talk anout making you feel inadequate. Having said that though I do love a bit of the Pettyfer, I saw him in a film with Emma Roberts years ago called Wild Girl before he got totally ripped and thought he was hawt then. With the abs now though = per.fec.tion
    That is all. 🙂

  3. I had a beautiful stripper for my hens party. Once upon a time, I had a photo of him (with pants on) up on the wall behind my computer at work and my boss asked me to take it down, saying that a man wouldn’t be allowed to have a photo of a female stripper up in their office at our work. Fair point…

  4. I don’t get the Channing thing either, but I found the dance scenes oddly titillating. Normally I prefer my blokes lean, not pumped. As for real-life male strippers … Nah. Got a smelly Santagram once and it really put me off.

  5. I loved the Full Monty when it first came out too. It was quite political and genuinely moving for all its schmaltz. I had tears running down my cheeks! Now, speaking of cheeks…

  6. Not hawt. Cerebral everytime … which is why I ADORED The Full Monty too 🙂 … I still think it speaks volumes, about divorce, about unemployment, about masculinity, about love, about everything … I could go on and on it appears … 🙂

  7. I loved the Full Monty (but admit to closing my eyes at stripping time). When it comes to action time, aesthetics matter. Shallow, shallow, shallow. But hey – i’m only looking with my eyes, right? And my EYES say, YES mumabulous, YES you are 150% right in choosing Alex Pettyfer (if that’s the dude on the right) over Channing Tatum. Channing looks kinda … empty. (Behind the eyes). Magic Mike is still on my list of movies to see. Not keen for the real life version though. The fake pumpy thing up close – nup. Yuk.

  8. Oh I havent seen any of these movies… nor have I been to a strip club ever… annnnnd now i feel like a prude ha ha


  9. I am a stripper lover without a doubt. I have been to a couple of shows in my youth and my hen’s night had my own personal stripper. Oh so exciting. I don’t necessarily like them touching me or me them though, I am all about the visual. Having said that though I have not seen Magic Mike. I thought I won a copy of it on a blog a while back but it never seems to have made it to my doorstep!

  10. LOL – I had never been to a strip club so my then boyfriend (now husband) took me there for my 21st. Except there were no guys stripping !!!!! Don’t know if there ever were any where we lived !!! After seeing the two girls strip (it was a lunch time show) and eating lunch – we left – and he said “See – nothing much to it.”
    HAve the best day !
    #IBOT visitor

  11. Totes hot Mumabulous, totes hot. I find nothing wrong with objectifying a good body that knows how to move. I watched Magic Mike the other night and my oh my, Channing Tatum can DANCE! And when he’s doing it while taking his clothes off? I died and went to heaven right there. SWOON.

  12. Crack me up, woman!
    You know what’s crazy? We bought Magic Mike on DVD while we were in Bali and I still have yet to see it!!!
    I had no interest in strip clubs for the longest time. Then a friend of mine dragged my sorry ass to a mutual friend’s hen’s party and I was “whoopin'” it up like I had never seen a male torso before.
    It’s all fun. And the giggle with the girlfriends is the best part of it.

  13. What an awesome post girl!! I’ve never been to a male strip show but would bloody love to! I also adored The Full Monty – but haven’t seen Magic Mike (mental note, DL it tonight).
    I’m a total Hugh Jackman fan, I’d watch him for hours with his shirt off.
    But yep I reckon if men can perve at girls in strip clubs every night of the week why can’t we?! Emily 🙂

  14. Not a fan of strippers personally. I’d rather see my husband naked 😉

  15. Back in the 90s I was waitressing at a local club in NZ and the show was Manpower Australia. We had to serve the boys dinner before the show. I remember a smaller shy guy with the most beautiful eyes. I didn’t have a clue who they all were but turns out it was Jaimie Durie 🙂

  16. Not really into it. Although I did win Magic Mike on DVD and so will be watching it one of these nights. Presumably while hubby is out. Or out of it. I’ve heard it’s not that bad, but yes, I’ve also been warned about the dry-humping overload!

  17. I saw man power when I was younger, a very entertaining show. Me and a friend watched Magic Mike new years eve, I must say I enjoyed it more the second time I watched it, which was still a qawk with a dumb smile on my face lol! My friend has watched it that many times she knows where to fast forward to all the good bits!

  18. Just traipsing through your archives, mumabulous, and found this. Thanks for the chuckle! I watched MM late last year at a girls’ weekend away and was made fun of for saying I’d prefer the young dude over Channing. Glad to see I wasn’t alone! 🙂

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