It’s It’s A Backyard Blitz


Strangely the very same week I blogged about the joys of male strippers Dadabulous decided to turn on a Jamie Durie performance. Co-incidence? Demonstrating that he is a man of many talents he got his kit on and turned his gloved hand to a bit of landscape gardening. The  Chez Abulous back yard is a wild and untamed place. Certain segments are impenetrable due to the dense population of spiders. This weekend Dadabulous hit upon the brilliant idea of transforming a region previously known as “the  corridor of death” into a fairy garden.

Corridor of death!

Corridor of death!

Enter at your peril.

Enter at your peril.

The girls were excited because they were awarded the role of creative co-directors. Dadabulous was excited as the project meant a trip to Bunnings Warehouse. In fact I believe he hatched the entire scheme solely to justify an excursion to the Mecca of Manliness. I was the only member of Team Abulous who wasn’t excited. I just wanted a coffee. Anyhow the four of us made the pilgrimage to Bunnings Mascot in search of paving tiles and tasteful garden ornaments.

As usual, the Bunnings experience did not disappoint. When I remarked upon a spa bath proudly displayed approximately 6 stories up the building’s cliff like wall, Dadabulous solemnly replied that there was nothing you couldn’t get here. Indeed their range of elegant garden statues was extensive. They had everything from replica Chinese warriors to life like marsupials as well as wind chimes out the wazoo. In keeping with the fairy theme, we settled on a classic garden gnome, a toad stool and a couple of winged cherubs.

Back at the ranch we got out  the paint box and gave our creatives free reign to work their magic.  The P in P1 and P2 could easily stand for Picasso (or Pick Asso – that’s my Dad’s crude humour coming through).

Unbridled talent.

Unbridled talent.

Inspired by Pick Asso in his lesser known spodge period.

Inspired by Pick Asso in his lesser known splodge period.

Meanwhile Dadabulous intrepidly conquered the corridor of death and laid 15 paving stones. It was then up to the creatives to position the art installations.  The result was nothing short of enchanting.

Where for art thou Gnomeo?

Where for art thou Gnomeo?

A cherub by a cherub.

A cherub by a cherub.

A magic mushroom.

A magic mushroom.

P1 our little fairy at the bottom of the garden.

P1 – our little fairy at the bottom of the garden.

When you’ve got this much talent in the one household its impossible to keep it to yourself. I’m a generous soul and I’d like to share the magic. Do you think Team Abulous could pitch for a garden makeover reality TV show? There simply isn’t enough of that genre on Australian screens right now. Watch out Jamie! Team Abulous is gonna blitz the pants off you! (Hang on – that’s redundant).

Is your husband’s second home Bunnings Warehouse?




20 thoughts on “It’s It’s A Backyard Blitz

  1. Love this garden! And what fun painting ornaments. As for your question… Stand-by on Twitter and I’ll send you a pic.

  2. Omg this is too cute and Team Abulous have outdone themselves! I can’t face our garden in this weather. It is badly neglected. My brother in law told us on NY Day that our resolution this year should be “to sort that garden out”. How rude. Only I am allowed to bag out our garden and its unique weed infested charmlessness.

  3. Fantastic! I also love my trips to Bunnings – it must be a Man Thing! It’s so good when the whole family can get involved in projects like this, isn’t it?

  4. I LOVE those pics, and funny captions. My hubby needs a good kick up the pants in regards to stuff around here. Where is Jamie when you need him – SIGH x

  5. Is one of those statues holding it’s own head?! I had to laugh at Pick Asso, it reminds me of my hubbys humour (he thinks he is hell funny). Fantastic for the kids to get involved in a spot of gardening tailored for them. My hubby will drive 50km on a whim just to go to Bunnings, and we have a Masters there now too, men!

  6. Gorgeous – great work, Team Abulous!
    We recently bought a lawn mower from Bunnings. Hubby mowed our grass for the first time ever and enjoyed the experience so much he went out and bought two navy blue singlets, a pair of King Gee shorts, and a navy blue terry towelling hat. Does Jamie wear terry towelling hats??

  7. I love Bunnings as much as my husband does except our kids don’t so we can never make the all-family dash to the mecca of manliness. Love your garden Team Abulous has done well!

  8. Bunnings = the Mecca of Manliness = LOL!!!

    I was trying to explain the appeal of Spotlight to the hubster. I told him it was the female equivalent of Bunnings. He totally gets it 😉

  9. Now this is the making of a reality garden show.

  10. Garden gnomes are completely under-rated. There are many a garden that would be sadder without them 🙂

  11. Those are fabulous additions to a garden 🙂 good work kids

  12. Yes, the second home of my hubby is Bunnings! Your garden and the additions look really good!

  13. Hey Chick, I don’t mean to be a killjoy, but you really need to publish a new post for Ibot. I saw this one was dated three days ago. It’s kind of the point of the whole link up

  14. I do love your mushroom. Can you send dadabulous over here this weekend? My veggie patch is looking fab, but so is my weed patch. That Man will be lost, somewhere in the wilds of Bunnings.

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