You Can’t Always Get What You Want


It starts from the moment they bound out of bed, usually on the dark side of 6.30 am. It gradually builds to a crescendo by breakfast time. I’m talking about the whinging of course. My girls behaviour was lamentably UnAustralian on the morning of our national day. They whinged like poms*. I had prepared them  a wholesome breakfast of  Weetbix topped with luscious mango, nectarine and grapes. This unfortunately was not up to the princesses’ exacting standards. P1 moaned that she wanted Cheerios while P2 did not approve of the fruit or the mushed up cereal. Ungrateful wretches!

P1 was already in fine form. We had planned a visit to a local ocean pool but this clashed with her agenda. She pulled every excuse from the nook where excuses reside. The ocean was “too sandy”, “too itchy” and “too boring”.  She vehemently objected to the hike down to the sea which would make her “too tired to swim”. I told her innumerable times to stop whinging but the protests became increasingly shrill.

As a youngster I would never have gotten away this type of caper. I would have been told in no uncertain terms to “shut up and do as you are told”. Any further complaints beyond this point would be swiftly met by a slap on the hand. This morning I resorted to a musical equivalent. As P1 recited a tiresome  soliloquy about why she did not want to go to the ocean pool I said:

“You know, there is a very famous rock band called The Rolling Stones. And they have a very famous song. It goes a little something like this –

You can’t always get what you want. You can’t always get what you want.

But if you try sometime. You just might find.

You get what you need”

Although its an all time classic, it doesn’t quite ring true.  Mick Jagger does in fact always gets what he wants – accolades, serious cash, sex with supermodels, drugs, a house on every continent and a private  Caribbean island. On the other hand he cops large quantities of stuff he doesn’t really need like illegitimate kids. Meanwhile P1 was not convinced by my musical argument. After some precocious eye rolling and groaning she declared ” But you always get what you want!”. Touche or so she thought. I struck back with “I want to not hear whinging and I’m not getting that am I?”. Mumabulous: 1, P1: 0.

Mick always gets what he wants because he has the moves.

Mick always gets what he wants because he has the moves.

As Mum what I want is low on the list of family priorities.

  • I want a day or even a morning without whinging.
  • I want a sleep in.
  • I want to not have to wipe pee of the floor with paper towels.
  • I want some help with the washing up.
  • I want to watch the two Fassbender movies we’ve just recorded on the Media Centre.
  • Infact I want Fass to pull up at my doorstep on a Harley and take me on a joy ride. (What a joyous, joyful ride it would be).

I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that none of the above is going to happen, at least not in the next month. If I can deal with it then P1 can deal with walking the short distant to the gosh darn ocean pool.

Why wouldn't you want to hang out here?

Why wouldn’t you want to hang out here?

Anyway this tale of woe ended of a positive note. After being dragged literally kicking and screaming to the pool, the girls ended up having a lovely time. There was plenty of marine life to gawk at and rocky crevices to explore. Better still, in honour of Australia Day Dadabulous shouted us lamingtons. That meant that  everyone in Team Abulous got something they wanted. They were scrumptious with my cappuccino, so technically I got two things that I wanted. Score!

Here’s hoping that you get what you want this Australia Day.

Aah lamingtons the size of house bricks. What every Aussie wants.

Aah lamingtons the size of house bricks. What every Aussie wants.


* Apologies to my British friends for resorting to such a lazy cliche. I deserve to be showered with warm beer and forced to watch the English cricket team reclaim The Ashes.

photo credit: Dina Regine via photopin cc

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20 thoughts on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want

  1. Your list sounds just like mine excpet as well as no whinging I want no talking full stop!! My eldest is currently repeating everything mr stupid maker is saying just because he has run out of other inane stuff to talk about for now!!

  2. Oh, those whiny voices. I was woken with a chorus of “she hit me” at 5am today – nothing sets the day up better than that. Of course I’m all loved up with my kids today, being inspired by all those stories of major woe coming out via Aussies of the Year. Today I’m appreciating the little things. Tomorrow I’ll be back to drinking my sorrows away 😉

  3. My reply to my boys when they whinge with all the I wants is similar. I say I want a lot of things too, and I never get them. Sigh. Anyway, those lamingtons sure look good. Glad your day improved. x

  4. Woah! Those laming tons are HUGE! I was so close to buying some from our local cafe this morning but my husband gave me a stern look. Bastard.

  5. Um P1 & P2 may be channelling my kids – my apologies on the other hand I would love to channel their ocean pool and finish it with their lamingtons…how huge are they??? This made me laugh and nod, I also torture the kids with singing. Thanks for a great read,

  6. Lamingtons do help. I even baked my.own today. Course I ate too many.

  7. What an awesome ocean pool! Bet she loved it in the end…

  8. Oh man I hear you, wouldn’t it be nice if they could just be grateful that we made them breakfast! I would ADORE one morning without the constant screeching and crying of my 16 month. Hope you had a great day x

  9. AGHHHH the whinging. Mine can do it for Australia. I’m waiting for it to be a sport so i can start boasting to other parents. At my parenting best I scream ‘STOP WHINGING! STOP CRYING! STOP TALKING!’ It works reeally well.

  10. Between the whingeing and the bickering … Makes my head want to explode. Eventually I start yelling and they start crying. You’d think by now they’d have learned where it leads.

  11. Our kids were in fine form on Australia Day, too. I have put it down to everyone’s growing anxiety for the return to school. I think I was most anxious, because it means I have to go back to work, too. Is it too much for me to want a holiday without the kids?

  12. The whinging and whining does my head in somedays, especially when they are going in stereo. I have sung the same song when they have been, for my own sanity!

  13. Oh dear, and so we become our parents! “You can’t always get what you want!” and the one I find myself saying over and over “Sometimes life is not fair!” Those lamingtons ALMOST make up for it all!

  14. Even at 18 & 16 they still whine and whinge at times … what’s that about?!

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