Those familiar with the blogging scene should know how it accurately reflects Australian society. Its a veritable mirror to our lives. At the moment it is reflecting just how stylishly us Aussies are eating these days. Perhaps its the Master Chef effect. Much like soft porn in music video clips, gastro porn has gone mainstream. It would appear that the humble meat and three veg (boiled) is going the way of the dodo. In the spirit of social Darwinism it has to adapt to the changing conditions. This means it has to plate itself up artistically with a side of  rocket salad, topped with feta, balsamic vinegar and pear slices or similar.

As you know, Chez ‘Abulous is awash with style, so much so that it oozes out of any open windows and the cracks under the doors. Our fingers are pulsating with the pulse and my legs are kept smooth by riding on the cutting edge of the envelope. Here’s a snap shot of how we dine at the house with five loos.


If the princesses had their way we would greet each day with spanish omlette followed by pan au chocolat washed down with jugs of sweet apple juice. Much to their disgust they get cereal and fruit. Mind you it’s fancy pants fruit. Their bowls are a swanky party where all the A-listers congregate. Cherries, mangoes, blueberries, bananas – how many more big names do you need girls?

Chez 'Abulous breakfast of champions.

Chez ‘Abulous breakfast of champions.

Get Bento

Team ‘Abulous are the quintessential “it” girls about town. Our motto is “have lunch bag will travel”.  We never leave the house without this type of arrangement. You will observe the ecologically unfriendly packaging and politically incorrect sugary treats dressed up as health food. I have recently come to the conclusion that Yvonne of The Little Bento Blog ( is a genius. She makes healthy, interesting, portable snacks into an art form.

Getting bentoed

Getting bentoed

Dooooing Lunch

We are of course ladies who lunch. One of our staples is the classic croque-monsieur. In this case it’s missing the monsieur. There’s croque a plenty to compensate.

Say cheese.

A croque monsieur or simply a croque?

Being social butterflies  we’re regularly out for lunch. We can often be found in salubrious local establishments like this one.

McDonalds a tiara optional venue.

McDonalds – a tiara optional venue.

In my child free days (back in prehistory) McDonalds was the last refuge of the desperate. I would only wander in there after several champagnes on a quest for clean toilets. Those several champagnes would sometimes convince me that ordering a Big Mac and fries was a good idea.  After having kids Maccas has again become a destination of desperation. Its out of the sun, air conditioned, has a play area and serves drinkable coffee.

Yet another gratuitous coffee shot.

Yet another gratuitous coffee shot.


I’m guessing that the frappé is on its way to being passé. Yet here in Chez ‘Abulous it is still classé. Unfortunately one child will often beg for a frappé while the other one demands a smoothie. The only difference between the two beverages is the dairy component. Neither will back down on this issue and I know they do it just to irritate me. Let me tell you its effective. It’s best not to annoy me while I’m wielding a blender.

A concoction of awesome.

A concoction of awesome.

Vogue Entertaining
Team ‘Abulous are dab hands at entertaining. That is because we want our friends to bring their kids around so that they can occupy our own. Thus allowing us to imbibe fine wine and engage in witty banter. Fortunately on these occasions Dadabulous steps up to the BBQ plate as an excellent food pornographer.  Last night he turned out this lot. Its a classic BBQ seafood platter with creamy mashed potato and a mango salsa salad. The event starred the Dirk Diggler of barramundis – uncommonly huge. All it needed was a bit of olive oil and a sheath of al foil and it was good to go.

That's Dadabulous' well toned arms.

That’s Dadabulous’ well toned arms.

Its amazing how food looks so much more enticing when it comes in a sleek white aerodynamic bowl.

How do things plate up in your household?

Bon Appétit


If Matisse ever came around  here's something for him to paint.

If Matisse ever came around he’d have something to paint.

17 thoughts on “Food’abulous

  1. That frappe looks awesome. I’ve never had one. though we frequently have vegetable juices most of which are ghaslty so that looks like a much tastier option.

    I think you’ve got it very well balanced there, Maccas sometimes and lots of fruit and veg. I tragically haven’t progressed much beyond the meat and three veg which may explain my boys lack of enthusiasm for my cooking.

  2. We;re still a meat and three veg family. And that frappe looks delish. Happy Tuesday 🙂

  3. White plates for the win! Mr BE being a chef and all, we have some GIGANTIC white plates that always make food look better … except for the slight technical hitch that they are TOO LARGE to fit in the dishwasher, so we only use them when we are feeling exceptionally stylish (and want to do the washing-up). Food’abulous indeed 🙂

  4. lots of fancy looking food there! i’m afraid we have about 7-8 boring meals all on rotation at our place. i just can’t bring myself to get into the cooking shows and I hate spending an hour on a meal that will take us 5 minutes to inhale. unfortunately i can’t ever see this changing? 😦 x Aroha #teamIBOT

  5. Hello!! Thank you for mentioning my blog in your post!! Your food look fabulous and very yummy!

    However I would like to point out my name is actually Yvette 🙂 no biggy.. just a good tuesday morning giggle 🙂

    Thank you for your kind words!

  6. We’ll come round for a barbie any day!

  7. You have a knack for serving up yummy looking food, we are eater of simple fare around here, not by choice but I have the fussiest eaters ever. Although I’m probably to blame for that. We do have an abundance of berries, fruit etc around here though 🙂

  8. Nothing five star about the way we serve food here! It’s plated up random style and you better eat it or else! 🙂

  9. Lol awesome post! Although I sometimes like to pretend otherwise, I think we are on par with our fantabulous food!

  10. Love this post. A close 6 year-old friend describes McDonald’s as “a cafe with unhealthy treats”. Will have to take him to those clean toilets to fill out the picture.

  11. My kids get Maccas at least once every couple of weeks. yes it’s shit on a plate but it gets eaten and I relax for one night. Loving your blender concoction and the BBQ looks awesome as well. Love a good barbie! Thanks for linking.

  12. Maccas Frappes are the bomb! Only if you get them from McCafe though because they add tons of whipped cream and crumbled oreos.

  13. I like the fact that we no longer serve food, it must be ‘plated up’. My kids love Masterchef but it irks me somewhat that they can describe their food with such enthusiasm they could be wearing a cravat and still not actually EAT any of it!

  14. Ummm…not as well as in yours! There’s only so many ways you can tart up beans on toast you know…I mean I try but the punters round here just aren’t into presentation.

  15. I admire people who can stand by their principles and not allow the dreaded Maccas to cross their lips. However like you I live in the land of practical and we end up there at least once a fortnight.

    When I eventually make it to Sydney I will demand a frappe with the Ps. It will be lovely and civilised 🙂

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