Fire, flood and all manner of pestilence is sweeping this great nation. Corruption is rife in the highest level of government. However stop the press because Mumabulous has come down by a severe case of the blahs. You’re probably familiar with this condition. Its the way I describe that vague feeling of  malaise and listlessness that zaps your life force. Everything is too much effort. Its not depression. My interpretation of depression is an irrational sense that your life is entirely messed up and its entirely your fault. When you’ve got the blahs, you know that that life is generally good and that you are not completely useless. Its just that you can’t seem to get your groove on – as it were.

This is a big, exciting week for us with P1 going out to represent Team Abulous at big school. I’m going to get a bit more time to myself and it should be making me feel refreshed and renewed. Instead I feel hung over without the fun of having been drunk the night before.  My blahs are masked apprehension because in the words of Flight of the Conchords – “its business time”. I can no longer use school holidays as an excuse for inaction. Its time to pull my finger out of its cosy nook and get on with some real work. I’ll be back to helping out with my husband’s software business. He’s got two projects lined up for me because he is extremely generous that way. At the same time I’m parading myself in front of various employers hoping that one day some one will recognize my awesomeness. Plus, I’ve still got my regular gig with Bub Hub which requires me to be at least partially sensible. So far I doubt I’m reaching that KPI.

FOTC - Poets for our age.

FOTC – Poets for our age.

The only real cure for the blahs is to get your head down and get things done. I’ve tried various other methods this week only to find them moderately effective at best. I gave the holy trinity of chocolate, ice cream and wine a “red hot go” but the anxiety about calories inhaled sent me into a deeper rut.

Warning - excess consumption leads to calorie anxiety.

Warning – excess consumption leads to calorie anxiety.

Taking some rare time out to watch TV failed to enhance my mood. Perhaps Misfits was a poor choice of program considering. Its a black comedy with a high weekly body count. However this week a much loved major character was killed off.  This provoked in me similar emotions to when Molly died on A Country Practice, only the Misfits dude was a petty criminal with the power to raise the dead. (Its a show about a bunch of petty criminals who have mysterious acquired quirky superpowers).

Misfits - Comedy doesn't get much blacker.

Misfits – Comedy doesn’t get much blacker.

Fortunately were TV failed mindless consumerism triumphed. A trip to Westfield yielded a new bag and a cute sun hat.  There is nothing comparable to the feeling of a virgin bag. Its insides are not yet corrupted by sand, stray band-aids, ancient shopping receipts and alien fungal species. Its shiny flawless surface is like candy to the eye and I’m still all a quiver with excitement over the cute mobile phone compartment. Never again will I fumble for my phone. If you wish to call Fass – now is the time. I’m at the ready.

Mama's got a brand new bag.

Mama’s got a brand new bag.

You can leave your hat on.

You can leave your hat on.

Tomorrow is a brand new day and I’ve got the bag to match. I’m planning on knuckling down, getting my teeth into some serious work and mixing my metaphors at the same time. Yet before I do I’m going to blatantly rip off Faux Fuchsia* with photographs from my garden because as well as the blahs I’ve been infected by Faux Fuchsia Fever (FFF).

Gone troppo.

Gone troppo.

Hey look!  We have mangoes.

Hey look! We have mangoes.

What do you do to chase the blahs away.



photo credit: msiew via photopin cc

photo credit: quicheisinsane via photopin cc

* If you are unfamiliar with Faux Fuchsia her work can be found here:


20 thoughts on “Blah.

  1. Dude… I’ve got the blahs so badly I can’t blog! With a sprinkling of migraine and useless thrown in. Those employers will be flinging themselves at you in no time, like mossies to an electric fly zapper, lured by your mental super-powers and the lustre of your apple-green shitsporter. It is a gorgeous bag. They never fail to cheer me up – good call.

  2. Oh I hate those blahs! It definitely feels like a week to shake it all about and find some renewed inspiration. Stale energy abounds at the moment it seems – whether its end of summer, start of school or the DREADED election campaign we’re about to endure, I don’t know. I have no doubt some kind of personally and fiscally rewarding employment is just around the corner for you but in the meantime accessorize your heart out! And I haven’t seen Faux Fuschia before – must investigate further.

  3. Oh no! Not the blahs?!
    A new handbag fixes EVERYTHING. Well, not fires and floods and corruption, but a handbag can definitely whack a dent in the blahs.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  4. Unfortunately shopping usually works for me too. I visit Vinnie’s usually, and good finds cheer me up. De-moulding our cupboard though this week made me realise that good finds also stock pile up and become one big mouldy blah. I also usually go for a run. I hate the thought of it, but it never fails to cheer me up. Or I have a big cry. x

  5. ‘It’s business time’ is HILARIOUS. Just thinking about it chased my blahs away….

  6. Oh I get the blahs an awful lot at the moment. Retail therapy is useful indeed. Don’t listen to all those boring killjoys who try and tell us to do exercise or meditate instead, a new handbag does wonders! Hehe.

  7. Love the bag!! 🙂 FOTC’s Business Time is the best, I swear my husband wrote that song! 🙂

  8. Just a stroll up at the local Westfield is enough. By my self though… No-one is invited!

  9. I’ve had the blah’s too! I like to plan things for myself, like a kid free shopping trip or a nice lunch. Usually such events have to be planned (and negotiated) months in advance but organising them makes me feel a bit better xx

  10. I’ve had the blahs too this week … (in the air maybe?) Icecream helps but its not freakin helping my hips…at all. Retail therapy on the other hand, now that thing works.I love the bag! Hope its a better day 🙂

  11. That bag has to cure any case of the blahs 🙂 fabulous!

  12. I hear you sista – I’ve got the can’t be f*&ks this week – as in ‘do I really have to put away all that washing, can’t we just fish it out of the basket’ and ‘haven’t you got any clean clothes to wear’ – not to mention ‘I hate cooking so we’re having take away or noodles tonight’. As for a long term relationship, it’s bloody hard to hide in such a small house as ours with 3 kids taking up all the rooms! How have I not be put away by now? shit, must try harder, I could do with having meals cooked for me. Thanks for reality check and laugh 🙂 Em

  13. I wonder if the phase of the moon has something to do with it because I have also had a case of the blahs – not feeling really really cr*p – just not myself !!!!
    I find that exercising helps me get out of the funk – just right now I can’t be bothered to exercise – tomorrow is a new day and it may happen then. Once I get into the groove of exercising, I am great, I just have to find that groove again !
    Have a great weekend !
    #FYBF visitor

  14. Oh I don’t like the blah’s either 😉
    Found you through FBLS , you have a great blog!
    Rebecca x

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