Don’t Go There


This blogging journey feels like pushing a wheel barrow uphill climb sometimes rather than a joyride on the information highway. I’ve banged out about four humble posts per week for the past eight months. In a relentless (and sometimes desperate) search for blog fodder I have exposed far more of myself than I ever anticipated. (Strictly in the metaphoric sense of course). I have professed my undying love for Fass over and over. I’ve dissected my body image hang ups ( not that they are any worse than any other woman’s), regaled you with my views on other people’s political views and given you  plenty of crumpet to feast your eyes upon. I’ve waxed lyrical about the glorious banality of my marriage and ridiculed my husband’s novelty T-shirt collection for your amusement. The door to Chez ‘Abulous has been held wide open for you dear readers ( I know there’s about a dozen of you). I have even shown you my gosh darn toilet.

For those who missed it the first time.

For those who missed it the first time.

After eight solid months of blogging Mumabulous is hardly a woman of mystery. Still this blog is not an access all areas pass to Chez Abulous. There are some areas that are strictly off limits and some doors in the house that will remain firmly closed.  Here are some things I’m not able to blog about.

My Former Career (such that it was)

I’d dearly love to spill the beans on the glamorous (cough, cough) world of high finance. It would be such fun to share tales the office politics, the dodgy dealing, the shady characters, the Christmas party shenanigans and the cads who made Don Draper look like The 40 Year Old Virgin. Sadly the topic is in lock down as I might want to work in this town again.

My Previous Love Life (such that it was)

I’m putting a blanket ban on discussing former flames on this blog. Its disrespectful to Dadabulous but then again so is poking fun at his wardrobe and penchant for Dungeons and Dragons. My twenties and early thirties featured a conga line of players and losers. Frankly embarrassed about my poor choices. If I’d blogged back then Single ‘Abulous would have read like Bridget Jones, something the world doesn’t  need more of.  Therefore I wont be telling you all about the first wave Silicon Valley entrepreneur, the charismatic Irish cad, the graphic designer who like Peter Pan refused to grow up or the ones who were really bad. To be fair there were some nice guys who simply weren’t “that into me”.  Sigh. On one level I’m grateful to all of them – they make me appreciate Dadabulous all the more. Its better to date a handful of duds than marry one.

The dating scene in Sydney can feel like this. So many metaphors here...

The dating scene in Sydney can feel like this. So many metaphors here…

My Current Sex Life (such that it is)

OK – I’ve shown you guys through the master bedroom suite at Chez ‘Abulous. I’ve bragged about it having an ensuite with corner spa and a walk in wardrobe. I’ll refrain from too much detail about what goes on in there. I can safely tell you that its my preferred location to read The New Scientist and P2 likes to pretend the bed is boat but anything beyond that is a no go zone. This is purely for your own benefit. I’m sure you don’t want to hear about what a vertically challenged middle aged couple get up to. If you do, there are plenty of sites you can refer to (you sick puppies).

Access is strictly limited.

Access is strictly limited.

Health Problems

I had a few health challenges in my twenties and early thirties. There was nothing life threatening but it was frustrating never the less. I can happily report that I’ve been really well for the last decade and I don’t want to go over ancient territory on the blog. Its a downer and Mumabulous aspires to be an upper.

Are there any topics you won’t touch on your blog?

In other news, as you’ll be aware the Village Voices Best Blog competition is on again. My strategy is to feed the judges up with crumpet. I’m wanting to do a follow up of a popular post I wrote back in August – Hollywood Hotties Dorkified ( Which super studs would you like to see given the Mumabulous treatment?

Flight of the Conchords - the ultimate hawt dorks.

Flight of the Conchords – the ultimate hawt dorks.

photo credit: Scarlet_Fyre via photopin cc

photo credit: lesliemiperry via photopin cc

40 thoughts on “Don’t Go There

  1. Place of work’s off limit. Photos of my daughter and husband. Sex life – no go. Serious topics in general. No politics. No religion.

  2. Great post. Yes there are many things that I won’t blog about – politics, too much info about my teens, my former job etc. Some things should remain sacred; plus I feel I need to respect the privacy of my nearest and dearest.

    As for me though, I’ve always been a heart on my sleeve kinda gal so I blab on about my own stuff ad nauseum!

  3. I think that as much as I talk about my husband, the truth behind our marriage is a no go zone. My childhood – no go. My partying years – no go. My mother – NO GO. Although I often feel like I spill so much, I honestly think I’m barely scratching the surface.
    You’re doing a great job, Brenda x

  4. I probably wouldn’t get too x-rated – only because I’d hate it to affect my career prospects down the track!!! I’ve only just touched the surface in my blog – watch out politicians, school mums, photographers, newspaper editors, actors, etc – I can’t wait to totally write about all these and more. I think there’s happy medium – I love how you write, interesting without being totally horridable 🙂 xxx

  5. I’m thinking Clive Owen and Jude Law. They are two crumpets I am partial to. I don’t like writing much serious stuff at all, particularly not about my marriage or my parents. Just light hearted things.

  6. Feed the judges crumpet – you’re on a winning formula there! x

  7. You do a fantastic job even without the crumpet. Good luck in the running for best blog, I am sure you will do well.

  8. I think you’ve made wise choices in your no go areas. It’s good to be cheeky without attracting any actual wrath! Re dorkified hotties? Surely Mark Wahlberg needs a whole post dedicated to his performance alongside Fass on Graham Norton the other night. Did you see that? Hottie rendered dork by jet lag or alcohol or something!

  9. You always make me laugh. Somehow, yours is always one of the first IBOT posts I visit…I don’t blog about my sex life either (boring). Or my family members, unless its positive. Or friends, unless it’s a glowing report. Zanni @ Heart Mama xx

  10. You’re a smart lady Brenda. I’ve made so many mistakes with my blog, due to not really planning it or putting much thought into and just going with the lazy bogan approach. Basically it was only my Mum reading it at first so I helpfully started off with a post about how depressed I was as a teenager and totally broke her heart. Classy.

    And of course I’ve gone with the whole bogan theme, which is meant to be tongue in cheek, but maybe my boys won’t see it that way if they ever read it. Presently they couldn’t be less interested, but who knows they may read it one day and hate me for it. Urrrg. I think I feel a post about What Not To Do When Starting a blog coming.

    Good luck with the Village Voice competition.x

    • I think all of us bloggers are just muddling along making it up as we go. I don’t think you’ve written anything embarrassing about your boys (who you obviously love more than life itself). A What Not To Do When Starting A Blog post sounds like a fine idea. Look forward to seeing that one.

  11. workplace, family politics, friendship politics…you never know who might end up reading!

  12. I don’t want to be like DOOCE. Way too much info and almost exploitation of everything! I usually just go with the flow these days and if it is personal information, regarding my family, I keep it respectful and kind. I have no idea where I’m going with my blog. I just like to have conversations in hope that someone joins in! xx

  13. I’ve only just started thinking about this (so, thanks for that0, but having difficulty coming up with something that would be off-limits in principle. I think if I feel myself bashing into some kind of barrier, I would take it as a sign that it’s a valuable path to take (if only personally). I really don’t want to censor myself before I even get moving. A questionable post can just sit in the drawer for a while/forever.

  14. I try not to blog too much in depth about my wider family, I don’t think it’s my right to tell their story. I also steer clears of discussing mine and Dave’s bedroom antics, mostly because I know family, including our mothers, read the blog and that would just be too embarrassing! I’ll gladly discuss it in person with pele or in comments on other people’s blogs, but my family don’t need to read about it!

    #teamIBOT was here!

  15. Yeah there are things I won’t touch, but I can’t name them off the top of my head. I guess I just think about it at the time

  16. I tend not to post anything too personal. I’m still a bit scared of the vastness of the www. Your list is pretty spot on for me too.

  17. I’m finding more and more is becoming off limits as family and people in my (very small town) find my Blog. It can be frustrating, but at the same time, it’s forcing me to focus on what the blog should be about rather than rambling on about unrelated things!

  18. I won’t blog about anything too personal or extended family, as I think it’s not fair of me to tell their stories.
    As for the boys, I love the Conchords and also The IT Crowd … dorky, so cute.

  19. I tend to blog about myself and stuff that is relevant to me given it is my journey to lose weight and get healthy. Other stuff does creep in occasionally but work, politics, religion are off limits. I may talk about A and K in terms of something that affects me but other than that, they are not my stories to tell.
    Have a great day !
    #IBOT visitor

  20. You are wise, mother Brenda. Very sensible choices. Mine are similar – friends, family – people I know, in general. Marriage. Politics. It seems like I talk about a lot that’s personal, but then there’s so much I DON’T talk about, that really, it’s quite filtered. Oh – and nothing gross.

  21. No go zones: Names and photos of anyone who hasn’t approved their use. No venting posts that might make me feel better for two seconds but will inevitably make life worse (i.e. if someone in my life has done something to upset me, I will TALK TO THEM about it instead of writing a grumpy post). No politics. Very little current newsworthy stuff in fact, unless linguistic wordy things hit the headlines (like the misogyny debate last year).

    And if I mention people, even if it’s not using their names but includes anything they’ve done for me, they always know about it first. I never write anything without their okay.

    I have written (very few posts) about my health issues, but only in context of other things (e.g. why I support DonateLife week).

  22. There are so many things I won’t blog about. Definitely the sex life is out and my MIL was horrified when I mentioned vaginas. So I guess that is out too. Rachel xx

  23. i like to think there is nothing off limits on my blog, but there definitely are a few no go areas. I can’t even tell you what they are!

  24. I was only thinking today actually of how I must be careful what I say about Miss 11nearly12 now she is in middle school. Most of my no go areas are the same as yours

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