Not Another Oscars Post!


Mumabulous doesn’t wade into the murky world of fashion very often. When I do its primarily to poke fun at my own lack of sartorial elegance. However Hollywood’s festival of self congratulation (aka The Oscars) were held this afternoon and all eyes were firmly focused on the red carpet haute couture.  I can think of nothing more topical to blog about. Indeed I cant think of anything much to write about other than dorkified hunks. For a blogger award night fashion is low hanging fruit much like Heidi Klum’s look.

Heidi Klum - daring and distracting.

Heidi Klum – daring and distracting.

She’s got some fierce earrings happening. Not that anybody noticed. Remind me what was she doing at the awards ceremony? As far as I know she hasn’t been in any films.

This year the Oscars look was all about metallics. On one hand we had the ladies who went for gold . Catherine Zeta Jones’ gilded lily trumped in this category.

Gold! CZJ! Gold!

Gold! CZJ! Gold!

Others embraced the  futuristic glamour-bot look in sleek silver. Naomi Watts did Australia proud with a dress that appeared to be constructed from crinkled aluminium foil. If you’ve got any spare Nomes –  I could use it for the BBQ this weekend. I want to wrap up some barramundi with ginger and soy.

A fab-bot

A fab-bot

The Oscars is said to be like a galaxy of stars. Kelly Osbourne took the metaphor a little too far. Her dress looks like a scale model of the night sky. That’s not to say she isn’t rocking it.

Like the Milky Way.

Like the Milky Way.

As with Heidi, I need Kelly’s presence at this event explained to me.

There was nothing that was absolutely off your rocker crazy this year. Gawd I miss Cher.

Classic 1980s Cher.

Classic 1980s Cher.

Melissa McCarthy deserves the wooden spoon for dressing in a standard issue army blanket with a few sequins tacked on. The poor girl has received such a hiding on the interwebs from both professionals and amateur punters alike, I’m feeling a bit sorry for her. I do love her work and I am elated to see someone who doesn’t fit the extremely rigid show biz mold kicking goals.

The worst.

The worst.

Anne Hathaway on the other hand, does fit the showbiz mold so I feel no guilt in dissing her bridesmaid dress. What’s more the headlights are on high beam! She could cause a traffic accident.

Waiting to catch the bouquet.

Waiting to catch the bouquet.

For me the high light of the event  was how well the senior hippizens strutted their stuff. A collection of lovely ladies on the dark side of sixty absolutely nailed it. It gives me hope that its not too late at my relatively youthful 42 to acquire some style. I present to you –

Jane Fonda - aged 75.

Jane Fonda – aged 75.

Sally Field - aged 66.

Sally Field – aged 66.

And Australia’s own Jacki Weaver who has come a long, long way since being married to Derryn Hinch.

Jacki Weaver - age 65.

Jacki Weaver – age 65.

A special mention goes to Debra Lee Furness the wife of Hugh Jackman. She’s often bagged for not being as hawt as her hubby but I’m loving her edgy lux tux.

Debra Lee Furness - aged 57.

Debra Lee Furness – aged 57.

Finally here are my two personal favorites.

In the next life I hope to be reincarnated as Jessica Chastain. She looks like the love child of Jessica Rabbit and the Oscar statuette but it works.

My top pick.

My top pick.

Otherwise I loved Salma Hayek’s frock. It is what Cleopatra herself would have worn had she peaked in the late 1960s. If I didn’t know better I would say that Sam Sparro’s hit “Black and Gold” was a tribute to this stunning gown.

What's more lux than velvet and gold?

What’s more lux than velvet and gold?

Do you have your own Oscars picks and pans?



18 thoughts on “Not Another Oscars Post!

  1. I loved Selma Hayek’s dress too.

    And I also was wondering where all the big name stars were?
    It seemed like there were only a smattering of real actors and actresses…the ones who were actually nominated I suppose.
    And then the rest of the guest were made of up reality tv caliber celebrities…not that I don’t love reality tv.

  2. Love checking out all the dresses. Oh dear it looks like another wardrobe malfunction for Anne Hathaway … and Heidi really needs to wear a bra, she’s not a sweet young thing any more!

  3. Agree with all your picks. Jessica Chastain was just stunning, even if I’ve never actually heard of her before. Ahem. Who is she?

    I was just so excited that Babra was performing because I’m such a dag, then Adam Richard tweeted that she came dressed as ‘Stevie Nicks drag’ which was hilarious and spot on.

    I was also peeved because Channel 9 cut the daytime showing short and didn’t show the end. Hmph.

  4. I didn’t watch the Oscar’s but saw lots of tweets re the frocks. Good to see a little collection, love your witty commentary xx

  5. I saw a couple of the dresses although I didn’t get to watch them on TV. Some nice ones and some not such great ones. I did like Charlize Theron’s dress.
    Have the best week and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the red carpet !
    #IBOT visitor

  6. They all look stunning in their own way but how do they sit in those dresses?

    I just want to feed Anne Hathaway like the French feed geese to get Foie Gras. Skinny makes her look old or maybe it’s the haircut, either way filming for Les Mis is done and dusted, eat a hamburger already! I feel like the dress style was to hide the fact that her clavicle is starkly obvious.

  7. I love Debra Lee Furness for doing things with her own style. It’d be hard to be a Hollywood handbag and still assert your personality, so good on her. Ashamed to say I’ve recorded to ceremony for today’s lunch time viewing once I’ve done a bit of my ‘day job’. Looking forward to some top shelf sparkle!

  8. I think Debra Lee Furness looked fab in her tux. I saw a couple of costume designer ladies go up to collect their awards and one of them looked like she was dressed in jeans and a blazer and just heading to a ‘classy’ pub for a drink! That’s costume designers for you though!
    #teamIBOT was here!

  9. Anne Hathaway needs to eat some more pies.
    Hugh rocks my world in so many ways.
    Thanks for this I haven’t seen any coverage yet and this was a great taster 🙂 Em

  10. I love Kelly O’s purple hair, and always a fan of Debra Lee Furness, but poor Melissa!! What was her stylist thinking?? Thank you for a great round-up, and much better commentary than on TV 🙂

  11. Anne Hathaway’s nipples now have a twitter account. Hilarious!

  12. Every year I forget the Oscars are on!
    Not sure what I think about Heidi’s dress. Not sure if I’d want my boobies to be squished in so tightly like that. Love Jackie Weaver’s look, though! Must go and see Silver Linings…

  13. I didn’t watch it, but now feel like I have (thank you). I mourn the Cher days when not everybody had stylists, although I suspect Deborah-Lee Furness would have looked good then too. That woman has real style 🙂

  14. The Chastain girl, (who is she anyway?), defo got this one right. What a dress!

  15. Nice wrap up. Speaking of wrap-up, my total pick of the day was Naomi’s dress. Awesome colour, cut, hair, makeup – everything. She nailed it.

  16. Totally haven’t checked out the oscars fashions. I leave that to your bloggingness judgement, you are the bomb! While Mellisa Macarthy brings the goods on the screen, surely her stylist could bring the goods on the carpet, crikey! Although it slightly trumphs Annes traffic accident! Buh bong!!!!(In absolute game show style :/)

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