Shite Dadabulous Likes


Have you heard of the now infamous website “Stuff White People Like” ( It set the interwebs on fire by accurately satirizing our middle class pretensions. Its authors have lived every bloggers fantasy having won a book deal as well as merchandising spin offs. Even Australia’s own Remarkables Group does not have its own merchandising yet.

SWPL has spawned a number of copy cats including Melbourne’s  “Things Bogan’s Like”  (  Things Bogan’s Like has mutated into not one but two books proving that the public cant get enough of social stereotypes.  I think its time that I grabbed myself a piece of the action. We at Team Abulous are sun reflectingly white and as Sutherland Shire escapees we are familiar with the tastes of the Bogan. So twisting these two threads together I bring you Shite Dadabulous Likes or more descriptively Stuff A Ranga Software Developer From Sutherland Shire Now Living In Sydney’s East Likes. That’s SARSDFSSNLISEL for short.


Dadabulous career is firmly rooted in software but he has a passion for hardware. Like any man Dadabulous appreciates a good screw. He is more organised about finding one than most.

Wanna' screw?

Wanna’ screw?

Our garage aka The Man Cave houses an infinite number of scary looking mechanical instruments sourced from Bunnings Warehouse.

Dangerous power tools.

Dangerous power tools.

I’m not 100% sure what he does with this equipment but I can only assume he uses the technology for good not evil. Sometimes he emerges from the man cave having magically produced stuff like this.

Dadabulous bent his wood.

Dadabulous bent his wood.

In case its not glaringly obvious, this is a feature lamp which Dadabulous created from scratch. He did the wood bending and the wiring. Its over 6 ft tall making it the imposing figure in Chez Abulous.

The man cave is also home to a vast array of threatening looking garden implements. Dadabulous tells me that these are our first line of defense against the zombie apocalypse.  I sleep peacefully at night secure in the knowledge that Chez Abulous is equipped to ward off a zombie attack.

Our anti-zombie arsenal.

Our anti-zombie arsenal.


Dadabulous is a man of eclectic tastes. He loves sci-fi, fantasy and the odd SBS science documentary but thinks Prof Brian Cox dumbs things down and speaks like a Nancy boy. His favorite TV program of all time is  the incomparable Red Dwarf. Yes that is the DVD collection of the entire series 1988 to 1999.

The antics of Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Criton never grow old.

The antics of Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten never grow old.

As you would expect The Lord of The Rings (LOTR) was a key influence in his formative years. Unlike me he never tires of battles between orcs, elves, hobbits, gobblins, hob goblins, giant spiders and whatever else wages warfare in Middle Earth.

The gospel of Tolkein.

The gospel of Tolkein.

I imagine its possible to be a Tolkein enthusiast without getting mixed up in Dungeons and Dragons but its rare. Dadabulous and his bros are still enacting imaginary battles with mythical beasts on an all too regular basis.  He is particularly proud of his dice collection which features an icosahedron ( 20 sided ).

High rollin'

High rollin’.

Here’s one of his figurines. I’m not sure what it does but it probably involves slashing.

A slashie.

A slashie.


Dadabulous is insatiable. I can never give him enough – pie and custard that is. In fact desserts are the one area where I have neglected my wifely duty.

Clearly not Chez 'Abulous.

Clearly not Chez ‘Abulous.

He'll get it once a month if he's lucky.

He’ll get it once a month if he’s lucky.

What shite does your husband dig? Do you think you can get a book deal out of it?




* As you know, this is not my fantasy. My fantasy is to have Fass clean my bathroom.

photo credit: iriskh via photopin cc

photo credit: PetitPlat – Stephanie Kilgast via photopin cc

8 thoughts on “Shite Dadabulous Likes

  1. Dadabulous’ garage is My Man’s dream.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… What a garage!
    My Man is into Heavy Metal music. Hard.

  2. A big thumbs up re Red Dwarf and all things Sci Fi, still my genre of choice, closely followed by horror. I am a smeghead of old, and am looking forward to seeing the new series very soon. Also delighted with his choice Dungeons and Dragons which I played from childhood (elder brother is a super nerd) until well into my early 20s, and still would if I knew any nerds in these parts who were up for it. Mind you, we mixed D&D with alcohol latterly, which made it even more fun. I read my first Tolkien aged around 12 and every now and then trot it out for another go too.

    But I am afraid a thumbs down for his feelings towards Prof Cox. I love Prof Cox with a deep and abiding love, from his perfect skin to his twinkling eyes to his darling accent – and from a Scot commenting on an English accent that is praise indeed! Aside from this flaw however, Dadabulous has exceedingly good taste 🙂

    Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast…

    • I’ll just call you “Ace” Dennehy. I dont think I should let you near my husband. You sound like his dream girl. And – yes I give double thumbs up to Prof Brian Cox.

      • Haha! Yes thanks on the Ace Dennehy, so much better than the nicknames I have had in the past (present and future). Oh, if you met me you would probably never use the words Dream Girl and Dennehyin the same paragraph again – but thanks 😀

  3. I wish my hubby had a shed like this not the crappy excuse for a shed we have now. Did you see the Fass on The Graham Norton Show the other week? I can see why you like him so much!

    • No sadly I haven’t seen Fass on the Graham Norton Show. I want Graham Norton to be my gay best friend and I want Fass to clean my house so the two of them together is an unbeatable combo for me.

  4. Haha! We have a similar zombie arsenal hanging on our wall. Perfectionist Pater aka my husband M had a dream. Before he met me he wanted to live in a caravan at Brunswick Heads and read Greek philosophy while drinking expensive scotch. I’ve well and truly effed up that plan It’s fair to say.

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