Mumabulous By Request


What a week it’s been. At the Vatican a bunch of Cardinals having been blowing smoke. Over at NASA scientists have confirmed that Mars harbors the basic chemical building blocks required for life. This quote from John Grotzinger of the California Institute of Technology is the second most interesting thing I’ve heard all year -“We have found a habitable environment that is so benign and supportive of life that probably if this water was around and you had been on the planet, you would have been able to drink it”. The most interesting thing was Colin Firth uttering the words – “Mumabulous. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past months have been a torment. I came to Chez ‘Abulous with the single object of seeing you… I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, my family’s expectations, the inferiority of your birth by rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony”. Unfortunately it was all in my imagination.

Answering Bowie's question - Is there life on Mars?

Answering Bowie’s question – Is there life on Mars?

Meanwhile back at the ranch writers block hit so I put the call out on Facebook and Twitter for some inspiration. This post is the response to your fine suggestions.

A Confession

Inca from Mine and Me ( asked for a confession – something that know one would guess about me. I expended some thought energy on this one. I’ve revealed pretty much all I’m willing to. However in the interests of destigmatising the condition, I’ll put my hand up and say that I too struggled with Post Natal Depression. I was elated after giving birth to P1, I felt completely redeemed by this miracle that God/the universe or whatever had given me. Unfortunately when P2 arrived on the scene she was not greeted with such joyfulness. On the contrary – I’m embarrassed to admit I freaked out completely. I was saying all kinds of crazy things like the family would be better off if I up and left. I was planning my escape to Byron Bay. Anyhow at Dadabulous’ urging I realized I needed help and I got it.  The unfortunate episode is behind me. Over two years down the track and I’ve never felt better.

I don’t wish to write at length about this time in my life. Firstly there are dozens of bloggers who give a far more eloquent voice to mental health issues than I ever could. Secondly I want Mumabulous to be a place of fun and frivolity. If I write anything intelligent or resonant it’s purely accidental.  I’ll just say that if you are struggling, please please get professional help. I promise you it will make a big difference.

P2 as a newbie. It was a tough time.

P2 as a newbie. It was a tough time.

Strange Search Engine Terms

The incomparable Catherine from A Cup Of Tea and A Blog ( suggested that I write about my search engine terms and what it says about me. Well Mumrades I get some  hum dingers.  Over the past week people reached Mumabulous by googling ;

  • explain and elaborate the meaning of the 6 in the 10 commandments of garbology
  • arm wrestling crotch grab just for fun
  • Willy Wonka, Germany’s next Top Model
  • model mayhem chastity belt

I think this indicates that as in my previous dating life, as a blogger I am a magnet for weirdos.

As you’d expect I receive a raft of hunk related searches – gay hunks, gay hunks humping, sexy firefighters, greek hunks, geek hunks, shirtless fast and furious bed photo and handsome ginger men.  This could mean two things 1) I am a connoisseur of all things hunkalicious or 2) I am a dirty old perve. Take your pick.

Willy Wonka WTF?

Willy Wonka WTF?


Mumabulous just wouldn’t be ‘abulous if it didn’t come with a serving of crumpet. The new interweb sensation that is Sarah of Slapdash Mama ( requested a bit of McNaughty. We’re talking about the character of Jimmy McNaulty in The Wire as played by the delicious piece of TWC* that is Dominic West. I’ve done Dom before but I am happy to come back for another bite of that cherry. (

Wire me up!

Wire me up!

You can keep your McSteamies and McDreamies.  McNaughty is a tough and uncompromising Baltimore cop. He also happens to be a very naughty boy who shags his way through the DA’s office and on to the upper echelons of local politics. He is particularly talented at the late night booty call. You have to  watch The Wire to get onboard with this concept. He is all curly dark hair, eyes like hot coals and razor sharp cheekbones. Its darn sexy. Watch it. It is after all, President Obama’s favorite show – hopefully for different reasons.

Are there any topics that you would like to see given the Mumabulous treatment?

Have an ‘abulous weekend



*TWC – Thinking Woman’s Crumpet – Trademarked by Mumabulous. It means a dude who is not conventionally handsome but is red hawt nevertheless.

25 thoughts on “Mumabulous By Request

  1. Congratulations on the Kidspot nom!

  2. Hawt! God I have the most overwhelming desire to watch the entire first series of The Wire again.
    Thank you Mumabulous for your kind inclusion of my sneaky crush.
    Also that scientist sounds like a HOOT! Wow I am totes inviting him to my next dinner party. I’ll show him a benign environment phwoarrrrrr…

  3. That’s interesting about Mars – I missed it. And you will make the grade for the Kidspot nom…

  4. Hysterical search engine terms! LOL. Go figure …
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  5. Well if you’re a dirty old perve I must be too. I saw a man while I was driving to work this morning who was the spitting image of Don Draper in Mad Men. I had to physically restrain my self from pulling a u-turn and stalking him 🙂
    And since ‘ol Don draper is also from the razor cheekbones/eyes like coals genre of humk I think I might possibly have to give your McNaughty and The wire a closer look 😉

  6. I know how you really wanted to end that second sentence. Oh yes I do. That’s truly super- interesting about Mars. I still don’t want to live there though. And Willy Wonka? Is so NOT Germany’s next top model. Geez. Who ARE these people?

  7. Loving the search terms and I also totally missed that bit on mars.

  8. LOL I haven’t had any weird search terms yet but perhaps my blog is too new!

    And I’ll confess I also got diagnosed with PND after my 2nd child was born. And am still on medication for it, 14 years later. Why suffer if you don’t have to?! Life’s hard enough without the black dog lurking!

  9. The search engine terms are gold! I love checking out mine too, always good for a laugh! 🙂

  10. I’ve noticed you’ve slipped some very brave words in there among all the funny stuff. Go you. I think it should never be underestimated how much it helps others just to reveal these things. Also, BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA to the search terms people used to find your blog!!!!

    • Today I got “picture of gay man in nerd glasses”. I would like to inform that person that Hiddles is NOT gay. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  11. Willy Wonka, Germany’s next top model??? – WTF?
    And really, is there such a thing as a “geek hunk”? I mean, that would be a real case of beauty being in the eyes of the short-sighted 🙂

  12. I love looking at weird and wonderful search engine terms – almost as good as checking out the spam folder occasionally. BTW, maybe you should discuss the craziest emails that land in your spam folder – I’m sure there would be some doozies!

  13. I love that you are being honest about what you went through. And congrats on the nom 🙂

  14. Isn’t it weird how people get to our blogs? I think naughty is great and hope you get to top 50 – you are a dedicated and funny blogger 🙂 Em x

  15. I’m liking the look of that McNaughty! I might just have to check out his show after all!

  16. I would like to request more the of the request posts. That is my request. Consider it requested. Thank you.

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