Many social media aficionados often talk about disappearing down a Pinterest rabbit hole. Well I’m hear to tell you that my travels on the interwebs have led me through a rip in the fabric of space time straight into an alternative universe.  I speak of Deviant art ( www.deviantart.com) a mystical kingdom where graphic designers have an excess of both talent and spare time.  All of your obsessions and fetishes are depicted here in beautiful and sometimes bizarre ways.

There is way too much deviant art to showcase in one Wordless Wednesday post so I’m focusing on one very popular thread. My Little Ponies are a red hot commodity. Just about anything you can think of has been transported into the My Little Pony universe. Even Top Gear – sorry Top Hoof.

By Kman Studio

By Kman Studio

Star Trek was a given.

By bb shockwave

By BB shockwave

The Terminator could not escape the Pony treatment.

By Jazzy Crow

By Jazzy Crow

Rocky Horror Picture Show anyone?

Bu Spirallee

By Spirallee

How about something more highbrow?  Presenting  Horatio Hornblower ponyified.

By Rum Inspector

By Rum Inspector

My Little Pony embraces all the classics.  Here’s the good witch of the west from The Wizard of Oz.

By John Joseco

By John Joseco

God dang – they even got Fass. Here’s the Prometheus ponies.

By Corruption Solid

By Corruption Solid

Don’t adjust your screens. This is Fass’ torso slapped on to a horse’s rear end. Apparently some parts of his anatomy are of equine proportions but this is ridiculous.

By Divinetaur (a disturbed individual)

By Divinetaur (a disturbed individual)

Finally these cheeky Star Trek memes were just begging to be shared. “Blog me, Blog me! Please” they cried. So I willingly obliged.

By Aevylonya

By Aevylonya


By Dawn of the Dusk

By Dawn of the Dusk

After that trip I need an internet detox.

Happy Easter everyone.

Mumabulous out.


21 thoughts on “Ponyification

  1. Oh dear lord once again you seem to have been in my headspace! That’s such an awesome site- graphic designers with too much time on their hands for Internet junkies with too much time on their hands. Some of it is just amazing… most of it is clever… some extremely north of disturbing! I cannot get over seeing this on your blog. I shouldn’t be surprised that other people stumble on this random stuff, but I always feel like I’m the only person in the world trawling through bizarre spaces!

  2. I love your time wasting on the internet!!

  3. Interesting is about all I can think of to say here!. Anything involving Captain Kirk is a bonus, and I rather liked the Prometheus and Horatio Hornblower ponies. I had a fascination with My Little Pony for years. Nobody would buy me one. So I bitched about it till I turned 40 when I eventually received my prize 🙂 Determination is the key! I think Miss 12 would find this site rather interesting, must point her in that direction.

    • Yes agreed. Miss 12 could probably faff away hours on this site. However much of the content is wude which I know is right up your ally Ace. Parental guidance may be required.

      • Ah, good to know, Ruth is quite the little lady (gets it from her dad’s side, obvs), I will find some interesting things and just send them to her 🙂

  4. Just, WHAT!? I’m at a loss for words, perhaps for the first time.

  5. LOVE IT!!!! I think a few other things have been ponyfied! hahaha what a giggle I had looking at these pictures!

  6. Have a great Easter – enjoy the hiatus from the net, will be doing that myself this weekend! x

  7. My brain hurts! Bring back the crumpet.The ponies are just too much! Gotta admire the artistic talents though…

    • So I gather you won’t be spending Easter faffing on the Deviant Art website. Talking about crumpet I found a pic of a young John Taylor being sprayed with water from an elephants trunk. Literally – not a euphemism.

  8. Too funny, especially Star Trekking around.

  9. Love it! I will never look at Izzys ‘My little ponys’ puzzle book in the same way. Totally appreciate what graphic designers do with their ‘spare time’, keeps me entertained 🙂

  10. Oh god….am weak from laughter….

  11. Deviantart.com you say? There goes the afternoon!

  12. Good God – I had NO idea lmao! x

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