Surreal Conversations


We interrupt your normal crumpet scheduling with some domestic reportage.

Last month the Australian actress Isla Fisher said something  I found vaguely interesting. That’s a headline in itself. Anyhow she described her relationship with husband Sacha Baron Cohen as being “not normal”.  Here’s an extract from her recent interview with C Magazine*.

“It’s definitely not a normal relationship,’ she explained. “You know there have been times in the past with the guerrilla style film making of Borat and Bruno where there were surreal conversations: ‘How many people are suing us? Are you wanted in any states? Are you alive?’”  You might be inclined to retort “Being married to Borat is not normal? No shit Sherlock”. I’d agree that it would involve some ahem unique experiences. The quote brings back memories of when I used to work with a lovely lady who just happened to married to Australia’s answer to Sacha Baron Cohen – one of the Chaser boys. ( Its a tenuous connection to fame but its the only one I’ve got so please indulge me ). I recall eavesdropping on a number of “surreal” phone conversations about impending court cases. In a lame attempt to be supportive I said ” You’ll never have a dull moment being married to that one. As opposed to being married to a software developer where you do get the occasional dull moment”. I also suggested that she take that job as a uranium analyst in Darwin if hubby got himself arrested again.

Isla and Sacha looking very normal.

Isla and Sacha looking very normal.

Now that I’ve finished bragging about knowing someone who’s married to a celebrity ( in Australia at least), I’ll cut to the point. While very few people’s husband’s are getting themselves arrested for pulling audacious pranks, most couples have their own surreal conversations. I’d argue that surreal is the conversational norm. If you were to eavesdrop on the banter that goes on in a typical household you’d  conclude that most people are stark raving bonkers. To illustrate here’s a snippet of real life dialogue from Chez Abulous. I cant recall this conversation verbatim but it went something like;

Mumab:  What were you watching?

Dadab: Good Game.*

Mumab: That show makes me feel old.

Dadab: It makes me feel old too.

Mumab: You know why it makes me feel old? Its because I think that those attractive young people shouldn’t be wasting their time with that gaming crap. They should be getting out in the fresh air. Now I sound like our parents and that’s just scary.

Dadab: That’s NOT the reason it makes me feel old. Its makes me feel old because I feel like I’ve seen every one of those games before a hundred times. There’s nothing novel or original anymore. But there is this Oculus Rift thing coming up and it will be revolutionary.

Mumab: I have a blog friend called Oculus Mundi.*

Dadab: Okaay. I’m taking about Oculus Rift and it will be the best virtual reality out there. It’ll change everything. Can’t wait!

Dadabulous has seen the future. It looks totes ridonc.

Dadabulous has seen the future. It looks totes ridonc.

Mumab: Does that mean that soon we’ll all be like Tony Stark? We’ll be able to wave our hand about and multiple screens will appear in the air. Then we’ll do a bit of this stuff (I gesticulate wildly) and design a new element. Then we’ll go shag Pepper Potts while  Loki opens a Tesseract on our roof.*

Dadab: Hehe Yeh – that’s right. Oculus Rift will open a time space portal on the top of our sky scraper.

A more attractive vision for the future IMHO.

A more attractive vision for the future IMHO.

After that exchange I realized that there’s a good reason why Mum and Dadabulous are together. Nobody else could cope with our respective nerdiness.

Are surreal conversations the norm in your family? Have you got any gems you’d like to share?



*What does the C stand for?

* A TV program on ABC 2 devoted to reviewing computer games. It is hosted by a cougar cub crumpet called Bajo and a hawt chick called Hex.

Stop fiddling with your joy sticks Bajo and Hex.

Stop fiddling with your joy sticks Bajo and Hex.

* I hope I can call you a blogging friend Ace. Directing my attention to Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead fame was an act of friendship. If you need an antidote to the usual Mummy blogging fodder Oculus Mundi is a cup cake free zone.

Crumpet Oculus Mundi style.

Crumpet Oculus Mundi style.

* Referencing both Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. Clearly its time I attended a foreign film festival to drive this comic book crap outta my head. Parlez-vous français Fass?



9 thoughts on “Surreal Conversations

  1. Haha! You sure can – and I appreciate that you would, all things considered being any sort of friend of mine comes with inherent risks and can be, shall we say, interesting as I am certain my Twitter TL reveals – your bravery should not go unremarked 😀 My friend L only wears her friendcuff (friendship bracelet) cos I assured her that if she did not I would tattoo ‘Alison woz here’ on her arse while she was passed out and she was not QUITE sure whether I was joking. I probably wouldn’t. Assuming I was sober. So yes, brave souls who call me friend in any context are always appreciated 😀

    And oh, Daryl. My obsession de jour. I fear I will have worn out Youtube tributes by the time WD comes back in Oct 😦

    Cupcake free zone. Brilliant. Must find a way to work that into my bio. At this point it stands as insanity, inanity and profanity. Most of our home conversations end up in the category of bizarre as we are all tuned into different wavelengths at any one time and just faking politeness generally. I read that the Japanese have invented a hologram you can actually feel. I will avoid any mention of the porn industry at this point. But I sure do hope they make a WD version and soon….

    And thank you for the shout out, much appreciated 🙂

    • I think its a travesty that we have to wait so long for the bloody show to come back, especially when they had the gall to take a mid-season break. I had to resort to re-watching the series with my sister-in-law just to get my Daryl fix!

      • I concur. It is MONTHS away. Game of Thrones is back, and a good show, but but nowhere near as good as WD. Still ages till Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy return too. It bites the big one.

  2. OMG You have Daryl! I forgot everything you had written previously because I saw a picture of Daryl. Swoon! A friend of Dave’s got on facebook and said that he had died in the season finale of TWD that just aired and I almost didn’t watch it out of protest. So glad I watched it though because he’s still there, being hot and brooding and dark and kick-arse. Man I love Daryl. You should post more Daryl, please, pretty please?!?!?!

    Ok, so what else did you write about? Surreal Conversations. Yep, Dave and I have lots and lots of those. One of the weirdest things we do though, which I am yet to blog about, is give random people we see around town their own nicknames, and we make up elaborate back stories for them. It’s really good. But then you get sad when you stop seeing Tattoo Latte or FlannoMan around and you wonder what happened to them and hope they didn’t die, and then we make up weird and crazy deaths that could have befallen them. Yep. We are crazy!

    • Weirdos 😉
      Re: Daryl – I need to mix things up a bit. I suspect people are reaching a Fassuration point. If more Daryl is what you wish, then more Daryl I will provide.

  3. Mmm Tony Stark. Making screens in the air. Mmmm. And, Isla and Sacha looking normal you say? First of all, WHY are her jeans rolled up? Roll them down lady! And he has a girl’s name and is wearing green shoes. Not nice. Sorry, but she is gorgeous and they are rich and famous. So. Why does that dude have gaffer tape stuck across his face? So much surrealness (or is it surrealty?) I need to go an look at a tree.

    • My Learned friend, I concede your point about Isla looking abnormally attractive but argue that by carrying the baby capsule to their car themselves instead of having a nanny do it as is normal as it gets for these folks. Perhaps the tagline should have read “Isla and Sacha looking relatively normal”.

  4. Oui, je parle francais. Still love a bit of nerdy crumpet though. Mr Charming loves Good Game too. That, and Top Gear. Both make my eyes bleed. It’s all a bit too fast for me, in both cases. Our most surreal conversation of late was a meaningful tete-a-tete (ooh, that’s French!) about The Doctor’s new companion. We dedicated actual real couch time without children to analysing her technological capabilities. Does that make us mentally younger or older, I can’t tell anymore!

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