Thanks For The Memes


Compiling an anthology of memes and passing it off as a blog post may seem like the height of laziness but I’ll have you know I faffed away hours of perfectly good house cleaning time on this. What’s more I did it for the sake of YOUR amusement.

It all started when I read Slapdash Mama’s regular spot in The Shake. This week she was lauding the humble jegging. As you would expect in a discussion about jeggings, the issue of the camel toe was raised.

(  This got me wondering if camels were offended at the comparison between their feet and our lady bits. I journeyed into the interwebs to find out.  As happens when you type “camel toe meme” into Google, I got side tracked. I didn’t encounter any camels dissecting the camel toe problem but I did find these.



Its random, but I was amused. Whilst we’re being random, I recently discovered the phenomena that is the Chuck Norris meme. These have been around since the advent of the internet itself. They are now so ancient that university archeology departments are offering the Chuck Norris memes as a specialist subject.  Being well and truly behind the curve, I still find them side splitting.  This had me doubled over during Easter.

chuck norris 2 med

In fact I find it so funny that I am buying Dadabulous this T-shirt for his 45th birthday*. Its all part of my master plan to affair proof my marriage. ( As fully explained in my previous post –

t shirt

As for the camels, the old adage is true. If you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. Introducing the if the Sex and The City girls were camels meme.

SATC camel memen med

Of course, my all time favorite meme is one I created myself.

colin firth jelly

I drag it out every time I contemplate dieting or hitting the gym.

Mumabulous – out

* I’ll get him something decent as well.

25 thoughts on “Thanks For The Memes

  1. I think that is decent! On cool T shirts, I was so proud, my 12 year old daughter got her first Evolution of a Zombie T shirt last month My Aspie son gets very upset when memes aren’t “done” properly. Sometimes I mess them up just to mess him up. That mother of the year trophy shall yet be mine!

  2. Hey, I’m impressed! Not lazy at all! Most people sit at the computer and type words that come into their heads. But YOU did web research!

  3. Oh God. I am weak with laughter.

    • So was I. You know when you find a joke so funny you can’t retell it because you break down laughing – that’s me with Chuck Norris and the periodic table. I’ll just buy the T-shirt instead.

  4. Absolutely not lazy (*discreetly deletes multiple posts and babbles incoherently about Internet research and not reinventing the wheel*)
    Confession- have spent many evenings over the past two decades with a pillow over my head complaining about my husband watching ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ (he and his brothers can sing the theme song FFS!) I have to source one of those shirts!

  5. Coming over from Wordless Wednesday .. LOVE what you have found!!
    And we always love to find places where one can faff away hours!!
    I mean to say: Who wants to do housework!!

  6. haha love memes – great post!

  7. You’re a funny girl, thanks for the laughs 🙂 Love that you are combining crumpet and crack up 🙂

  8. I love memes.. and I love Chuck Norris!!

  9. LOVE the Titanic ones – I adore that movie – up to your usual funny standard muma! xx

  10. Ha ha thanks for the giggles 🙂

  11. Oh Mumab. You are funny! Are there any Steven Segal Memes? He’s one of my fave b-grade action heroes.

  12. LOL I love Chuck.

  13. BAhahahaha – maybe it’s the English-teacher thing, but the sheer ludicrousness of the last one, but the very believable expression that he may be thinking that – yours is my favourite 🙂

  14. i love those Chuck Norris memes, some of them are so funny. Researching memes is a very worthy way of spending ones time, especially when they result in a blog post. Some weeks all I’ve blogged about are memes!

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