Is Your Blog You?


I have a some regular readers who I actually know  in real life (IRL). I can count them on the fingers of one hand. The tone of their feedback can be thus summed up;

“I didn’t know you were funny” and “The stuff you write is so out there but its nothing like you. You are so quiet and polite”.  They haven’t seen me on a Friday night bender making a twat of myself but its a fair assessment. In real life Brenda keeps Mumabulous on the inside which is as uncomfortable as it sounds.  Firstly I don’t often talk or make jokes about things like the The Large Hadron Collider, particle physics and nuclear fusion as I do on the blog. The reasons are threefold –  a) most of the people  have zero interest in this stuff. They’d assume I’m on drugs when clearly I dont need drugs, b) I’d sound desperately try hard and c) I’d appear an  ignoramus to anyone with basic scientific knowledge. So sadly the crumpet that is Prof Brian Cox doesn’t weave his way into my everyday conversation. Its such as shame when there’s stuff like this floating around my interwebs. Nerdom doesn’t get much hotter.

Brenda would never tell you just how excited this makes her. That's a job for Mumabs.

Brenda would never tell you how excited this gets her.  That’s a job for Mumabs.

Let’s move from scientific crumpet to crumpet as a general concept.  Brenda is not a mobile billboard for baked breakfast products.  I don’t pepper my normal discourse with comments like “Phwoar! –  that Damien Lewis is a crumpet topped with strawberry jam”. Even though it is an unarguable fact.  Nor do I bombard my real friends with faux-vertisements like this. No blog fans – I save this shite for YOU.*

Can you believe George Weston foods still hasn't called?

Can you believe George Weston foods still haven’t called?

My next admission will shock you to the core. My role as Fassbassador doesn’t extend to real life. I don’t go around Fass-eminating at every opportunity. Could you imagine if I did? Conversations would go like this ;

Friend: Hi. How are you?

Brenda: Oh Fass-tastic. Last time I looked Michael Fassbender was still infeasibly hawt!

Friend: Right.  Beautiful day isn’t it?

Brenda: Sure. Everyday is beautiful when Fass is in it.  You know why its unseasonably mild? Scientists have proven that heat radiating from Fass is warming the oceans. That’s  how infeasibly hawt he is.

Friend: Wrong – its all Channing Tatum! I don’t want to talk to you anymore!

Unfortunately for you guys this blog is the only place I can vent my Fass-tration.

But you CAN blog about it until the cows come home.

But you CAN blog about it until the cows come home.

One thing that Brenda and Mumabulous have in common is our passionate advocacy for Rangas. From the moment I laid eyes on Eric Stolz  I decreed natural red hair to be the most  desirable physical trait a human could have.  I was alarmed by claims that red heads would become extinct  by 2060 and vowed to do my utmost to preserve the species. On the fateful evening when I met Dadabulous ( exactly 9 years ago to this day*), he had the most glorious cascade of shoulder length red curls. It was tied back in a cheeky pony tail and teamed with a navy bomber jacket and boots. We sank red wine,  discussed New Scientist magazine and he paid for everything. Single ‘Abulous was finished.

I am very proud to have co-created two beautiful girls with locks like rose gold and feel great satisfaction from having done my bit for the ginger race.

I've done my bit for the future.

I’ve done my bit for the future.

Meanwhile reports of  impending ranga annihilation were proven  false.  Red heads will be with us beyond the next millennium which is a  blessing for human kind. Could you imagine a world without –

Eric Stolz. My prototype red hawt ranga.

Eric Stolz. My prototype red hawt ranga*


I repeat - Damien Lewis is a fine piece of crumpet topped with strawberry jam. Mmmmmm

Damien Lewis – Oh my, that’s a penetrating stare. *

Heck I’ll even admit to fancying post Harry Potter Rupert Grint even though its extremely age inappropriate.

Oh my how you've grown Ron. I need to take a shower.

How you’ve grown Ron. (I need to take a shower.)

But this is taking things way too far.

I cant go for that.  The carpet most certainly doesnt match the drapes.

I cant go for that. The carpet most certainly doesn’t match the curtains.

Of course, there are many things going on in Brenda’s life that Mumabulous can’t touch.  Office life and family relations could feed the blog  for at least a year. Unfortunately Brenda needs to keep these things running smoothly over the long term so Mumabulous is banned from the territory. If Brenda does get fired or has a family fall out, Mumabulous  wont be to blame. Meanwhile Brenda and Mumabulous will both try to keep you entertained. If we ever met in person Brenda is bound to be quiet and polite at least until three standard drinks are consumed. Only then will Mumabulous break free of her leash.

How about you? How much does your blog reflect who you really are? Do your friends have trouble reconciling the shizz you put on the interwebs and the quiet sweet girl they know? What happens when you meet other bloggers IRL?

Meanwhile I’ll leave you with the immortal words of Split Enz – “When my baby’s walking down the street. I see red, I see red, I see red”.


Mumabulous & Brenda

* This really is for YOU. I don’t like brand Beckham. Well I guess he is kind of acceptable if he just stands there and says nothing.

* April 29th is the 9th anniversary of my first date with Dadabs.

* From the movie Memphis Belle which I may have watched more than once.

* Hey Melbourne Mum – Down girl. Down! 😉

47 thoughts on “Is Your Blog You?

  1. Great post as always. I don’t talk about crumpet as much in RL as I do on twitter my friends would think I’m some sort of perve who lusts after Colin Firth.

    • Lusting after Colin Firth is an integral part of being female. Its the way nature made us and we cant fight it. After all if God didn’t want us to drool over Colin, why did she make him so incredibly hawt? I am as happy to discuss Colin Firth with you in person as I am on social media.

  2. Yerp. I am what I post. Especially the post about Jodi, Pearl and the Nameless one. I quoted my tweet to Karen of the other day to Tania last night “A little of Alison goes a long way”. She nodded solemnly and then laughed her arse off. I have tried to be less me. It doesn’t work. What I tweet, blog and email is the honest to god me – plus a Scottish accent.

    I guess when you first meet me I am generally quite pleasant and nice. Strangers talk to me a lot. I am kind to animals and small children. And I never go looking for a fight. (And I have never walked away from one either)

    But I am not, ever quiet 🙂

    Disappointed with the footballer guy, would not touch him with yours.

    BUT you totally made up for it with having Dr Who AND Prof Cox next to each other! AAAARRGGHHH!!!!

    And I love ALL the gingers. Minchin is my gawd. Which is ironic, obviously 🙂

    • I would love to hear your Scottish accent one day. ;-). Re – Becks – note the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

      • Well Tegan and a few others are going the bloggy thing on the GC in September, and it seems we are meeting up for drinks and general mayhem. The invite is open 🙂 I saw the disclaimer, and I say, pshaw!

  3. One of the things I often hear when I meet people who read my blog is that I’m exactly like they imagined. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Either way, I revel in being deeply shallow.

    Funnily enough, my very good girlfriends, the Gorgeous Girls, said that when they first met me, they thought I was nice but quite prim and proper. Now they know I’m actually a girl with an extremely dirty sense of humour, a big belly laugh and the amazing ability to find a double entendre in ANYTHING! It’s amazing what you can get away with when you wear pink lipstick and hairbows! 😉

  4. Oh come on, Ronald is hot! 😉 Its a very interesting topic Mrs Abulous. I tend to think I am the opposite, sedate on my blog (which I never write….) and not so much in person. I’d love to meet some of the bloggers I follow and put this theory to the test!!

  5. I am the same IRL as I am on my blog. Talk too much, get on my soap box, passionate, and at times intense (or so I have been told) but I’m also kind, care and feel things deeply. My motto is re: my blog that If I would say it in real life, then it’s a go for my blog.

  6. I’m the opposite Brenda – my blog is a tamed down version of myself. I didn’t design it that way, but my husband’s Uncle Graham was one of my first subscribers. So now, unless I’m happy to chat about it over a family dinner, I don’t blog it!
    PS. Long live the Ranga!

  7. I’m with Alison – I’m pretty much the same online as I am IRL. I have been known to shock people and am often described as being “direct”. Sometimes I do it one purpose to mess with people, but sometimes I say something that I think is quite vanilla and people are still shocked! That said, I am very conscious of people’s feelings and often pick up on a vibe when someone is upset. People tend to tell me their problems – I am a pretty good listener I think.

    Now to the crumpet…
    1. Damien Lewis = Sexiest Ranga EVER!! OMG I love Homeland so much – he is so delicious and tortured and full of conflict! Utterly divine.

    2. Becks is like white bread – pleasant enough but no substance. Also he should not EVER be allowed to talk.

    3. When did Rupert Grint grow up and get hot? I feel a little weird even typing that!

    Very much looking forward to meeting both Brenda AND Mumabs in real life one day and getting you both pissed xx

    • Rachel. I love you and I want to have your babies. Also, Michaela at Five Frogs Blog is a lot like me too. This means I am triplets. Fuck sake. What a thought.

    • 1. DL – there’s not much to add. I’ll just let that photo do the talking. What it says is obscene in the best possible way.
      2. Becks – I’m trying to cater to a range of tastes here. Some crazy people might be getting a bit tired of the holy trilogy of hawtness that is Fass, Firth and Hiddles.
      3. Rupert – I have NEVER felt so dirty in my entire life.
      Yes – one day our Lounge posse should lounge IRL. You’re in Bris-Vegas I see. If you are ever in Sydney I expect to hear about it.

  8. Brendabulous, I think you really are you. But you creep out, slowly, quietly, instead of JUMPING on to the screen with your words. You are both wonderful. And an extremely fun drinking buddy. An experience I plan to repeat, if you’ll permit the hangover. Me? I’m not quite sure. Remember that weird little ad that used to be on TV about God or something where there was a kid in a tree singing ‘Whoooo is meeeeeee?’ Well, that. I think I’m pretty much the same IRL as on the blog. But in writing there are only dimensions – elements of myself that I want to put out there. Work Kim? She’s boring. Wife Kim? Not for public display. Family and daughter Kim? Again – that’s mine. But blog Kim? She didn’t even KNOW she loved crumpet and Hemsworth until she started writing and it ALL. CAME. OUT.

    • Nobody ever calls me a fun drinking buddy. Well, they do, but there’s always a caveat. Eg: fun, IF you don’t mind the shocking hangover and loss of fine motor skills.

      Picky, picky, picky.

    • You might have a point – Mumabs does creep out slowly – a bit like a hot air balloon with a very small hole. I also agree that crumpet and blogging is a double addiction. I know I have not been the same since I did those Avengers posts. Oh my! And yes I’d love to go for a drink again. Must get the band back together. 😉

  9. Damien Lewis – BEST looking red head on TV (he was ah-maze-ing in Life!) sigh. Thank goodness you did not include that weird looking fellow from NCIS Miami *shudder*…. I don’t blog, but if I did, I would probably be the same IRL ;p

  10. Good lord that picture of the Harry Potter ginge is positively INDECENT! I have no idea if I am my blog. Or if my blog is me. Practically my entire readership is built from my friends, family and distant acquaintances. So I think I probably am my blog. this whole question is frankly a bit to bloody EXISTENTIAL for my liking and is doing my head in. URGH. In real life I like a chat, a drink, and a swear word, but I am also a PEOPLE PLEASER and want you to like me. So I am NOT DIRECT. There you have it. LIKE ME EVERYONE LIKE ME WHY WON’T YOU LIKE ME!?

    • Oh Lord I know, the Rupert pic is all kinds of wrong but I find it incredibly fetching. I really didn’t mean to pose an existential question with this post. It was really just an excuse to make more Fass puns. Rest assured however we ALL like you! Very much. As a people pleaser you are doing a fine job of pleasing ALL of the people.

  11. IRL I am quiet to the point of probably seeming retarded, judging from the comments I’ve received all my life. In groups I fade into the furniture, esp if there are a lot of loud, strong personalities there. Whereas people have told me that my blog and also my tweets and fb updates are funny and witty,I’m not like that. People who meet me will mostly think I’m either sweet or entirely forgettable. Mostly hte latter, as I really don’t click with people or make friends. I find communicating through writing and online so muich easier than in person due to extreme shyness, introversion and also having Aspergers.

    While the suburb and house I live in,the car I drive, my cheap and nasty clothes and dodgy dyed at home hair, probably scream bogan, esp to an eastern suburbs ‘yummy mummy,’ in my demeanour and the way I conduct myself, I am not really a bogan at all. But, shhhh don’t tell anyone or my whole theme for my blog is ruined and I’ve got nothing else to blog about lol

    And as a ranga, I thank you, for keeping our distinguished race going. I can’t believe I didn’t even have one ranga child. Ripped off!

  12. I’d love to do a survey to see how many bloggers had been called ‘quiet’ … and find out if that is the reason why so many of us write. I have found out through writing the Enid blog I actually prefer to read others’ blogs about themselves but DON’T LIKE WRITING THAT MUCH ABOUT MYSELF . Yay, how great for a personal blogger. You would’ve thought I’d realised that before I started writing. But when I focus on what I want to write about, e.g. THAT THE WORLD IS MAD and we need to fix it YESTERDAY (and occasionally how that relates to the context of me) there is always a lot to say so that’s not really a problem. Enid is a bigger personality than I, but she has a way of influencing me. Now I often say really mature things in public that she would say, such as ‘too bad, so sad’. Great. How profound. But she always THINKS the way I do :). If I wasn’t in Tassie I’d love to have a drink with you so that we could talk about red hairs (I had a ranga Cabbage Patch Kid and have the ranga gene), and then we could also say really ignorant things about the Hadron Collider together 🙂

  13. Firstly, I need to state that there is absolutely nothing wrong with lusting after Firth, Fass and Hiddles. i.e. Don’t feel the need to cast the net too wide or you may have to include more sporting heroes- agree with Rachel, Becks should not speak!

    Secondly, as you may have gathered I’m partial to a spunky ranga, and married to one. We expected at least one ranga offspring but have four with dark hair and dark eyes. So I’m glad there are still rangas being born. Eric Stolz was my first Rang crush too- Memphis Belle swoon!

    Thirdly, my blog is a slightly more censored version of the IRL me. I have been known to put my foot in my mouth IRL so it’s great being able to read it and think about it before publishing! I also swear less on my blog and am now committed to swearing less in real life as my 2 year old recently told his grandfather to ‘peace off’. The family looked a little surprised, I looked massively relieved- it could’ve been a hell of a lot worse! Am now committed to knocking off all unnecessary swearing.

    • Oh my – another Memphis Belle fan. Come to Chez Abulous we shall drink red wine and watch it again. Eric Stolz was one thing (one very crumpety thing) but how about that Matthew Modine?

  14. Love this!! My blog is probably a fairly good idea of who I am, random and boring!!

  15. Interesting…I think yes, it is me, but with the added bonus of being able to take down stuff or edit it before going public – as opposed to just shooting my big mouth off and having to apologise later. And with you on Beckham – I don’t get his appeal at all. The voice over rides it all for me.

  16. I have no clue Mumabulous! I don’t talk about everything, just in the same way I don’t tell people everything when I meet with them. I guess my blog is like a general conversation. Gee! could I sound any more boring!?

    I can say one thing – I’m a reformed, jet setting, city, party girl, with lots of juicy goss from the past, who is now a doting mother of two boys and loving wife. If I were to write about the days gone by, then I would have to go under a pseudonym and never reveal my identity. 😉

    • Yup – I have some self imposed limits here and past boyfriends are out of bounds. Its tricky because when you settle later in life as I did, you gather quite a collection of stories – some of which are entertaining and would make great blog fodder. 😦 My oh my – you must have squeezed a lot into a short time.

  17. I think I’m far more serious on my blog than I am “IRL”. I am probably just as opinionated in both though!

  18. I use to think I wasn’t as bright and bubbly as my posts come across.. but those who met me at DPCon will know that I am bright and bubbly 24/7 – even on no sleep, I am still up and ready to go! Though I dont think that happens a lot at home.. or my husband wouldn’t complain about the lack of housework 🙂

  19. LMAO Mr McDonald is taking it wayyyyy to far! lol

    Apparently I am who I am on my blog – thank goodness! – which pleases me. I can’t be anyone else than who I am.

    I think some bloggers let out their hidden inner self through their blogs, and I reckon that’s okay too 🙂

    MC x

  20. I must say, having met you IRL, I thought the same thing. What is the same is that you’re both charming on the net and IRL…oh, and your obvious love for Rangas.
    I think I’m the same IRL as on the interwebz. Haven’t been told otherwise, anyway 😉
    Oh, and Eric Stolz! Yes, please!!

  21. My blog is as funny, witty, sarcastic and bizzarre as I used to be out loud before I moved to Darwin and had to make new friends.

  22. I think I can say my bloggy me is me-the real deal. When I meet bloggers in real life, I am quieter and less confident than I come across in blog-land but that could be because of the sheer amount of awesomeness I am in the company of!

  23. Good to see you doing your bit for Ranga kind – someone has to! It’s funny that whole notion of a blog persona. I think my blog is pretty much reflective of who I am – disorganised, inconsistent, unstable, bookish (but not in any kind of systematic or dedicated way). I wish I was a bit braver – both IRL and online. I fear the trolls and the shouty people too much to truly let fly!

  24. Well B, I have to say that I am who I am in person and my blog and those who know me can’t but help tell me they love my blog once reading it, it’s like they think I’m as interesting as a piece of wood until they read what I write, but I suppose that’s okay! And congrats on anniversary of meeting, The Husband and I will celebrate this on October 30 this year! Em xxx

  25. I’m exactly the same everywhere. What you read is what you get. 🙂

  26. Congrats on your anniversary !!!!
    I’m not sure how people see me – I’d like to think that what you get on the blog/twitter is the same as IRL but I don’t know. Actually what I do know is that I am really shy and so probably wouldn’t talk to nearly as many people IRL as I ‘talk’ to on twitter /blogging !
    I’m with you on Beckham – please whatever you do – don’t talk !!!!! That probably goes for most union, league or AFL players as well !
    Have the best day !
    #IBOT visitor

  27. Great post. I’ve been a Rupert Grint fan since Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He seemed to grow up between that one and the one prior! And there’s less than a decade between us… so it’s not gross.. right?!
    My blog is me. It’s a censored version, but it’s still my voice and absolutely my opinions. I’m probably more open about certain things (people?!) in real life because there are just some things that I’ll never put in writing online where it can come back to bite me!

    • Oh dear. I’m old enough to be Rupert’s mother. It’s awful. You appear to have tapped into a theme here. Many people are saying that their blogs are a censored version of themselves. I appear to be the opposite with the blog being an uncensored version of myself. What’s up with dat?

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