The Year of The Blog


A milestone has crept up and tapped me gently on the shoulder. June 3rd marks an entire year since I took up residence in this humble patch of cyberspace. Twelve months down the track and my corner of the interwebs remains decidedly humble. There is so much that did not happen over the past year. I was not invited to join The Remarkables, heck I wasn’t even bitched about on GOMI. I did not become the head honcho for marketing at George Weston foods – crumpet division despite my tireless efforts at raising the brand profile. Most disappointingly Michael Fassbender’s people did not call even though I am solely responsible for Fass awareness in the middle aged Mum demographic.

This stuff puts the GOLD in Golden Crumpets!

My tireless work for campaign crumpet.

My stats rose and then plateaued. They remain as flat as my chest. My hat was thrown into the ring for two significant blogging competitions. I would not voluntarily throw my own hat as hats are vital in  hiding my bad hair.  My hats were sacrificed but  I failed to make the faintest impact in either event. I came to the realization that without major alterations Mumabulous with never be a blog-buster akin to the Woogs of this world. I have scant regard for the blog’s content and even less concern for the visuals. Mumabulous is an unprofessional operation but  that’s what makes it fun.

I’m not going into the details of why I blog as obviously Mumabulous is a place of mindless escapism. Instead I’ll share the peaks and troughs of a year lived bloggily.

High Lights

Circle Jerking:  GOMI often describes the Aussie Mummy blogging scene as a circle jerk and I’ve found my own comfortable circle to jerk in. If you are going to jerk doing so in a circular motion is the most satisfying method. Seriously though, I’ve made contact with some wonderful women (and a couple of blokes too) that I would never have encountered offline. This is the factor that keeps me going when common sense tells me to stop.

Meeting Bloggers In Real Life (IRL) :  I’ve had the great pleasure of  crystalizing some  blogging friendships in the real world. I relished the chance to meet face to face with;

Grace of With Some Grace

Kim Marie of Kimba Likes

Catherine of A Cup of Tea and A Blog

Kylie of A Study in Contradictions

Robo of RoboMum

Kim of Falling Face First

Kelly of Handmade Tears and Triumphs

Danya of Danya Banya

Kevin of the Illiterate Infant

and as per the K-tel advertisements  “many, many more”. Who knew that tapping away at the keyboard night after night could be so social?

Guest Posting:  Being asked to contribute to someone’s else’s blog is an unbeatable feeling. I’ve experienced it twice. Firstly I had the honor of being a Featured Flogger on Flog Your Blog Friday at With Some Grace. More recently Catherine of ACoTAB allowed me to lower the tone of her blog while she was on holidays.  My guest post  Tea and Crumpet with Mr Darcy is some of my finest work. In it I describe how I would use my feminine wiles to seduce Mr Darcy ie: getting him shitfaced. It encapsulates the spirit of the Mumabulous.

A dash of vodka will get you to this point.

The Power of the Woog: As the undisputed Queen of our blogging scene she’s touched many lives and her impact has certainly been felt in mine. I wrote a semi sensible piece called 2013 The Year of Living Moronically where I bemoaned the state of political commentary on social media. Mrs Woog picked this up and promoted it on both Twitter and Facebook. Hello biggest blogging day ever!  Thanks Mrs Woog. You don’t have to support small fry like myself. It shows your generosity of spirit that you do.

Meanwhile my content returned to the usual drivel and my stats resumed their normal flaccidity. Looking at it graphically that one big day is like the middle finger on a gesticulating hand.

Low lights

Constant Distraction – I am not a drippy hippy new agey type but I believe it living in the moment and focusing my attention in the “now”. However its difficult to just” be” in the moment when you are a blogger. I find myself in a permanent state of distraction thinking about the blog and straining my brain for new material.

Stats – Blogging sometimes seems like an endless game of trying to improve the stats.  Its all rather pointless when your blog doesn’t make any money.

Rejection by the DET Portal – I was recently informed by RoboMum that  the Department of Education and Community have barred access to Mumabulous on the grounds of pornographic content.   What? Talk about filtering out the fun in life. In my opinion Mumabulous is not too vulgar, she is just smutty enough. So I have a penchant for double entendres  of the standard featured in Are You Being Served? As I recall that was broadcast in a family time slot.

A bit more classy than Mumabs.

A bit more classy than Mumabs.

Seriously  the IT folk at DET should rethink this issue. We can all agree that teaching is a stressful and underpaid profession. Anything to boost the morale of female teaching staff should be actively encouraged. If for instance,  Clive Owens chooses to get about in a bath towel it should not be with held from them. In fact it should be bought directly to their attention and that’s where I come in.

What female teachers need to see more of.

What female teachers need to see more of.

It goes without saying that female teaching staff should be Fassed more often.

Fass is sitting on some powerful machinery. And the bikes pretty cool too. HONK!

Fass is sitting on some powerful machinery. And the bike’s pretty cool too. HONK!

And no one should be prevented from seeing this.

And a bottle of wine will get you to this point.

A bottle of red will get you to this point. HONK!

THAT Avengers Post:  Not only did this master work give me a serious case of Tom Hiddsteria*,  it brought all the perverts to the yard. I also wrote a throw away line about Chris Evans (Captain America) grabbing his crotch and every day afterwards I was hit with crotch related searches. John Hamm’s was of particular interest. Sadly its a subject that I had not touched upon (very sadly indeed – HONK!) but  I was deemed an expert on John’s nether regions. No cigar people! It got so irritating  I deleted the posts which is everyone’s loss.

To all of you who have put up with my repetitive ravings this year- Thank you.

Over the you – how’s your blogging year been?




59 thoughts on “The Year of The Blog

  1. Happy First Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Mumabulous, the interweb is a better place for your fassinating posts! x

  3. You never fail to pretty up my bloglovin sensible well-being feed with all your crumping (?) and for that I’m grateful. bless your original style and your captivating writing. stats? pfffft.Happy blogoversary! Pip

    • Thanks Pip. I have a theory that there are only so many recipe/health and wellbeing/craft posts that a Mum can absorb before she really needs to see Colin Firth in a bathtub.

  4. HEY LADY! Thanks for the mention. We must meet soon and share some vino! Not sure about your description of me though – maybe the evil stepmother of blogging….

    Cannot believe you have only been blogging for a year! Meteoric rise, or what!


    • Well – I have had a meteoric rise if meteoric means a gentle upwardly slope and then a flattening out. But it all seriousness I genuinely appreciate the support and encouragement you’ve given to many smaller bloggers out there.

  5. Interesting observations. I just read a handful of mum blogs you & Woogs are up there for me. As I am ignorant of who’s big fish & small fry please know that some readers think you’re as good as any out there. Better than most really, Love your work.

  6. Happy birthday…or anniversary…or just general excuse to celebrate! Well done! You’ve done so well to get the following you have and make all those great connections in just a year. All Fass aside, I think you’re a really clever writer and I look forward to another year of fabulous Mumabulous crumpet and commentary 🙂

  7. You have certainly brightened up my year with your crumpatious posts. Thank you Mumabs. Looking forward to seeing more xx

  8. Happy blobby birthday! As sometime who is reading far less blogs than I used to, I have to say I always try to find time for yours. Love your style, your wit! We need more of you!

  9. Congratulations and happy bloggy birthday! My first year anniversary came and went with no celebration. Nothing to celebrate. You’ve done really well, and keep it coming, mindless escapism is exactly what I love to read.xo

    PS. Make sure there is cake involvement in your celebrations.

  10. Happy bloggy anniversary, Mumabulous! What a year well spent. I love getting my crumpet fix from your blog and am extremely pleased with your partiality to Colin Firth (he’s – briefly – in my scheduled blog post for tomorrow) 🙂

  11. Some of this I can really relate to from my last 8 months – with the definite exception of meeting real life people. Trying to avoid that if I’m honest, but it looks a lot like I will be avoiding it no longer in September. I just find a little of Alison goes a long way. My friends are used to it – insofar as you can be used to me 😀 And I will either, depending on my personality that day be trying to behave myself and failing or being weirder than usual or (and this is more likely) off my fucking head and swearing like a trooper. Oh well, it is unlikely to be a dull day 🙂

    It’s been a very interesting 8 months. And congratulations and felicitations on reaching your one year anniversary by the way.

    One of the stand out moments of my last few months was when a certain blogger awarded me my first blogger to blogger award (Sunshine award), back in January. At that point I had no idea how many of you were out there or how nice most of you were. (I just ignore the sad cases and haven’t been near GOMI in months).

    This blogger, by suddenly and unexpectedly reaching out a bloggy hand of friendship – made me realise there is actually a blogging community, and it’s mainly a pretty decent and supportive one – what was her name again now, started with a Mum…?

    At that point I really struggled to find enough blogs to fill the requirement to pass the praise along – and I hadn’t yet gotten the idea of putting the hyperlink IN the blog post instead of just making people cut and paste 😀 My technical advisors put me right on that 🙂 Between yourself and Teegs I found a bunch more people to read and follow and hang out with in Twitterland when my mental health allows me to be sociable. It was one of the most genuinely unexpectedly nice things anyone has done for me, and I won’t soon forget the surprised smile it brought to my face that day.

    You’re a decent sort Mumabs. And I love your posts. May your blog go from strength to strength.

    • Hey Ace
      Tis all good. Your highly evocative posts about your misspent youth make my jaw drop whilst laughing at the same time. Uncomfortable but fun. Also if it weren’t for you I would be unaware of Norman Reedus. Don’t worry – you’ll have a great time in September. After the initial awkwardness you’ll feel like you’re with long lost friends. I do expect to hear all about it however. Love Brenda

      • Thank you. And I am sure you’re right 🙂

      • Mumabs is quite right as usual Alison. We already love you and it will be FINE. And if you try to pike out I will hunt you down – I have a fair idea as to your location on the GC and I am determined bitch when I want something 😉 I may even require your company before that… stay tuned!

      • Now – I’d like to be a fly on the wall at that meeting. Meanwhile Dave Grohl is getting very excited about the prospect. 😉

  12. You are wonderful, you are unique, you are lovely and hilarious and things will happen. Don’t stop Mumabs the world needs you. There’s only so many crochet patterns and chocolate slice recipes to go around but crumpet is forever xxxxxxxx

  13. Well done on the milestone and even though we share different taste in crumpet, thanks for being a consistent highlight in my blog reading.

    It was a pleasure to meet you too.

  14. Congratulations! You and I started blogging on the same day! (Yet you seem so much more established, I was surprised you were only a year old!)
    Did you know young Robert Duvall looked a lot like your Fassbender? To me, anyway. I excitedly discovered this when watching the first Godfather. Hubs told me I thought all people looked alike (I also excitedly showed him photos of young Henry Fonda, saying he looked like our Dr and he thought I was delusional)
    I also can’t tell Chris Evans/Ryan Gosling/Ryan Reynolds apart…so maybe he has a point. I always say to my son – which one is he Captain America or Green Lantern? (because as an avid comic reader I can tell lycra apart)

    • I just love how people have started referring to him as MY Fassbender and long for the day when he calls himself the FassBrenda. While we’re at it can with have MY Tom Hiddleson, MY Colin Firth, MY Damien Lewis and MY Jermaine Clement. I could not resist checking out a Fass-alike and yes in To Kill A Mocking Bird Robert Duvall is a Fass-simile. I only hope Fass can hang on to his hair. I have an opinion on the Ryans vs Chris Evans situation which may provoke the wrath of many. Gosling can stay, the other two – meh.

  15. Happy 1st blog birthday! Sounds like you had a rather exciting year actually, even though you didn’t do some other things you mentioned :p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  16. Happy first birthday and thanks for that pic of colin in the bath – yummy! DEB XX

  17. Happy birthday !!!!! I think that we all have our ups and downs and it just depends on whether you let your ups lift you or your downs bring you down – I figure you will let your ups lift and and say bugger off to the downs !!!!
    Have the best day !

  18. Happy Blog Birthday and thanks for the great pictures!

  19. Happy Birthday and thanks for making me feel like I’m not wasting my time when I surf through “trashy-celebrity” websites. Now my excuse is – I’m crumpeting on the net! xx

  20. Hi Mumabulous! I’m new to this whole blogging world, and that GOMI description kind of sounds about right, but it also seems to be missing the fun of creating a new circle of friends.
    It’s interesting to hear about your preoccupation with, and then letting go, of the stats!
    And I think that we will get along well – I may not know who this Fass person is, but I SURE AS HELL know who Clive Owen and Colin Firth are. They are mine.

  21. Woohoo congratulations to mumabs and Brenda. It’s no mean feat to keep at it for a year. I have been a lazy blogger in recent weeks and a little house obsessed with renovating but I still pop in to read (and view, let’s be honest!) your cyber corner. I think you’ve underestimated your achievement! Low stats full of loyal regulars seem so much more valuable than thousands of hits due to good SEO that move on the next minute. I only read a few mummy blogs (for want of a better phrase) and yours is one of my faves. Thanks

  22. I do believe that is the first time I’ve commented and not mentioned crumpet… Specifically a certain crumpet that shall remain nameless. Hint: starts with ‘C’ and ends with ‘olinFirth’.

  23. Oh hilarious, you’re considered too hot for DET .. I’d take that as a compliment!

  24. Happy Blogoversary!!! I seriously think the blogosphere is a much better place for having you in it!

    It was a pleasure to meet you and I really hope we get to catch up again very soon!

    • Thanks Kylie. It was lovely meeting you. You’re going have a busy few weeks ahead but after the dust settles down perhaps another blogging catch up is order.

  25. You so completely make me giggle every time I stop by! How dare you!

    Happy Blogoversary for yesterday – a day late, but you get that 😉

    Clearly the crumpet people need some slapping about the cranial area. How do they not see what you are doing for them?!

    Keep up the good work Mumabulous!

    MC x

  26. I loved this blog Brenda. You are such a clever writer.

  27. I think you have done pretty darn great for a year.
    And as for being bitched about on GOMI: it’s totally overrated 🙂

  28. Happy first birthday! Having just celebrated my first MONTH birthday, I found this a great read. There are so many blogs out there and so much to read. I will keep coming back to yours though. Just as good as Mrs Woog if you ask me.

  29. The Department of Education has alot to answer for! Not letting me access my crumpet from my shitty little work computer! I’s a travesty! Particuarly as i’m doing period lit with my year 9s… WTAF? You’ve had a wonderful year Mumabs – your blog is one of the few I access for major laughs. Looking forward to the next meet-up and another wonderful year. XXX

  30. Happy 1st birthday! You are hilarious. 🙂

  31. Happy Birthday! That is great 🙂

  32. Happy happy birthday!!! And thank you SO much for being my first BELIEVER. You’re my yoda dude. Who unfailingly pleases my eyes with offerings of Hemsworth. Cheers! x

    • Does that make you my Padwan? BTW – I think I have mistakenly given you the impression that I have a problem with Hems when I really dont. I mean how could you have a problem with that 😉

  33. Well I reckon you’re a one-of-a-kind blogger and I LOVE your work B – I say MEH to stats, DET (I wonder If I’m banned also, I kinda hope so, that’s kinda cool)!
    Congrats for a year and keep going – we love your work and I need my Muma fix every week 🙂 Em xx

  34. Dear Mumabs, congrats on making your one year anniversary – you are an inspiration to blogging noobs like me. You’ve managed to find the perfect mix of wit, intelligence and hot guys but even more than that you’ve managed to do it consistently. Six months of blogging has taught me that is not as easy as you make it look. Best of all you don’t take anything too seriously which is why you have a fan for life in me. I hope I get a chance to meet both Mumabs and Brenda one day – you’re definitely a lady I’d like to count as a real life friend xx

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