I Want Adventure


Regrets. I’ve a had few. But then again, too many to mention. Perhaps wagging lectures with a bottle of cheap champagne in one hand and some equally cheap young crumpet in the other may not have been the best thing for my higher education. (Mind you right now its a very tempting prospect. In the absence of Jermaine Clement and/or Bret McKenzie to wag with I’d even consider doing this with my husband.) Similarly perhaps getting loaded with work colleagues regularly on a Friday evening was not the best path to career advancement. The time would have been better spent searching for more suitable drinking companions.

Yes I’ve made a complete wally of myself more times than I’d care to admit to and yes if I could do it all again I hope I’d do it all with a bit more class.  Nevertheless as the cliche goes its not what I did but what I didn’t do that forms the basis of any regrets I have now. I didn’t do the great adventure travel thing in my youth and if the Tardis were to drop me back in the early 1990s I’d sort that situation out along with my wayward eyebrows, frizzy hair and baggy pants.

Travel has always been a tantalizing prospect for the future. In my early 20s I was desperately trying to find some career traction (without much luck) as well as an appropriately dashing partner to travel with. I found him but not content with merely being bowled over by his charm I was hit for six by glandular fever. (Cricket metaphors now?). My recovery was too slow for his limited tolerance and he left for the Motherland without me.

I was bowled over but NOT by Dennis Lillee

I was bowled over but NOT by Dennis Lillee

The next thing I knew I’d saddled myself with a mortgage and paying it down with my humble salary scored top billing.  This Herculean task took precedence over just about everything  including having a life.  It took 8 years but I did it with no husbandly input. Fast forward through a few more lacklustre jobs and unFassworthy relationships and whammo I’m 35. At this point I was  shacked up with Dadabs and overdue to start a family. Backpacking around Europe was once again demoted to the bottom of the To Do list.

At 42  my roots are so deeply entrenched it would take a fleet of excavators to dig them out. Dadabulous spent around 3 years in Paris and talks about taking me back there – someday. This conversation is always met with enthusiasm but there’s  contention about what to do with girls and whether its acceptable to dump them on Grandmabulous for a few weeks. We are fortunate enough to have the means to travel but are too bogged down with obligations. Inconveniently kids need to go to school and that software business wont run itself.

The dream may be on the back burner but it is still alive – a bit like a candle in the wind. It won’t happen over night, it might not even until we’re in our 60s but I am determined it will happen. I will have travel adventures before I die. I’ve even sketched out a list of dream destinations.

1) Canada

Team Abulous has actually been in British Columbia for four amazing days. I found out later that Dadabs was considering proposing atop Mt Whilster. Now that would have been spectacular! Four days was just enough for both of us to realize that we need more of this kind of thing.

I can do this again

I can do this again

and again.

and again.

South America

Putting aside the nasty cocaine business, military dictatorships and grinding poverty  the whole continent sounds amazing. I want to see all of it – from the tropical Caribbean countries to the tip of Argentina.

Floating down the Amazon would be wonderous

Floating down the Amazon would be wonderous

Bear Grylls optional

Bear Grylls optional

You may even meet up with these guys.

You may even meet these guys.

A wild time in Patagonia

A wild time in Patagonia

Bear Grylls optional again. (This is overdressed by Bear's standards)

Bear Grylls optional again. (This is overdressed by Bear’s standards)

The Gili Islands

Who doesn’t want to uncover that elusive tropical paradise? Its said that the Gilis are like Bali was 50 years ago before the tourists moved in and ruined it man.

Turquoise water - check.

Turquoise water – check.

Deserted beaches - check.

Deserted beaches – check.

The Kimberly

Its a favored destination of the SAD crowd (See Australia and Die) because its prohibitively expensive and accessible only by guided tours. Still it looks mind blowing.

Why should the SADs have all the fun?

Why should the SADs have all the fun?

I wouldn't be SAD about seeing this.

I wouldn’t be SAD about seeing this.

And just a little further to the south at Nigaloo Reef you may be fortunate enough to meet with this fellow.

The whale shark.

The whale shark.

Have you been to any of these places and would you recommend the experience? What is on your dream destination list?

Happy travels


26 thoughts on “I Want Adventure

  1. I think your blog is definitely ‘worth casing’ and you should most definitely head back to Ms Mystery Case on Sunday and link up! Have a great week and looking forward to reading more.

  2. I have been lucky enough to go to Brazil and Bolivia and they are both absolutely amazing places, the landscape is incredible. I would love to do the rest of South America as well and travel down the Amazon a la Bear Grylls and to see Iguazu Falls would be breathtaking. Husb has seen loads of S America as his dad used to work there I’m properly jealous of him. I would love to see everything that Australia has to offer too, the Kimberley looks amazing. Just need to save up a small fortune to be able to afford everything I want to do. 🙂

  3. I’m totally determined to see more of the world once the kids are bigger – I like you – yearn to get lost in the cultures of other people. One day 😦 x

  4. I sacrificed career traction and home ownership to the travel adventure in my early twenties – and I am so glad I did because I came home feeling very “settled” and thoroughly ready to get on with the business of being a grown up. Which was good because I was pregnant 18 months later!

    However like you I still long for adventure – and without a word of a lie I was googling “jobs in Mongolia” only two weeks ago! I’ve been obsessed with it since Ewan McGregor and his mate (Charlie something) travelled through it by motorbike in the documentary “The Long Way Round”. I know it is not practical, but there is definitely a part of me that wants to gather up our stuff and go and live in a yurt for a year!

  5. I have traveled a lot and yet have not been to any of these. Gorgeous images. The filing islands were on our original travel plans but we ended up working in Bangkok at the time instead. I plan to travel until the day I die. Deb xx

  6. Do it now – kids will be fine at Grandma’s or do Gilli islands and take them with you. Sign up to every airline available and watch their specials! I took 5 return to Singapore for $1600! (you can then fly tiger into Bali for about $80 return – then it’s onto Gilli).
    For me, I want to see a dessert (no one in particular, so may as well be one that has the Dakar vehicles tearing thru it), Galapagos islands, Lava fall into the ocean (Hawaii), Antartica….Realistically, Hawaii is next stop (but our roof has to be replaced 😦 too depressing for words)…
    Though never travel with Bear, he’ll make you drink your own urine. He’s a big fan of that.

    • True about Bear. I am not into drinking my own urine when there’s a bottle of Perrier at hand. However Bear will disrobe at the slightest provocation and I am a fan of that.

  7. What beautiful shots! Great to keep your dreaming and keeping the intention alive. It’s always good to wanderlust. I am fortunate enough to currently not be too bogged down with obligations and a mortgage so I do get to travel a bit more than the average Mummy although the yearning never stops. Travel is so good for the soul. I think you should take the leap. Book the kids into Grandmas and put yourself and your marriage first. It can be for just a week or a weekend… but getting away is required.

  8. As I read that first paragraph I thought you were writing a blog post about me. I totally get where you are coming from with this post. I did manage to get my arse overseas for a year, I worked as a nanny. but I was immature and didn’t really know how to make the most of it. So anyway, I am aching to live a little. Some days I want to sell the house and just go for it. Home school the kids whilst they’re still young. Get the caravan and spend a year travelling around Australia. But then my husband the fun police says ‘what are we going to do about money, should we be working’ other than this, I’d love to head to Europe, I dipped my toe in visiting Paris when I lived in England, but like I said, I had no bloody idea, I’d really make the most of it now.
    Anyway, I have a lotto ticket for tonight.
    The Kimberly’s is definitely on my todo list. The beaches there look devine, and you never have to worry about the weather being cold.

  9. I married at 18 have just worked, studied, worked, studied bought a house, had kids, started a business, worked, had kids, studied, had another kid, bought a block of land….and i’m so ready for adventure. My husband and I totally regret not travelling and seeing the world before we settled down!

  10. My mates have just come back from swimming with the Whale Sharks and said it was the best thing ever! Love travelling. Most do some more xx

  11. Lets leave the blokes at home with the kids and do Central and South America together Mumabs. Drug lords would tremble in their boots when faced with our formidable selves. 🙂

  12. Mr Surfer has been EVERYWHERE. Just today we bumped into a friend who’s originally from Bulgaria. My well-travelled husband casually said, “I’ve been there…” Before I met him, I was proud of the fact that I was the most well travelled person I knew. Bastard.

  13. If you want it enough, one day you will… and by the sounds of it.. YOU WILL!

    My dream is to see more of Australia. I’ve only been as far west as Orange, south to Caringbah, and as far north as Bribie Island. I desperately want to see more of Australia. As soon as I can afford it I’m off on a trip to NT… hoping it’ll be in the next 12 months 🙂

    MC x

  14. I have done the Bungle Bungles – breath taking and amazing.

  15. I have NEVER heard of the Gilli Islands. What rock have I been living under? Google is calling my name. Work? What work? Oh… the work that will pay for me to go to the Gilli islands. GRANDPARENTS WERE INVENTED for you to travel before you are 60. Do it Mabs. They will be fine. Fine fine fine!!!!!

  16. I just want to go home to Scotland. But I do hope you get to travel to your heart’s content. And I say go for it go for it go for it now! I hate to be maudlin but my sister in law Wendy suddenly died back in February at the age of 42, Literally just dropped dead walking across a field on her way home. Life is so very fleeting, if you really want something this much do everything in your power to make it happen. I have a friend (a RL person whom I actually know) who sold everything and upped stakes with her husband and kids and travelled for nearly a year. Her youngest boy was They are now planning to escape again and have bought a home in Thailand somewhere. Her blog is well worth a read for the would-be traveller 🙂 http://lifechangingyear.com/

    • Oh Alison. I am so deeply saddened to hear about your sister in law. That just plain blows. Thanks for your words of encouragement – I hope that your dreams of returning to your homeland come true too. Loves Brenda

      • Oops, her youngest boy was about 9 I think, was what I meant to write 🙂

      • Thank you, Wendy was a good and decent sort. One of the few family members I never ever had a bad word about actually. She left my brother, who is in his early 40s and two little kids behind. You just never know the minute.

        On travel, this is a link to the first ever post of that family I told you about. I just find the whole blog fascinating, the process of thinking about it, organising it, doing it and finally the travel posts. I never normally bother reading travel posts, as I have no desire to travel any more except, as I say, home, but Tracey is genuinely funny and interesting to read too. Anyway, in case you feel the urge to read about another person’s adventures 🙂 http://lifechangingyear.com/life-changing-year-how-did-this-happen-177/

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