Its The End Of The World As We Know It


Don’t you just love REM? Back in the early 1990s someone had written “Michael Stipe is God’s gift to women” on the wall of the ladies loo at the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown. It was about the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen scribed in a public convenience. Recently Michael Stipe has struck a chord with me again ( note the intentional musical pun) Their 1989 hit “Stand” has been particularly resonant over the past fortnight.

Stand in the place where you live
Now face North
Think about direction
Wonder why you haven’t before

Late 80s indie rock crumpet

Late 80s indie rock crumpet

My part time job was brought to a swift and unexpected end two weeks ago. It would be poor form to say much about the circumstances, only that I was assured it was a cost issue unrelated to my performance. It was not my dream job but the positives outweighed the negatives and I was committed to giving it a proverbial “red hot go”.  I’d imagined I’d stick it out for at least two years so when it finished abruptly I found myself having to “think about direction” yet again.

I decided it was time to build my arsenal, add another string to my bow, place another feather in my cap and other work cliches. After a brief consultation with Dadabs I enrolled in TAFE Open Learning and I’ve just started Cert IV in Bookkeeping. As a stand alone concept there’s no way it can be dressed to make it more exciting. By contrast Damien Lewis can be more exciting when dressed up. Here’s the pictorial evidence.  That black leather jacket is smokin’ hawt. Its keeping me warm on this sub Antarctic winter evening.

Damien dressed up to be even more exciting.

Damien dressed up to be even more exciting.

Why Book keeping? Did I hear those of you who aren’t swooning and sighing over Damien ask? I don’t see the Book keeping as an end in itself. Rather its just the first step towards re-inventing myself as a small business angel. I want to be the new broom that can sweep clean your small business books and blog! That’s the longer term agenda. It may not come to fruition but I’ve thought about direction and now I have one.


Could this be me?

The course is a “study at your own pace” arrangement and I’ve got two years to do it. However I want to get it out of the way as quickly as possible so that I can move on to  stuff that genuinely tickles my fancy.

So far, so reasonable methinks. My problem is, given I need to knuckle down and focus on studying, I don’t know how I can keep Mumabulous going in its present form. After my spectacular failure to make any impact in the recent blogging competitions, I toyed with the idea of pulling the plug and re-entering the arena with a slightly more serious offering. Yet over the past year I’ve grown fond of the Mumabs persona and I just don’t have the heart to euthanize her just yet. Instead I’ll put her on life support and drip feed her (and you) crumpets. Perhaps she can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes in few months time. For now I figure if I can publish one post per week I will be doing well.  The thing I’m saddest about is that I want be able to participate in our blogging community as much as I would like to. So if you notice my absence from your blog comments field it really isn’t because I dont care. You are always on my mind.

Meanwhile I’m still trying to lose weight and tone up so I am going to have to tackle this study caper unaided by copious amounts of coffee and chocolate. This means I’m reliant on one thing to get me through – Fassbender, loads and loads of Fassbender. El mucho Fasso. It is a good thing for everyone that our Fass is a generous artist who loves to give of himself.

Hellooooo. Is me you're looking for?

Hellooooo. Is me you’re looking for?

All you people who do manage to work, study, look after kids, do housework and maintain a successful blog please spill your secrets. How do you manage? Do you sleep?

See you next week.



PS: The future is here. Google has achieved consciousness and it knows far too much. I searched for Damien Lewis in leather and Google gave me Fassbender in velvet. It reads the deepest recesses of my mind and that is freaking me out.

34 thoughts on “Its The End Of The World As We Know It

  1. I’m afraid I have no advice to give as I don’t work or study and I suck at housework and blogging. Just wanted to say good luck with it all and that the one post a week thing sounds like a good plan. Please don’t pull the plug on Mumabs, we’d miss you! xo

  2. Thank goodness you’ve put her on life support Brenda. My life would be poorer if I were forced to go cold turkey on the crumpets! Good luck with the book keeping. Soon after we bought the farm, I learned I’m not a book keeper’s arsehole. The world needs more small business angels! 🙂

  3. So glad this is not the last goodbye. I’ll still be here, Mumabs. Your blog runs too deep with crumpet for me not to! All the best. xx

  4. Good luck on getting through you book keeping course. Glad you’re keeping the crumpet-mobile HONKing along, I’ll see you in the slow lane 😉

  5. Best of luck Mumabs. It’s tough to juggle it all. I’m only managing about one post a week, and even then I feel my offerings have been more whinge than wisdom! I similarly feel as though I don’t get enough time for reading and commenting, which I really miss. But something does have to give if you’re trying to move ahead in other areas. I will look forward to whatever small crumbs of crumpet you find time to throw us! xx

  6. Jeezuz Woman! Blogging competitions? I have never won a blogging competition. They are not the way you want to get know in this crazy world. Just keep doing what you are doing but mainly have fun and love it. You are one of my must-reads and if you left I would hunt you down…..

  7. booo. Just boooooooo!

  8. Congrats on your choice of study. This will open many doors, it is a business basic that is always in need. I couldn’t do it thou without the chocolate!

  9. Hi, I only came across you last week in a Lounge link up. I’m sorry that you’ve found yourself in this situation. I remember when my husband was retrenched years back and it was just awful, but he’s now thankful for it as he probably wouldn’t have taken the opportunity to study more (like you are) and get a much better job out of it in the end (which he very much has). Take care of yourself 🙂

  10. you will manage it all, and rock it! Never under-estimate what you can do.

  11. I love REM. Your title made me click! Just remember you still feel fine, hold on and don’t forget about the shiny, happy people in blogger land 🙂

  12. There’s no secret! You will fail at everything, not all at once, and then one day things will fall together, then back to pear shaped the next day. Don’t get me wrong I’m not being negative, but reality is. As long as you are loving what you do it really doesn’t matter! It’s called perfect imperfection 🙂

  13. Good luck with your endeavours 🙂

    Hello from#teamIBOT

  14. Hi mumabs, I’ve got some fresh crumpet that i think you may like. Google Josh Homme (singer from Queens of the stone age and Them crooked vultures) and perhaps try to find an interview. He’s a clever ranger who becomes tres sexy once you get into his mind abit. He’s done abit with Anthony Bourdain (another sexy older man) from ‘No Reservations’. Now when I hear his voice my ovaries twitch 🙂

  15. Good lord! I did have something sensible to say but then you went ahead and squiddled my brains with pics of Damien Lewis and The Fass-Man. Now I’m all a-flutter. I have no advice, being a noob blogger and all, but just wanted to wish you the very best of luck! *goes back to gawping at lovely pics*

  16. Brenda, Brenda, Brenda. I am sad sad sad. But VERY happy you decided against euthanasia. That’s for pets, not virtually-existent web personas. If you killed off Mumabs I’d find you and prod you till you Googled fresh crumpet if I had to BAKE IT MYSELF. Not literally, of course. What is this, ‘doing it all’? And what is this, ‘sleep’? Glad you’ve found a new direction, and it isn’t One. I struggle most with the reading and participating in blog-land lately myself, even if I do manage to thump out more than one post per week. Seems I’m on life support myself, though perhaps also in denial… 😉 DO NOT LEAVE ME. Or I’ll come too. (Somebody famous said that to me once)

    • I’ve just been Googling very young, slightly effeminate, foppish British crumpet instead of doing TAFE Assignment 2. Who else could I confess that to except the blog fans. I cant leave 😉

  17. Mumabs, you good thing!!!! I think once a week is perfectly adequate to help us stave off withdrawals….but you know what? If you can’t make a week, and we’re left hanging, imagine how hard we’ll love you when we see you next. You go be fab, and we’ll dream of Fass until we see you.
    I’m impressed with your vision, and I look forward to hearing about your ability to procrastinate on study and continued crumpet googling.

  18. Umm sleep – what is this thing you talk of mumabs?
    So it ain’t so? You’re leaving us? You will find a way – once a week is better than nothing – I’ll keep my eagle eye out for you – but in all seriousness, all the best for reinventing yourself, I can’t wait til I have the chance to do that 🙂 Em xx

  19. Not a day goes by that I don’t try to do too much and fail spectacularly at something. So, advice?… meh… I got nothing! We’ve started renos and that was enough for me to shelve my blog for a bit, so once a week (plus study) impresses me. I’m struggling to read all the blogs I like regularly but popping in here is always a joy. Yes, I’m sure you’re attributing that to Colin Firth, but credit to you, your writing is witty, funny and original. Crumpet on the side is a bonus! All the best with your change of direction.

  20. You’ll be fine – lots of people do it. At one point I was studying and holding down two jobs and running a business from home. The reason why I was doing so much was because I couldn’t sleep !!!!!
    Please feel free to e-mail/phone me if you have any bookkeeping questions as I am an accountant and more than happy to help if you need it.
    Good luck and take care !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  21. I read your post a few days ago and realised that my comment would end up being the length of a blog post. So I wrote a blog post instead:

    Hope you like it.

    You’ll be fine. Hope it all goes well. Glad you’re keeping the blog even if you can’t give it as much attention – I like coming here for my dose of crumpet!

  22. No you mustn’t go! I love your posts too much!

  23. Good on you, get stuck in, and good luck 🙂

  24. Good for you! Best of luck with the course. May you finish it super quickly.

    My blog posts have trickled down to about one a week lately. I’m hoping it’s a short-term lack of sleep newborn bub thing, but it might stay that way. We’ll see! It’s still fun to hit the interwebs from time to time, so I hope you enjoy it too. x

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