I Know You Want It


The Fab Four kicked off the decline of Western culture

The Fab Four kicked off the decline of Western culture

Several months ago, a relative of mine who fits within the baby boomer bracket, when encountering a  pilgrimage of Gen Ys flocking to the Big Day out, commented that the young people of today looked “scruffy”. She sounded exactly like her parents complaining about The Beatles and their unruly “mop top” hairdos. Today however I run the risk of sounding like an out of touch has been because I’m about to rant about the calibre of music videos nowadays. The pop industry is feeding us a diet of soft porn and I’m losing my appetite for it.

I’m hardly a prude as anyone who visits this blog regularly should know.  I have zero issue with people admiring hawties of the opposite sex. I’d encourage it. It adds colour to life’s rich tapestry. However when you unfurl life’s rich tapestry and look at it from on high you don’t get an image of some bikini clad model draping herself over Snoop Dog. Video clips aren’t meant to be like holding a mirror to our banal lives I guess. But seriously do they have to be a never ending peep show?  My main problem is with the monotony of it all. The overwhelming majority of music video clips feature scantily clad women bumping and grinding around an unattractive male.  Where the artist is a woman their talent is usually showcased with three minutes of butt wiggling and skimpy outfit changes. I seriously wonder whether a female performer ( Adele and Susan Boyle aside ) can keep her clothes on and still sell records.

I find it incredibly dull. I’d love to see variety and inventiveness. A dash of humor wouldn’t go astray. Secondly its painfully imbalanced – dare I raise the dreaded “m” word – misogynistic?  There seems to be an endless supply of infeasibly hawt women falling over each other in order to have group sex with some butt ugly rapper. Pittbull is the poster boy for this type of thing. If you haven’t yet seen the clip for his song “Hotel Room Service” do yourself a favour and avoid it.  Aesthetically he is foul. He’s the antithesis of Fass. I hereby declare him the antiFassis. Nevertheless dressed like a pimp, he personifies the mythical Lynx effect if his video clips are anything to go by.

Pittbull - the antiFassis

Pittbull – the antiFassis*

Unfortunately Pittbull represents the tip of the sexist iceberg. There’s not much to even up the score. Where are all the film clips featuring say an AFL team shaking their well toned money makers around a slightly pudgy housewife?

Where do I start with Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, TI and Pharrel?  Its an infectious  number which has me bopping along and screaming “woo”. Many have argued that the lyrics encourage rape. There’s certainly a few lines in there referring to a lewd act that is outlawed in many countries.  The video clip too as attracted a controversy because it pushes the envelope just that little bit further. It features exceedingly hawt women in flesh coloured under garments (so as to appear nude) –  gyrating around a trio of fully clothed rappers.  Robin Thicke croons  “I know you want it, I know you want it, I know you want it”. In which alternative universe does this make for an effective seduction? It aint working for me in this one. Can you imagine if Mr Darcy pulled the same line on Elizabeth Bennett? I doubt that Pride and Prejudice would be still be viewed as the pinnacle of romance.

” I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on. Besides I know you want it, I know you want it, I know you want it. Let me be the one you back that ass to”


Similarly imagine if Mark Darcy used this shizz on Bridget Jones.

” But the thing is, um, what I’m trying to say, very inarticulately, is that, um, in fact, perhaps despite appearances, I like you, very much. Just as you are. And um I know you want it, um I know you want it. I know you want it”

mark_darcy IKUWI

It probably would have driven her back into the arms of Daniel Cleaver.

In my opinion the more sexually overt and graphic the pop culture becomes the harder it is to find anything truly sensual or erotic. The video clips are a crude parody of “sexiness” which is as phony as the breasts on many of the babes featured. It leaves me cold.

Are you offended by the pornification of pop music or do you just find it tediously dull?  Am I a curmudgeon who sounds as ridiculous as my grandparents moaning about The Beatles?

Meanwhile in the interests of leveling the playing field I hope to get together a group of bloggers to release a new hit single “Smudged Lines”. Mumabulous’ people have already contacted Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavill’s people and they are both interested in appearing in the film clip. They have not yet been told that their wardrobe will be flesh coloured speedos. The bloggers wardrobe by contrast will be skinny jeans, retro cardigans, ballet flats and big sunglasses. Who wants in?



* Sorry I recruited help from both Professor X and Magneto to blast this hideous image from my mind.

Be gone Pittbull

Be gone Pittbull

28 thoughts on “I Know You Want It

  1. Did you say Chris AND Havill? I’m so there. In fact, I’ll be fighting you for the mike. I assume you’ve got Fass lined up as choreographer or director – something involving intimate casting discussions. I’m with you on the jaded factor- in fact, I’m so blasé about it I failed to notice the ‘issue’ with the lyrics because they’re all the same and I was busy bopping along. I’d smack any person in the flesh who suggested I back my ‘ass’ up anywhere, except on to the couch. Can we just objectify Robin Thicke for a minute though please? One very good reason I can’t dislike the song. I’m shallow and I’ll just block my ears while my eyes remain open. 😉

    • Somehow I knew you would want to be a part of this project. If Robin Thicke were dancing about in his smalls my argument would be moot and that would be a good thing for everyone.

  2. You are a crumpet mixologist par excellence. Henry Cavill may one day equal Dave Grohl’s place in my heart (while never exceeding it obviously).

    I find some of the lyrics distasteful, while liking the song as a whole. That kind of shock value has no value any more because we’ve all seen it so many times before. Like you said when sex gets overexposed it gets boring – if everything is sexy then NOTHING ends up being sexy. For true sexiness to exist there needs to be contrast – without light how do you recognize shade 😉

  3. You are so right. The whole music industry has gone to the dawgs! Rage used to be on in the background here many years ago but I’m so aware of the image of women that is presented to my boys… so TV is off on the weekend now.

    I’ll descend from my soap box to say I’ll offer my services for your ‘Smudged Lines ‘ project, hypocritical much! Could Colin Firth serve refreshments between takes?

  4. I don’t know any of the lyrics to anything so it all goes by me (and I listen to a lot of hiphop so I just sort of tune it out, along with the N word). But Blister in the Sun caused my mother to remark “You’ll have no romance in your life”. Is it really any different?
    Or what about certain people that sing about romance then shag every person around? or beat them up?
    I didn’t know Blurred Lines was about that – and I’d not seen the film clip. Shame on them and their wives if that’s really what they’re singing about (and T.I, not sure if that’s what you want to be saying if you’ve just got out of jail…people may make assumptions about what went on inside)
    That said, the music industry has been sexist since the 1930’s so really, what can we expect. Don’t give them your money if you want to see change.

  5. I need to say I love T.I – Paper Trail is fantastic. Best album I’ve listened to in years. And it was nice that he got bicycles for all the kids in his neighbourhood. I still don’t know if that songs about rape tho – isn’t it them being sleazy in a club? So they’re just saying that stuff to be ‘sexy’? So let’s see how that goes down in the real world? Say that to a girl and see her reaction – at the very least she’ll walk away from you….

  6. I guess it is probably a bit more in your face these days, but what about Duran Duran’s ”Girls on Film” of the Eightees? I suppose it has always been around, but is more accessible these days with the internet. I do think though that most artists have lost the cool from their video clips, they all take themselves a bit too seriously. Another reason I love P!ink.

  7. I hardly ever watch any video clips anymore, but the ones I see are just as you described, scantly clad women throwing themselves all over men. Or singing. The male artists must just let all the ‘fame’ go to their -heads- and feel like they can do anything they want in their clip to sell downloads and views. Stupid. You’d think their artistic directors would reign them in a bit, or perhaps they already have. I think there should be more done with the industry at the core, because where will it stop? #teamIBOT

  8. Bahhaaa “he personifies the mythical Lynx effect” snort laughing! The music clips leave me bemused, and a little sorry for the artists. it kind of implies that the music is so crap that the only thing attracting the world to buy the product is the butt shaking HUNGRY girls shaking their booty as fall down with anorexia. It seems the Y Gen like their music like they like their food , fast and cheap.

  9. Haha loved your Mr Darcy and Mark Darcy alternate conversations.

    When I was younger, my grandmother would never let us watch Rage when we stayed over at her house. It’s all about sex she would say. As we danced and sang to Salt n Pepa’s Shoop we didn’t know what the hell Gran was on about. When my girls are old enough to watch Rage and whatever else there is these days, I’m going to be up there with Gran. Worrying indeed!

  10. I do my best to avoid any kind of pop/rap/hiphop, and those artists seem to be the biggest offenders in terms of tacky music videos. I wouldn’t say I was offended by it, I just find it incredibly unoriginal and tedious.

  11. I do love the proposed wardrobe for Smudged Lines! I find so much of the music around boring, it’s all getting a bit same, same. Having said that, I could listen to Mumford all day. 🙂

    • I shall have to familiarize myself with Mumford. I did not mean to sound as though I dislike all of today’s music. The truth is that I’m unaware of most of it given I listen to ABC 702.

  12. I thought it was just me! Thank goodness you also find all of it highly misogynistic! I’ve been going to my gym lately and have been really disgusted by the next to porn video clips they’ve been showing on the screen. There’s that stupid song that samples the 80’s hit “Valerie” and the clip is just revolting! Slinky leotards, pelvic thrusts…
    You can call me a prude…that stuff is offensive. Especially at 9:30am when I’m trying to get a workout in!

  13. HELL YES, you are so right biatch!!! My poor attempt at gangsta rap crap. You are so right, jiggling around fugglies – just doesn’t do it for me. I hope it gets better by the time our kids are in to music videos! LOVE that last photo of Magneto and Prof X – that movie was fab – Em x

  14. My local cafe has MTV playing on their plasma. The other day I watched Miley Cyrus’ new song. I found it hard to sleep that night – young woman in the music industry are making a shady deal with the devil. Can’t wait for Adele to return from Maternity leave.

    You had me laughing-out-loud with your rendition of Mr Darcy. 🙂

  15. I fear I am becoming a prudish granny, music clips back in the 80s were so cool. Nowadays I can’t stand to watch most of them, and don’t want my daughters watching them either, let alone copying the dance moves. No one wants to see a three year old dance like that!

  16. I watched blurred lines the other night and was shocked. Seriously, that is the reason why I won’t allow the kids to watch video clips ever!!!!!!!!
    Giggling at Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet

  17. I ONLY HEAR THAT BLURRED LINES SONG FOR THE FIRST TIME THE OTHER DAY! Colour me shocked. And I haven’t even seen the film clip.
    And Mr Darcy is correct. I do indeed want “it”.

  18. Oh, but Colin, I DO, I DO want it! Nah, I agree with you. I love a good inventive, funny, exciting music video. It’s such a great creative challenge to tell a story in 3-4 minutes and some of the fabulous ones stick in people’s minds forever. Unlike this banal parade of rappers and biarches who all look the same to me! Having said that, I grew up watching Madonna writhe around singing about ditching her virginity .. and even the Beatles were on drugs…so I suppose it’s hard to take the moral high ground 😉

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