All The Small Things


As much as I’d like to tell you that life in Chez Abs is a veritable whirl of glamour where Mum and Dababs hob-nob with the Eastern Beaches best and brightest, the truth is  more mundane. Since returning from our holiday life has become a bit of a grind. I’ve had my head down churning my way through my TAFE course. If I can keep up my current pace (and that’s a BIG IF), I’ll have it knocked over by Christmas. Whilst I can’t say that the machinations of what journal entry goes in what ledger is wildly exciting, its  not detestable either. It’s all about money and I am quite enamored of money. It is after all the root of all evil – evil roots can be fun.

Hans Gruber is evil but you would....

Hans Gruber is evil but you would….

Oh look – I’ve taken you from Bookkeeping Cert IV to Alan Rickman in two sentences. My talent as a blogger knows no boundaries. Yet I digress from the main game. I’ve complained about it before but I am still overwhelmed by the relentless juggle of study, housework and kids. I feel the stress of assignments and tests looming over me and frustration when the kids prevent me from knuckling down. I’ve also had my first taste of the “mother guilt” phenomena that many bloggers describe. I’m in the habit of shoving the girls in front of the television so that I can trawl my way through “Accounting – A Practical Approach”. (What a scintillating read that is). Then I feel bad because I should be giving them my full attention.

Who wouldn't want to spend time with the world's coolest 3 yo?

Who wouldn’t want to spend time with the world’s coolest 3 yo?

I’m relying on small joys to maintain my sanity. I always make a point of escaping for a morning coffee. This was the work of the good people at the Morning Glory cafe.

Here's the coffee

Here’s the coffee

here's the view.

here’s the view. The morning was indeed glorious.

A stroll along the coastline never fails to clear the head.

The ocean pool looks inviting even in mid winter

The ocean pool looks inviting even in mid winter

The coastal walk to Maroubra.

The coastal walk to Maroubra.

Sometimes when I’m feeling to lazy to fix a cheese toastie, I’ll take myself on a hawt lunch date. This is one of my favorite cafes.

Yes seriously

Yes seriously

This, blog fans is the menu item known as the Thinking Women’s Crumpet. In actuality one doesn’t need to think too hard about poached eggs, smothered in hollandaise sauce, atop a bed of wilted spinach and smoked salmon. Perfect.

Sexist menu perhaps?

Sexist menu?

While we are on the topic, here’s another thinking women’s crumpet – Viggo Mortensen.

At last an age appropriate crush.

At last an age appropriate crush.

I remained impervious to the hype surrounding Aragon during the marathon of orc slaying that some people call the Lord of The Rings trilogy. It wasn’t until I heard him interviewed by another thinking women’s crumpet, Richard Glover, that I was swayed by his charms. Viggo is very polished and articulate. Well spokenness is a trait I covet intensely in a man, along with the ability to de-frag a hard drive. To seal the deal Viggo is a jazz musician, who writes poetry in his spare time and is fluent in five languages. Oh be still my beating hear! By contrast Dadabs is fluent in only four – English, French, C+ and HTML.

Viggo get out of that muddy puddle or I'm coming in after you!

Viggo get out of that muddy puddle. Don’t make me come in after you.

Its so satisfying to have a crush that a) makes me appear intellectual and b) is age appropriate (He’s 54). Viggo honey bunny, with a bit of help from you, I’m sure I’ll beat this EDATH (excessive dreaming about Tom Hiddleston) syndrome which plagues me so.

Gosh darn it. Its just not fair :-(

Gosh darn. Its just not fair 😦

When all else fails, there’s only one place to turn to and that’s into the consoling arms of red wine and homemade pizza. Here I’m showcasing Wyndem Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. Its a bog standard product that is usually accompanied by Jatz crackers, Coon cheese and cabanossi but it got the job done last Friday night.

Mumabs kitchen wizardry.

Mumabs kitchen wizardry.

Is life a bit of a grind for you too? Are small things keeping you sane?



17 thoughts on “All The Small Things

  1. Yes it is a grind. I have a day off today and the kids are at daycare. The first day to myself in..a very long time. I’m spending it cleaning and eating a box of chocolates that I actually bought for someone else! And it feels fecking awesome.

  2. Heartily approve of both your crumpet choices this week! Re the kids, unless you are a robot there is NO WAY you can give them your full attention at all times. You are also a human being, it’s ok to want and need to do things for you sometimes. You are there, nearby them, they are safe and well looked after, so please ditch the guilt 🙂

  3. Viggo is 54? 54?? Get outta town. How is that even possible!
    I have nothing more constructive than that to say I’m afraid so I will second OMs comment.

  4. Nails and heads. Ouch. I feel so ground lately I fear I’ve become some less exotic (perhaps generic) brand of powdery International Roast. Glad you’re finding the small perks to keep your chin up. Your sweet little pumpkins will be none the worse for it – Shiite though it feels. And I thoroughly approve of Viggo – he has a far superior chin to Hiddles, and as we all know, chins MATTER.

  5. Funnily I look forward to the daily grind of coffee at the cafe in front of my work. It’s Toby’s Estate – and the barista is crumpet. I used to feel guilty too. But then I realised that by letting the kids get a little bored – they actually come up with some interesting ideas, mainly trashing the house but hey at least it buys me 15 mins of zoning out. 🙂

  6. OMG what is he doing in that puddle lol. He is such a hottie I already love but your blurb on him made him even better. How is he 54 though? I am in shock. Deb xx

  7. I just looked at my celeb crushes for I must Confess next week and ALL of them are a very respectable age, which I’m quite proud of – I’m not a creepy old perv AND 40 is really the new ‘hot’ age….

  8. Viggo is definitely crumpety, no doubt about it, even in a mud puddle. But seriously, how good do those eggs look?!!
    As for the motherguilt, don’t let it suck you in hun. I think that’s why TV was really invented 🙂

  9. Life here is life groundhog day – the same shit different day – the same shit different day – the same shit different day – the same shit different day!
    Although I WOULD LOVE to meet you at that Crumpet cafe one day xxx

  10. Totally get u although hats off to u, I don’t think I cld read anything on accounting. The small things? Yep they keep me sane but then other small things get my goat and keep me bordering on insane, I guess it’s balance really …

  11. Erm, no, I wouldn’t do Hans, eeew! Oh my gawd, that breakfast looks way sexy though 😉 Small things keep my world turning, especially when

    • …….lol wooops….life is grinding my gears. Don’t let the mother guilt get you down, it’s just tv, it’s been around for like over half a century 😉

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