Things I Am Over


Two nation shaping events – The Federal Election and my 43rd birthday are occurring within a week of each other. As both are somewhat depressing I feel I have the right to be just a little bit cranky. Hence this week’s rant. I hereby declare that I am officially over the following things.

The same sex marriage debate

Why are we still discussing this in 2013? The only argument the conservatives can come up with is that it undermines the sanctity of marriage. With one in three conventional marriages ending in divorce, I think straights have done an effective job ruining its “sanctity”. Its time to give gays the right to make the same mistake as everybody else.

Even mutant super heroes do it.

Even mutant super heroes do it.

The Republic debate

We all know that we will cut our ties with Britain eventually so let’s get it out of the way. I do not want my future grandchildren to have to endure the same old tiresome arguments. You know the drill – ย about the constitutional monarchy not being broke so don’t fix it versus as an independent nation we deserve our own head of state yada yada yada. Lets end this thing once and for all the next time a referendum comes around. Besides breaking our constitutional ties with the British monarchy does not mean we cant enjoy the antics of that loveable (and very crumpety) scamp Prince Harry.

Harry - Crown Prince Groover

Harry – Crown Prince Groover

The Murdoch press

My opinion and expectations of this publishing powerhouse were already extremely low but with this recent effort they’ve plunged right through the bedrock and are sinking steadily towards the earth’s core.

On August 10 journalism sank to new depths.

On August 10 journalism sank to new depths.

I guess given that in the proceeding weeks Murdoch had been showering us with shite like this, I should not have been surprised let alone disappointed. But yet I was.

Genius political satire

Genius political satire?

The sad fact is that Murdoch has influenced my vote. I was all set to “kick that mob out” for a number of what I believe are rational reasons. However now I am tempted to vote for the ALP just to spite Rupert. That’ll “stick it to the man” and the prospect of voting against Tony Abbott causes me zero distress. Needless to say I will no longer pay for Newscorp content.

Michelle Bridges

I have a begrudging admiration for her business acumen but she is nonetheless irritating. She seems to be absolutely everywhere from my Facebook sidebar to the exterior of city buses barking at me to “back myself”.

Gosh darn - this woman is everywhere.

Gosh darn – this woman is everywhere.

The problem is that “backing myself” involves being subjected to three months of starvation and torture whilst paying her $20 per week for theย privilege. You can call me a sad, petty little individual but when Michelle recently broke up with her knuckle headed toy boy (Commando? What’s up with that? Does he not wear under garments?) my inner voice impersonated Nelson Muntz – “Ha ha”.

My inner voice

My inner voice

Television in general

I have not abandoned the television based on intellectual snobbery – although a compelling case can be made there. Its more about the location of the TV within Chez Abulous. TV viewing means abandoning the interwebs, and making the epic trek down the stairs and up the hallway. I simply cant be bothered. On those rare occasions when I am reunited with television I find my tolerance for it is greatly reduced. Its like taking up drinking again after a 9 month abstinence (something we are all familiar with). I cant abide the ads. Even the ABC promos shite me to tears. Also over the past few years the Australian televisual landscape has become something of a “God’s waiting room”. It is where has-been pop stars go to die.

Ricky Martin - case in point.

Ricky Martin – case in point.


Something I’m NOT over but would love to get under

Yup - I'm still completely Fassbent

Oh my – I’m still completely Fassbent

Whilst I can’t condone tobacco smoking, Fass never bothers anyone for a light. The durries spontaneously ignite upon contact with his lips because (say it with me) Michael Fassbender is freakin’ HAWT!

What are you completely over this week ? Is there anything you’d care to get under?



PS: Dont smoke Fass. Its bad for your health. Come have some tiramisu washed down with sauternes with me instead. No shirts required.

Who could resist this?

Who could resist this?

Or this?

Or this?

47 thoughts on “Things I Am Over

  1. Agree, Agree, Agree! Also over Winter x

  2. I don’t mind it being bad for his health, but it’s about as attractive as watching him munch on a jobby.

    I don’t watch TV, or read newspapers, do am not up on much of this, the Michelle woman means nothing to me at all – but yep to the marriage debate and to the republic debate. I am also over hearing the same lame arguments. We will get there, eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later!

  3. Agree to all of it. Glad I’m not the only one who feels like slapping Michelle Bridges. I’d also add Dr Oz. I keep on seeing ads for diets supposedly advocated by him on FB with pictures of extremely emaciated, anorexic looking women. Can’t believe any legit doctor would condone that.

    • Anyone who appears on TV in his scrubs is not a real doctor. (BTW: I shouldn’t know about Dr Oz’s choice of attire given I dont watch much TV but somehow its crept in)

  4. The climate change debate. How can it still be a debate?

  5. Yes. Same. Espesh “Mish” Bridges. It’s a cult I tell you.

  6. TV sucks – so does Michelle and her 12 weeks – as for Daily Telelaugh- GIVE ME A BREAK, I’m embarrassed to call myself a journo after seeing that. I’m over cooking dinner, my starvation diet – but mainly because it means I can’t drink was much wine as I want to! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  7. It’s as if you drilled into my head and extracted all the things that piss me off! Your finger is ON THE PULSE. Bridges, get off my sidebar, gay marriage – it’s not going to hurt anyone, so why not make some people happy. Don’t even get me started on Murdoch. I’m just thankful he saved you from voting for Abbott. Well played, Mumabs, well played.

  8. If Fass is unavailable I’m willing to throw myself on the grenade and join you for dessert. x

  9. we have a long way to go in this election….I can’t believe we’re still talking about connecting houses (telecommunications) – didn’t that start when Howard was PM?

    • Yup – When I was working (all those eons ago in the jurassic age) our telco analyst used to rave on about “fibre to the node vs fibre to the curb” and my brain would shut down. Howard was in at the time and my colleagues luuuuurved him.

  10. ohh Fass.. very hot.. too hot!

    A massive giggle escaped my mouth at 5 in the morning (hoping it does not wake the kids).. agreed on every point!

  11. I’m still not over Ricky Martin. I’ve never watched The Voice though, which might be why he’s still on my crumpet radar ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for the rest, I’ve just now seen a Facebook update from two gay friends of mine (overseas) who are married and have just been approved for adoption and are totally over the moon. Can’t see how all that love and desire to be a family can be a bad thing. But anyway….

    • Perhaps I should have picked Seal or Joel Madden to illustrate my point about has been pop stars on Aussie reality TV. Anyhow I’m delighted for your overseas friends and wish them nothing but the best with their new family.

  12. Me too!! Can I be your friend? Well except I am voting labour……….

  13. Oh I can’t stand Michelle Bridges. I thought the whole of the country was in love with her. Thank god we are here.

  14. I’m over people being fake. Really annoys me. Just be real and who you are.

  15. Yes, Yes, Yes to all of these. I am also over Ashy Bines and people falling over themselves to say how awesome her clean eating is. While clean eating in itself is a great idea, I always chuckle when I see that this clean eating included copious amounts of protein powders…

  16. Yay, fabulous list of “over its”!! I really can’t get it through my head why gay marriage is even an issue!
    I’m over the fact that Christmas has been in the shops since Easter….WTF??
    And that tiramisu, yes please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I am over the word chillax and the word totes. I am over people aspiring to be like the Kardashians and I am LOVING that you are a fellow Fass lover xx

    • I didnt mention the Kardashians because I dont understand what it is that they do. I’m more than a Fass lover – I am the self appointed Fassbassador or AmFassador, committed to making middle aged women aware of how freakin hawt he is.

  18. Yes, yes and yes. As for Fass, I don’t know who the hell he is *hangs head in shame* but I really want to know!

  19. Everything you said. ALL OF IT.

    And now I want tiramisu. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. You make me laugh! Totally agree with all of the above. Like, totally.

  21. My husband has perfected his Breakfast Martini recipe (not for breakfast, ok), AND my middle daughter thinks it is great fun to juice oranges, so every time she does, I get a martini! That is awesome.
    Which doesn’t have much to do with your post, but when I saw the pictures of Tiramisu and Sauterne I thought I should share. You look like you might be a martini kind of girl (if push came to shove)

  22. I was over the election campaign before it started, at least there is a date now and we know when the crap will be over. I seriously don’t give a flying vacola jar about the worm or whatever it was this year. If Fass was in the running, then that would be something worth watching ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I doubt you could find anyone in Australia who is enjoying this election. I truly believe the campaigns are getting worse each time. Tony’s “suppository of wisdom” comment was pure gold however. My Dad says stuff like that.

  23. I am soooo over the election campaign! I’m going to scour the local independent in my area to vote for and be done with all this nonsense.
    And I must say, that must be the hottest photo you’ve posted of Fass. Have I possibly been converted???

  24. Shame Murdoch didn’t make this latest post the front cover of his papers! I am with you on the voting thing – ha ha all the way from me!

  25. Just before I had Zee I wrote a post on being over the gay marriage debate and having it sitting in my drafts to pull out when needed. I think I need to publish it very soon. And I am so with you on the TV and the Murdoch muck, ARGH!!!

  26. Oh dear … will you have a rant about me if I admit that I have never heard of Michael Fassbender!!

  27. HATE Michele Bridges. Yep.

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