The Blog Busters


Over the last few months life circumstances have conspired to force me to put Mumabulous on the back burner. I can at best produce one piece of (hopefully) entertaining drivel per week. I’d like to think I’m embracing the slow blogging movement except I’m doing it with a side serve of valium. I’ve been trying to put my time away from cyberspace to good use with purposeful activities like passing TAFE, going to the gym and reading David Sedaris.  Whilst these pursuits have been  productive I’ve also indulged in a fair amount of navel gazing about the purpose of this blog and arrived at no conclusions.

There’s been much talk about “blog purpose” in our scene in recent weeks. It seems like there’s something in the water. This post from Tiny Savages seems to sum up the general vibe “out there”. Its a sentiment echoed across a few blogs I’ve read.

As for me, it would be easier to tell you want my purpose is not.

I didn’t set out to make myself appear the biggest desperado on the Aussie Mummy blogging scene. Nevertheless I’m sure I’ve given the impression that I am some kind of love addled cougar.

Beware - The Lust Addled Cougar.
Beware – The Lust Addled Cougar.

Indeed if Mumabulous wore shoes they would probably be these ones.

If Desperate wore shoes...
If Desperate wore shoes…

In real life (IRL) I dont look like a desperado. ( At least I dont think I do). There’s barely any leopard skin print, fake tan or chunky gold jewellery in sight. IRL I look like the TV presenter Melissa Doyle and schlep around like a woman who is not so much desperate but completely abandoned hope. These being the only hint that I may still have a pulse and I am finding difficult to hold my p- poker face.

Not mine but my collection is similar
Not mine but my collection is similar.

Nor did I intend to turn my husband into a caricature. Some people think I’m married to Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. Unfortunately Dadabulous cant do the Vulcan salute – although he strained his hand trying it at the dinner table the other night. The rest of Team Abulous cant do it either and P1 doesnt understand why one would want to.

Team Abulous cant master the Vulcan salute.
Team Abulous cant master the Vulcan salute.

In actuality my gorgeous little red headed husband is more like this guy – if he’d grown up to become a software guru, gaming aficionado and sci-fi geek.

Ginger Meggs and Dadabs - separated at birth?
Ginger Meggs and Dadabs – separated at birth
Clearly inspiration is what I needed so I decided to conduct some research into what makes a blog a success. I spent some time pouring over the big blogs – The Blog Busters. My observations are as follows. Note that I am not mentioning any names so as not to appear sycophantic. A brown nose is not a good look with my skin tone. On the flip side, the Blog Busters dont all suit my particular tastes. In fact some of them bore me senseless but this is not GOMI.
The thing that the Blog Busters have in common – the factor that unites them is that none of them are obsessed by Michael Fassbender. That’s right – the more successful bloggers are able to divert there attention away from handsome actors in order to focus on real life issues that their readers can relate to. Having said that a good proportion  appear to be obsessed by Offspring.
Blog Busters are slick looking productions. They employ skilled photography and a flair for graphic design rather than shamelessly plundering Shirtless British Men of Tumblr or Bitches Love Michael Fassbender (also of Tumblr) for visual content. Consequently most of the Blog Busters have a professional magazine feel. By contrast Mumabulous evokes Cleo magazine in its 1980s hey day. Onya Jack!
 Jack Thompson - you should be declared a Living National Treasure.

Jack Thompson – you should be declared a Living National Treasure.

Successful bloggers frequently write to a theme such as fashion, interior decorating food, crafting or fitness. They provide readers with helpful information and tips relating to the topic. Some have an over arching narrative (like a family swapping city stress for country life) which resonates with their audience.

Some are popular simply because the writing is thought provoking and emotive. Most of them have an unquantifiable allure- the X Factor if you like. These blogs are loved because they radiate personality. Reading feels like chatting to an old friend.

Some blogs have the X Factor and some make me LMFAO.

Some blogs have the X Factor and some make me LMFAO*

So am I going to put any of these recently gleaned conclusions to use in order to improve my blog and boost my profile? Nup. Trying to be a Blog Buster is like trying be sexy. You’ve either got it or you haven’t. Meanwhile I’ll just keep chipping away, blogging without a purpose.

Does your blog have an over riding purpose? Do you admire any of the Blog Busters? What are the qualities that keep you coming back to any particular blog?



* I’m not sure that Redfoo has the X Factor but a sense of humor he does have.


31 thoughts on “The Blog Busters

  1. I have to blog without real purpose too because work gets in the way. But I blog because I love the writing process and because it serves as a therapy to me. I also just want to send the message that it’s ok not to be perfect, that sometimes our lives are shit, not at all like they are portrayed on FB, but we deal with it. I try to deal with the shit with humour and I hope that I inspire my readers to do the same. Their loyalty feeds my writing but it doesn’t matter if there are only a handful out there.

    • For me its about having a space where I can express myself in ways which I just can not in real life. Anyways I hope you keep it up – your blog is quality.

      • So is yours! Don’t doubt yourself – I’ve chased the social media stuff, Twitter etc but there aren’t enough hours in the day and at the end of the day my blog was about writing, not promoting cereal. That’s not to say I wouldn’t monetize to give up the day job but only if it worked for what I want out of it, which like you really is just self-expression.

  2. I have no idea any more. I was really enjoying it but now I’ve lost my enthusiasm. Busy and kind of distracted and tired.

  3. I wanted to catalogue recipes & do something for myself, knowing full well it still had to include my family as the little ones are still so little you just can’t not include them.
    I find myself drawn to the slick / magazine style blogs, I must admit, but lose interest if there’s no humour or substance to them.
    I don’t know what I want from mine – there’s a part of me that feels like I need to make it ‘something’, but have no illusions of grandeur about it – food blogs are EVERYWHERE & the only X-Factor I have is a couple of chromosomes! 🙂

  4. I love your blog, Mumabs, don’t change a thing! Nothing wrong with the old 80’s style Cleo. Seemed to work for Ita.

    As for myself, clearly I’m blogging with no purpose and I realise my ramblings about cakies, Carpenters and what a bogan I am are trivial with no real depth or message but that’s honestly who I am. so take me or leave me, as I agree with the above comment about lives are not always perfect and how they’re portrayed on FB, so I’d rather be honest about who I am.

  5. I think my comment got eaten, so sorry if I am doubling up! Like Ness – I love your blog, so definitely don’t change a thing!
    I started mine as a way to catalogue my family recipes & have a bit of an outlet for myself. Having little ones is great – but does my head in too, so I needed something I could do that I could work in & around them with.
    I admit to being drawn to the glossy magazine style blogs & getting serious blog envy sometimes, but quickly lose interest if there’s so substance or humour within.
    I don’t know what I want from mine, though there is a part of me that thinks it should have some higher purpose, but I have no illusions of grandeur about it. Food blogs are EVERYWHERE & the only X Factor I have is a couple of chromosomes! 🙂

  6. Ah Mumabs- your blog is one of those LMFAO/chatting to an old friend types, WITH bonus crumpet. Why would you be looking elsewhere for guidance? You’re the guru of a new breed.
    Seriously, though, it’s in the water over here too. Dunno what or if I’m doing anymore, or what the point of my lala drivel is. Haven’t found the time to even blog about it either, so you’re one step ahead of me! Keep the drip feed going please…

  7. I’ve lost that blogging feeling of late. I used to blog about anything and everything and then I got stage fright because there were a gazillion other blogs out there so much better than mine and everyone was reading them instead of me, so I no longer knew what and how to blog. Indeed I closed my blog and started another one, hoping to rediscover my purpose, but to no avail. My blogging is sporadic and really without a purpose other than to spill my guts to someone. I suspect there are lots of us around.

  8. I don’t blog for a purpose. It just seems to be the rubbish thats in my head is published on the WWW. But i always have those times where i think what the bloody hell am i still doing blogging.

    we go back to it for a reason i think and i think its fulfilling some spot in our hearts that has got something to do with sharing our bit to the world.

  9. You know I look at the big bloggers, who are lavished with praise, sponsors and love and TBH, I only read about half the shit they write. If I want advice I’ll ask for it. Give me ENTERTAINMENT people, this is what you give me. Your cleverly threaded paragraphs are great. Your intelligence spills through your words and I love your witty sense of humour.

    BTW – I totally married a software guru, gaming aficionado and sci-fi geek – just a shame he didn’t get the creds back in the day and he missed the boat. So now he’s a foreman – but MEH – it’s bloody good moolah, even if he doesn’t wear the suits he used to when he was in the UK 😦 (means less ironing)

    • Thanks for your kind words Em. It means a lot to me when people who I admire say they enjoy this blog. Right back at you of course 🙂
      Meanwhile – God help us all if our husbands ever got together.

  10. Bloggety blog blog blog.

    Francesca the blog reader: This may be bloggy blasphemy, but I rarely ready the “blog buster” types. For me to regularly read a blog, I don’t care about the size of its readership, I just want to like what I read. Sometimes, I’m going through the same stuff;, other times, I’m entertained. With you, I’m always entertained. You’re up there in my book, Mumabs. Don’t go changing’ !

    Francesca the blog writer: I write what I feel like writing, what I’m interested in, what I care about. I don’t write to a particular audience. If people like it, they can read it; if they don’t, no-one’s putting a gun to their head and they can move on. All good.

  11. Firstly, which David Sedaris? The family in cordory is a killer.
    And I can’t spell cordory apparently. I’ll take that a s a fashion compliment.
    Secondly, my travel blog, clear purpose – all good.
    As for where the wild things were, everytime I have to write the blog description, it cracks me up. No wonder no one pays me to spruik their stuff. But you know what, I don’t care. It’s for me. People can join in or not.

    • There is more than one David Sedaris? Oh my its like the Adam Scott thing all over again. I was referring to the author of Dress Your Family in Corduroy and The Santaland Diaries. I am so madly, madly in love with him right now.

  12. For me it’s about the writing. Either humourous, serious, purposeful or not. I can’t explain why I like particular blogs over another. (But just between you and me I don’t like the ‘try hard’ blogs – they know who they are).

  13. I have nothing to add that hasn’t already been said, Brenda. I’ll take crumpet rations over no crumpet at all. xx

  14. Purpose? Does a blog need one? Mine is all over the place. I do like looking at the flashy ones but they can be a bit waffly. I am more intrigued by them.
    My blog is crap. Its personal purpose has been to cure my insomnia and it has certainly helped with that! No more mind wrangling in the night for this Momma – it’s all gone into the blog now (sorry readers for boring you all in the process with my therapy).
    I do love your blog though! Keep up all the desperado stuff! You’ve found a niche that appeals to this Mom! I love the images too.
    Your blog gives me a laugh and that’s all I want when I visit! Thankyou!
    Apologies if this appears twice – your blog ate my comment!

  15. In the blogging world in a bit of an old grandma as I’ve been doing it for over 4 years now and in that time I’ve seen lots of blogs come and go. I was there when some if the ‘Blog Busters’ first started and I’ve watched their rise, but to be honest, I don’t actually read most of them! The blogs I still read that have been around since I first started are just the small, everyday blogs where the people blog about their lives and their families. It’s been amazing to watch people go from being engaged, to married, to having their first babies, second babies, etc, and I consider some of those people my friends, even though I’ve never met them. That’s what I love about blogging the most.

    As a blogger that’s what my number one priority is, blog in for me, just spewing out the thoughts in my head as I think of them, with no rhyme or real reason, and that’s the way I like it. Yes I do the occasional sponsored post or promotion or giveaway but that’s purely for a bit of pocket money and to cover the cost of domain registration, but in no way is it my primary goal as a blogger. I keep up with the social media side if things because its fast, simple and fun!

    I love your blog Mumabs and have missed having the time the last month or two to read more often, I can always count on you for a few good laughs and of course the obligatory crumpet! Don’t ever lose the crumpet!

  16. My blog certainly doesn’t have the X-Factor. I just blog about stuff and it helps me to deal with this said stuff.

  17. I love your blog Mumabs! I love your style of writing and the topics you write about, both never fail to make me smile.

    My blog is supposed to have a purpose but right now I’ve put it to the side while real life gets in the way. I think I’ve been way too caught up in the chase for numbers and sponsors and PR events that I’ve sent myself into a tailspin of anxious FOMO without even get much content out. I’m trying to step back (on doctor’s orders) and just write for me again rather than constantly feeling like I have to keep up with the expectations of the blogosphere.

    There’s only one Blog Buster that I read. My favourite blogs are the little to medium sized blogs the ones where you feel like you’re reading about a friend’s life, where I get a sense of connection.

    So please don’t stop writing! I love your work.


  18. Is it really naughty that I remember that salacious photo of Jack Thompson??! I would’ve only been about 10 when that came out…someone’s mum must’ve unsealed that section of Cleo…ahems.
    I blog just because. Don’t have any intentions of being a Blog Buster. Heck, I have about as much X-Factor in my big toe but I would kill for Redfoo’s hair.

  19. I’m still only learning to blog, and still trying to establish where I want my focus to be. In an effort to avoid anything too personal or too controversial, I have found it all too pedestrian. But, I will continue to stretch my wings and see where I soar. Nice to meet you! Cheers, Brish

  20. My blog has no purpose whatsoever and I’m constantly amazed when anyone reads it! It has a personal ‘point’ in that it makes me read, and write for fun rather than money, which is liberating but I’m still not quite sure what readers get out of it! I’m blogging a lot less now with other work increasing, but I’m happy The Charming Mum is still around. She’s a bit like a friend I ring for coffee every week or so 🙂

  21. OMG I actually do remember that centrefold spread of Jack… crap tats admitting my age isnt it. Dont you go anywhere, or change anything. Purpose smurpose, my blog has a personality disorder and you never know what you are going to get. I have no flow of theme and no niche and I dont give a shit – its my blog and I’ll clog what I want to – same goes for all of us … besides I love the way you make me laugh. xx

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