But I can still have fun…


Recently my personal odometer clicked over to 43 years. Bloody hell! Turning 40 was for me like riding the crest of a wave. I shimmied about in size nine skinny jeans as I celebrated with family and friends. At 43 unfortunately the wave has crashed upon the rocky shores of aging. Lets just say, aging gracefully without cosmetic intervention is over rated.

Being Mumabs, I Β can think of many scenarios to ease the pain of the situation but none of them are clean – except for this one.

It doesn't matter how many times I see this - it NEVER gets old.

It doesn’t matter how many times I see this – it NEVER gets old.

Albert Einstein was a mere whippersnapper of 26 when he published the original theory of relativity in 1905. By contrast its taken me until age 43 to come up with my own theory of relatively. Are you ready for it? Mumabs theory of relativity for the year 2013 is……

The older I become, the hawter everyone else becomes relatively.

My regular morning coffee on my local high street is doing my head in. I mean why are all these young girls and guys so ridiculously smokin’ hawt? I don’t remember people being so hawt in the 1990s*. No wonder the polar icecaps are melting. Then I pause and remember its just basic physics as encapsulated by my law of relativity. (It may also be the eastern beaches effect. I swear there’s a door bitch on Anzac Parade turning away the nawt hawt).

On the positive side, aging can provide a “get out of jail free card” for not looking my best. When I am inevitably disappointed by what I see in the mirror, the horror is soften by thoughts like;

“The situation is not too bad for my age”

“Well everyone else is in the same boat and its sinking fast”

and finally

“Its not going to get any better but bugger it. I can still have fun”

So for me its shoulders back, tummy in and lets go and enjoy the day. Carpe diem and other cliches.

Oh look. Some of my favorite crumpets are lining up to wish me a Happy Birthday. How sweet!

Trust Professor Brian to find something comforting in mathematics.

24-Brian-rainbow1 meme

But Viggo honey, I think you might be shopping from the wrong catalogue.

Oh well. Immaturity I can do.

Oh well. Immaturity I can do.

Meanwhile beautiful Tom has the right idea.

tom-hiddleston med

As you wish Baby cakes.

As you wish Baby cakes.

Just when you thought my chance had passed, I go and save the best for Fass.

There's an Oscar winning performance coming right up.

There’s an Oscar winning performance coming right up.

Oh my! I’m short of breath. I cant believe I am saying this but you boys will just have wait. Dadabulous is taking me out for a romantic dinner at a funky bistro. Put the champagne on ice. We are on our way.

How do you have fun on your birthday?

Many Happy Returns


* This might have had something to do with the ankle length skirts teamed with Doc Martens – and that’s just the blokes.

48 thoughts on “But I can still have fun…

  1. Happy birthday! Love the wishes, especially from Brian Cox, my gawd, the man is breathtaking πŸ™‚

  2. That door bitch thing probably explains the strange looks we get the rare times we turn up at a Sydney beach…

    Don’t worry, I’m a the same age (43 in Jan) and I look 143 compared to you. You’re still hawt. Hope the fun involved cake as well as crumpet! xo

  3. I’m 39 in November and I’m totally freaked about it. Only one year til 40! I think you’re handling turning 43 with much more grace than I will, no doubt.

    Happy birthday!

  4. I love it when you crumpeteer on the blog!! These men are too handsome to look at on a Monday! – Hope you had a lovely birthday xx

  5. LOL – I recently turned 48 and I still can’t believe that I am that old !!! A turns 50 on Wednesday – now how did I land up being married to a guy old enough to get a pension card and pensioners discounts at places ??????????
    Have fun – remember you really are only as old as you feel (sometimes I feel like I am still in my 20’s and then reality hits and I realise I feel like I am about 100 !!!)

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you had the most wonderful day Brenda. Ah, the 40s eh? I have to believe that one is only as old as the man she memes – so as long as you stick with Fass (not so much Colin or Brian who are nearer my side of the hill….) you’ll have plenty of good years left in you!

    • Four of these five are in an respectable age bracket. Guess the odd one out.
      PS: I was going to include Nicholas Hoult but decided that was pushing the boundaries of good taste just a little bit too far.

  7. Hey gorgeous thing! Happy birthday lovely – and you are only as old as the man you are feeling? If that works for you OWN IT! Otherwsie, MEH, it’s just a number and does not represent how shit HAWT, hilarious, talented you are – not to forget a mum to two wee souls that will adore you for the rest of their lives xxx

  8. Happy Birthday – and yes, youth makes everyone good looking – too bad we didn’t know that when we were young ourselves….

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday!!
    I remember thinking I was getting old when I was 23! Aah youth! Looong time ago now!
    Loving the priceless Mr Darcy X

  10. Oh you crack me up! Happy Birthday! And many more to come πŸ™‚

  11. I hope I can celebrate turning 43 with as much good attitude (and crumpet) that you have! Although seeing as I stopped ageing at 29 that might be a bit hard! Lol! Ill be celebrating being 29.14!

  12. Happy Birthday spring chicken πŸ™‚ your posts continue to make me snort – especially that prime number image – love a good nerd joke xx

    • Here’s one for you.
      Two atoms are sitting at a bar. One says to the other ” I think I have lost an electron”. His mate replies “Are you sure?”. “Yes – I’m positive”. Boom Tish…

  13. Happy birthday Mumabs! I’m still getting used to 30 so I’m sorry but anything over 40 terrifies me!
    You make it look pretty good though

  14. Haha! I haven’t seen that Colin Firth picture before but it really did make me grin from ear to ear!

  15. In defence of young women in the 1990s, Tori Amos did breastfeed a pig in the album insert for “Boys for Pele”. That’s pretty stunning.

  16. Aging gracefully is for the wimps who haven’t LIVED!

  17. Did you make those memes yourself? I’m on the floor! Drinks at Pemberly will be printed tomorrow at work and stuck on my desk with the other things that make me giggle. Happy Birthday Mumabs X

  18. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  19. You are so kind for sharing your birthday eye candy. Have a fabulous dinner, and may your young, hot waiter be wearing tight pants

    • I know, I know PP. Someone has to spread the joy and as I often say “there is not enough crumpet on the Aussie Mummy blogging scene”.
      PS: Had a great dinner but sadly no young hunky waiter.

  20. Oh what a cracker of a post and you sound like a cracker of a woman! I think the fact that you’re not taking life too seriously (or it doesn’t seem like it) is brilliant and stuff all of the ‘laws of gravity’, if you’re having fun and you’re happy, that’s more important. And yes, really you’re 33 because isn’t 40 the new 30? I’m a bit or a bore on my birthdays, I really don’t do anything fancy or fun but I think next year I definitely should.

  21. You know, I have this theory. For the first 18 years of your life you are actually growing still – and therefore a child. SO, you can’t include these years in your age because, you’re a child. After this time, you are allowed to age, making our current age a mere 25! Welcome to the 43’s – I joined this sensational age just 2 short weeks before you.
    I love the Colin Firth pic too – he’s Mister Hot!

  22. Too funny!! And damn you girl for still fitting those skinnies at 40!! I’m still wafting in the middle 30’s and that wave of mine seems to be crashing already – no skinnies on this mamma!! Oh and Mr Darcy………..

  23. I loved that prime numbers one – you are frickin’ hilarious! Or am I just sleep deprived? No, no. You are hilarious! Well, hopefully we’ll do a bit of belated celebrating soon! And remember! I’m that cougar that’s not too far behind ya!

  24. I often have exactly the same thought process myself about me and my 90’s contemporaries. Surely we were nowhere near as hawt as the yoof of today? But then I go and dig up come old photos and despite the heinous clothes I am confronted with tanned legs, slim waists and fresh glowing skin and am forced to conclude that the hawtness of youth transcends the atrocities of fashion!

    However I wouldn’t go back even if I could. What I have lost in youthful hawtness I have gained in intelligence, confidence and swagger. And you have all of that and more x

  25. Hey Happy Birthday! I don’t remember people looking so hawt in the nineties either. What is with young people these days? Even the guys look like they’ve just stepped off the runway

  26. The pics have made my day! Happy birthday! Enjoy! p.s I am envious that at 40 you could fit in a pair of skinny jeans. It is certainly not the case here πŸ™‚

  27. I’m 45 but tend to forget that and find myself perving at guys in their 20s. I then have to remind myself that I’m old enough to be their mother and I DO NOT look like Demi Moore!

    Happy birthday!

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