A Man’s Company


This is one of my favorite jokes because it resonates with my personal experience.

Q: When does a woman enjoy a man’s company?

A: When he owns it.

Boom Tish

I’ve gone off to work in Dadabulous software development business. Who said that sleeping with the boss gets you nowhere? Doing the accounts for my husband would not have featured highly on my adolescent list of dream gigs. It would have been out ranked by more glamorous career options like foreign correspondent, Booker prize winning novelist, screen writer and massage therapist to Keanu Reeves. ( I had quite a thing for the dude back in 1989).

Keanu's performance in Bill and Ted's was topped only by his work in Point Break.

Keanu’s performance in Bill and Ted’s was topped only by his work in Point Break.

At the moment however its just too convenient an option. One’s own husband is the ultimate family friendly employer. I mean your boss is not going to get angry at you having to leave early to collect a sick child. Note this happened twice during my first week of being in the office.

So far it is OK. Keeping tabs on our money is something I care deeply about. On the downside for not the first time in my working life I have been plunged well and truly in the deep end. I’m doing a job where I have no experience using a system I am unfamiliar with. The previous book keeper left a big mess and there’s no one to show me the ropes. Once again I’m in clean up mode and the pace is glacially slow. Why does it always seem to fall upon a woman to sort this shite out? At least the amounts I have to reconcile are in the tens of thousands rather than the millions which was the case when I was working for a big arsed American investment bank.

Dadabulous - if Dadabulous looked like Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs.

Dadabulous – but Ashton is not as cute as Dadabs even when playing Steve Jobs.

Between work and finishing my TAFE course blogging has somewhat diminished as a priority. So I’ll leave you with a few random thoughts. Some of you claim to enjoy those.

Bieber Fever

Here’s a bandwagon that I had no desire to climb on but Dadabulous’ reaction to the whole Bieber debacle surprised me. One evening over dinner he declared with a hearty chuckle “Justin Bieber – what a legend!”. The remarkable thing about this comment was that he actually knew who Justin Bieber was. Most pop culture sails comfortably over his radar. He remains entirely oblivious Twerkgate and thinks the Kardashians are Star Trek villains.  By stark contrast he was able to recount Bieber’s Ferrari racing incident in great detail and made reference to some of his other misdeeds like being caught with a private jet full of weed. “He’s f#$king awesome. He just does whatever he feels like and there’s no consequences ” Dadabulous concluded.  Bemused I asked “Surely you can’t like his music?”. “Oh does he sing?”

He's got a Ferrari but he's too young to drive. Dont you just hate him.

He’s got a Ferrari but he’s too young to drive. Dont you just hate him.

I think many of us watch these celebrity train wrecks with a heady mixture of amusement, disgust and jealousy. Who wouldn’t want to do whatever the fork they feel like, whenever the fork they feel like it with whom ever the fork they please? Most of us refrain because we realize that actions have consequences. Some of us even have a sense of common decency. Bieber merrily lacks both these qualities and is living an unadulterated dream (for now at least). We love to hate him and hate to love him for it – unless of course you are part of the happy few who couldn’t give a toss.

I’m excited

Folks I’m excited. Alexander Skarsgard has been cast as Tarzan in a movie. You know what that means? – an entire movie with ASkars romping around the jungle in leopard skin jocks.

Reimagine this scene with ASkars and Margaret Robbie.

Reimagine this scene with ASkars and Margaret Robbie.

Actually that’s not why I am excited but I bet some of you are now.  I am all a quiver because there’s been a significant break-through in stem cell research. Over the past few months Japanese researchers have developed a relatively simple technique to make ordinary adult cells revert to an embryonic state. This means they can grow into any type of bodily cell. According to paper published in Nature the team took cells mice transformed them into stem cells and reinjected them into mouse embryos. They found that the engineered cells integrated perfectly into the bodies of the developing mouse pups.  If the method can be replicated in humans the implications are huge. It potentially means that we’ll be able to kick start damaged organs into regenerating themselves. Its important to keep in mind that this is very early days and the research is being subject to intense scrutiny. Even if it can be proven to work in humans it will be many years before it can used in any practical sense. Still having stuff like this on the horizon gives me reason for great hope. Perhaps we’ll have a future where the blind can be made to see again, paraplegics will have their damaged spines repaired and cancer and alzheimers will be historical relics. That’s more exciting than ASkars – a little bit. In the meantime I predict that sales of leopard skin jocks will skyrocket.

Reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be cheerful



PS: Do I even have to say that I would prefer to see Fassbender as Tarzan? That would have me swinging from a vine screaming “Aaaah Aaaaah, Aaaaaaaaaah!” Much like this really…..



32 thoughts on “A Man’s Company

  1. I can’t agree with Dadabs about Biebs. He is a douch of the highest degree. I would have been very jealous of him when I was a young drug taker myself, but I would have even suggested then, that he get his rocks off in private. It’s just such a poor example to lead for his young followers.

    Re Point Break, did you get that reference in The Avengers Movie when Iron Man calls Thor, Point Break? You know, like Patrick Swayze – the hair and muscles? I tried to have a laugh with Mr 5 about it but of course the reference went over his head as it did Captain America’s.


    • I hope Dadabs was being tongue in cheek. He doesn’t want young people to fry their brains with drugs. However he did seem genuinely envious of the Ferrari incident.
      Re: The Avengers – I dont remember that particular line but that’s the brilliant thing about Joss Wheldon’s writing. You can watch his stuff over and over and still pick up something new. My favorite line from the Avengers;
      Capt America to Tony Stark: Take away the suit and what have you got?
      Stark: Genius, billionaire, play boy.

  2. That stem cell research really is exciting news. Congratulations on the new gig working with Dadabs. I definitely fall into the ‘couldn’t give a toss’ category when it comes to Justin Bieber.

  3. My main issue with Bieber is his penchant for hookers. But then, there’s so much to choose from these days. He used to be a basically talentless twat who was quite a nice kid, now he’s a basically talentless twat who’s also a nasty gross little boy. Oh and his comment in the Anne Frank museum about how she would have been a Belieber was pretty unbeliebable as well. To be honest, I’ve never heard him sing, so I’m just guessing at his lack of talent, but it seems like a pretty safe bet 😀 But overall, the care factor is zero, good on Dadabs for finding him amusing, it’s the best way to approach these “celebs”. I, on the other hand appear to be turning into this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46flaThCYhE

    • You’re dead right Ace – Bieber is a talentless twat. The annoying thing is that the worse his behavior the more attention he gets. If we ignored him he’d go away – I’m hanging my head in shame for having written on the subject.

      • Oh, it’s supremely hard to completely ignore all of them all the time, at least you were taking the micky out of him, as he so richly deserves. Even I managed to know who he was and a couple of snippets of info about him and I don’t watch TV (I download shows online) or read the olds, I haven’t turned a radio on since 2012 or read a magazine since about 2008. So how the hell does he do it? Does he send us all subliminal messages through popular shows? Is it some sort of a radio frequency beam that he launches into our minds when we are sleeping, all vulnerable and unable to fend him off? HOW do I even know who he is?!

        I’d like to blame America but I think he might be Canadian. (How do I know that?!) Shame on them, Canadians are usually so nice with their socialised medicine and their “sorry, ehs” and their mounted police and lumberjacks and mooses and dog sleds and maple syrup. Now that they’ve gotten rid of him, I’d be surprised if they let him back in…

        I have now offended every Canadian person on the planet, so with that I will bow in and bid you all adieu with the satisfaction of a job well done 🙂

      • This stuff does seem to seep in by osmosis even if you are not particularly interested. I didn’t know he was Canadian however. You are one up on me. As for the national stereotypes – keep em coming.

  4. I could not think of anything worse than doing bookwork, I just don’t have a head for numbers, well a head for much really, except writing. I need to redesign my blog but am going to outsource. Great breakthrough that’s for sure, thanks to mice all over the world for taking one for humanity. Also Biebergate – don’t care about him really, he’ll crash and burn eventually, poor guy

  5. I take my hat off to you mumabs, being able to work for your husband. That Man tried, and failed, to lure me in to his business but I assured him I had no employable skills. Employable by him, in any case. I am one of those ‘Bieber who?’ people. Definitely the not a toss category. I definitely DO give a toss about these stem cells though. I was thrilled when I heard about that a few months ago. It obviously could make a big change to Little L’s life one day in the future. Otherwise perhaps they could just print her up a new pancreas. I hear that’s all the rage on Gray’s Anatomy at the moment.

  6. Showing my age, I loved the Tarzan where he walked around saying “Cheetah, unk”. I forget what UNK meant, but he said it a lot….

  7. A new chapter Brenda! I hope it goes swimmingly. I am sure Dadabs will be an excellent employer. x

  8. OH WOW! I had all sorts of pithy comments about your other topics, but you had me at stem cell research. That is AMAZING. Maybe I can grow my own kidneys?! YAY!

  9. Amazing news about the stem cell research, some of the recent scientific developments are just incredible in what they could mean for the future.

    One question, though; Are we entirely sure that the Kardashians AREN’T Star Trek villains?

  10. We had a similar conversation at home relating to One Direction, when Miss 7 (who’s an expert) told us that some of the 1D boys had already crashed the new cars they bought after making it big. I said “Well, that’s what happens when you give young men too much money” etc etc rant rant. The man of the house just came over all misty eyed!

  11. I hear interoffice romance is back to being all the rage! I hope your new employer gives you adequate bonuses 🙂
    Will someone please tell Bieber to pull his pants up!

  12. I’m not waving any kind of Bieber flag. Enjoy the new gig. I hope you’re boss plays nice! Oh, and one more thing, I’ve not heard the joke before… and I like it a whole lo!

  13. Heh heh—I work for my husbando too, although home-based. I would have totally fought you for Keanu and would love to see you swinging from a vine. Kx

  14. That photo of Biebs sums it up really, what a little tosser lol. Oooh, that stem cell research sounds really promising for future generations, the mind boggles 🙂

  15. Some responsible drugs dealer or pimp should take young JB under their wing. If the singing thing doesn’t work out for him maybe a career as an organised criminal my fit.

    His current role as a wanna be, close to has been, child prodigy burning out doesn’t seem to be going so well.

    Perhaps the stem cell research can be used to retrofit some normality and decency into that little wankers life.

    Oh, and well done on your successful application to work under the leadership of your husband. You seem to be taking it in good spirits. 🙂

  16. My son is named Bodhi aka Patrick Swayze, whom I wish was sired by Keanu.
    Bookwork sucks but if you are winning give yourself a big fat bonus, I’m sure the boss won’t mind.
    Bieber. Pfft. I just feel for the poor twats that look up to him. As for Cardassians, that is like, the greatest ironic joke ever – can you imagine Kim’s horror at even being remotely related to Star Trek, I love it.
    Skarsgard. Speedos. Swooning. Possibly the one thing that could overshadow how utterly awesome stem cell research is, yay science and here’s to the future!

  17. as soon as they work out a way to grow bigger boobs ALL of the research money will go into stem sell research. Saving lives will just be a side effect. BIG BOOBS PEOPLE!

  18. I hope you can sort out the accounts. It sounds like my worst nightmare of. Job and I hope it doesn’t turn into yours! And Justin Bieber needs to grow up. I don’t understand why fame and fortune turns young stars to be self centred.

  19. Do you have a workplace sexual harassment agreement in place? I am dying to know.

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