Shock, Horror!


Those Shocking Backpackers!

Recently there has been much shrill commentary in our local rag, The Wentworth Courier (aka The Wentie), about the disgraceful behaviour of backpackers. They really are the scourge of the Eastern beaches. How dare young people come to our wide brown land and enjoy themselves especially when their Wicked Campervans are taking coveted water side parking spaces.

Darn foreigners are taking our parking spots!

Darn foreigners are taking our parking spots!

Really –  viewing Wolf Creeks 1 & 2 should be a mandatory condition of getting a working holiday Visa in this country.

If Wolf Creek doesn't deter them nothing will.

If Wolf Creek doesn’t deter them nothing will.

The latest outrage occurred at our local tennis club when a group of young visitors took to the court naked. Shock! Horror! The club happens to be in a well lit thoroughfare so high fives all round. Personally I am disgusted. I mean why was I informed after the event? I would have happily volunteered to officiate the match because Gen Y needs rules, structure and guidance. On the other hand they can do without clothes.

Like this - only they were naked.

Like this – only they were naked.

Had I been there I would have declared every serve an Ace and the score to be Luv all. HONK!!!!!!!!!!!  I will refrain from making comments about pairs of furry balls because I am not that uncouth.

A visual metaphor

A visual metaphor

I demand a re-match with plenty of prior notification on social media. Meanwhile backpackers carry on, carry on!

Fantasy Getaway

Sometimes I find myself feeling disenchanted with my lot in life. Spending time at home with a four year old can do that to a person even if you have the world’s coolest four year old (as P2 is). To lift my spirits I have taken to looking at travel porn and recently discovered this in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Its not been photoshopped - it really is a pink beach!

Its not been photoshopped – the sand is really pink.

Its a pink beach on Komodo Island Indonesia, one of only seven in the world. The sand appears pink because it is littered with the shells of creatures called Foraminifera. If a pink beach is not remarkable enough for you, these guys can often be found strolling along it.

Komodo dragons - worlds largest lizard.

Komodo dragons – worlds largest lizard.

A pink beach criss crossed by dragons. It sounds like a truly mystical experience like something from a fantasy novel. All I know is I want to go – get me a plane ticket right now!

I could camp out in one of these.

I could camp out in one of these.

A crafty husband

Dadabulous has been playing with his wood again. He needed to furnish the new office but couldn’t find a board room table that he liked. Naturally he built one from scratch as you do. I swear if the guy ever needed a satellite he’d source the components on Ebay, cobble the thing together in our garage and launch it from the back yard.

if you build it they will come.

if you build it they will come.

So he built it.

Dadabs works magic with his wood.

Have you ever played nude tennis? Would you admit to it if you had?



Here’s that pink beach again.


Oh my!

And here’s Paul Bettany again.

Oh my.

Oh my!

22 thoughts on “Shock, Horror!

  1. So Dadabs plays with his wood a lot too? Wow, did he really create that table? You got a man who can? Go girl! That’s one up on all those friends with buffer hubbies.

  2. What a table! Great woodwork, Dadabs. Thanks for the laughs yet again. I hope you’re nominated in all the bloggy competitions doing the rounds at the moment. (The ones I forgot about until noms had closed, sorry. But I’ll vote for you fo’shiz.) Love your work.

  3. That is a pretty amazing table – very talented. Other photos may not be bad either.

  4. Wow that table is incredible!!!! So talented! I am with you, sometimes being stuck at home with a year can leave you a bit disenchanted!

  5. Oh my – you never fail to make me smile B – Dadabs playing with his wood again, you’re a card you know that!!! Not naked tennis, plenty of nude swims though. That beach looks fab, I don’t bother to dream about holidays anymore, it’s too heart breaking x

    • I approve of the nudie swim although I have never actually attempted one myself – hard to believe. However the world has come a long way in recent years and is ready for my jelly.

  6. That table, that beach! Wow and wow!! I would love to see a game of nudie tennis at our local club, I’m sure some of the oldies would swallow their false teeth 🙂

  7. Excellent work on the table, it’s fantastic! Naked tennis, now there is a spectator sport if ever I heard one!

  8. Pink beach is great but “made a table” – with inlaid work, no less – wins for me. Every time! Go Dadabs!

  9. Love to see the pink beach, you can keep the dirty great lizard though, I’ll take a pink beach with Paul on it though! I’d reckon there’d be the odd employee at a nude resort that could tell you some funny courtside stories 😉

  10. That table is amazing!! He’s very impressive. (I’m not making wood jokes. Too old and conservative)
    I really want to go to Komodo Island – it’s been on the list for about 16 years – but for the dragons, not the pink beach. Thought that is an added bonus….Will be looking at those pictures a lot so expect a stat spike!

  11. I love that table! And the pink beaches! sign me up! as for the naked tennis, no thanks…….wow, the visuals I am getting are not good!

  12. That’s an impressive table! As are the pink beaches, I’ve been to a black sand beach in Hawaii, but the pink looks more impressive

  13. I’m ready and willing to be ball girl.

    And Dadabs is seriously gifted. You should get him to *knock a few of those tables up* in his *spare time* to sell on Ebay and fund your Indonesian jaunt.

  14. Oooh I am loving the look of that pink beach! Very cool!

  15. Nice work Dadabs! My hubby plays with his wood a lot too but I never get masterpieces like this. 😉 That pink sand is nice and all but the Komodo Dragon? I thought I was looking at myself in the mirror for a second there! 32 weeks pregnant will do that to you.

  16. LMAO! “Furry balls” – Sorry, but I AM that uncouth.
    I’ll go to that pink beach with you. Maybe we can pet some komodo dragons while we’re there 🙂
    Making backpackers watch Wolf Creek and its sequel?! Brilliant!

  17. Holy shitballs you make me laugh and that table – many that hubby of yours is good with his hands… lucky gal 😉 x

  18. That beach. Monday mornings. Sigh.

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