Whilst stuck in peak hour traffic I spied this on the side of a Sydney bus.

It was the ultimate irony.

It was the ultimate irony.

I remarked to Dadabulous “Oh look – there’s that guy from Breaking Bad”. At the time I neglected to mention that  Aaron Paul was looking rather fetching with his designer stubble and rock star leather jacket. ( I thought I’d save that observation for you guys).  Dadabs eyes widened “Oh yeah it is too and check the Bugatti!” This very simple exchange pretty much sums up the difference in how we see the world. I swear Scarlet Johanssen could have been writhing in a bikini on that movie poster but Dadabs would still be “checking the Bugatti”. He’s more interested in the actual machinery than the piece of crumpet driving it. The converse is true for me. I’m more like “Oh look a hunk in some kind of a car”.

“Didn’t James May beat a speed record in a Bugatti?” I added trying to make Bugatti related conversation. Some might accuse me of suffering from taste bud/rectal inversion syndrome but I after 20 seasons of Top Gear I still have a spot for James May – and its soft. Dadabs merely went on to regale me with factoids about how many Bugattis are produced every year and how fast they can actually go because that is how he is wired.

Eye candy for Dadabs

Eye candy for Dadabs


and lovely James for me.

and lovely James for me.

Nowhere is the difference in our thinking more apparent than in our choice of viewing. When he’s not engrossed in the latest “conquer the known universe” type computer game or tinkering in the garage with his wood he can be found glued to the digital TV station 7 mate. He is into those super mega, hugemongus engineering project type shows which I dont mind as I love engineers. (When it comes to hats on men I like em hard ). On the other hand I catch him chuckling at programs which show case human stupidity at its most extreme eg: “Tattoo nightmares”, “Hardcore Pawn” and in a similar (ahem) vein “Pawn Stars”.

The other night I wandered into our TV/play room to be greeted with “I’ve just started watching Jackass. I can rewind it back to the beginning for you if you like”. I cant tell you how thrilled I was.  I want to watch Jackass about as much as he wants to sit through the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice again or anything featuring Dame Judi Dench (other than Bond).

Dame Judi rocks my socks but not Dadabs

Dame Judi rocks my socks but not Dadabs

Meanwhile this is just awesome!

Meanwhile this is just awesome! Every lake needs one.

I marvel at how my highly intelligent and creative husband can be reduced to a quivering puddle of laughter by the antics of Johnny Knoxville and his troupe of overgrown 12 year olds. There’s only so much I can take of these dudes whacking (and in one case electrocuting) each other in the testicles.  Admittedly I did titter at their coke and mentos shenanigans but when the bodily fluids started flowing it was time for me to exit.

Jackass - the ultimate in hilarity

Jackass – slapstick at its most extreme.

OK - I laughed at this.

Coke and mentos a classic recipe for hilarity.

Remembering significant dates is not Dadabs strong suite. Last week I quizzed Dadabs as I edged towards the fridge calender “Guess what is coming up soon?”.  He answered all to quickly and all to enthusiastically. “The council clean-up”.  “No, our 6th wedding anniversary” I shot back sternly. “Really I am more concerned about the council clean up”.  Apparently he is not one for sweeping romantic gestures on those significant dates. To his credit he dug deep. He arranged a baby sitter and celebrated with  Kir Royal (which is a fancy French way of saying champagne with Ribena) and a very satisfying Thai meal with some good friends. I cant complain. I am also happy to report that we got rid of a huge amount crap at Council cleanup – specifically five dead hard drives.

Council clean up - a significant event for Dadabs.

Council clean up – a significant event for Dadabs.

So happy anniversary Dadabs! I love you just as you are – a red headed tech/entrepreneurial whiz with six pack abs who also happens to be handy with a screwdriver. I think I can tolerate a bit of Jackass for that.

How is your partner wired?



24 thoughts on “Wired

  1. My husband is still in mourning because now we have a courtyard, he has no excuse to spend hours masturbating over the different top soils at the tip at the weekend. He too likes anything with machines, violence and stereotypical boy stuff. Recently he got into The Inbetweeners as recommended by our son – completely politically incorrect series about teenage boys in a high school. I quote ‘Look boys, there’s a car full of muff!’ I tried to get him to watch ‘Girls’ and he threatened to divorce me. Oh dear.

  2. We’re actually a little reversed in this house – I will go and watch any movie that involves superheros or people blowing sh*t up (that’s the name for the genre, as far as I’m concerned). And I can watch Die hard 4 a lot. My other half opts for more intellectual movies, but I now have a young teen to keep me company, so it’s still good. I did suggest that I might start watching all the Need for Speeds with Mr 13 and my partner said “Why? It will just be some gratuitous soft porn with cars. What’s wrong with you?” I thought it would just be car chases…and cars. Which sounded like an ok movie to me…

    • You sound like Dadabs dream girl. Should I be worried? Meanwhile the last Fast and Furious sounded like it was quite amusing. The next X-men is coming up soon and Dadabs and I can hardly wait – for different reasons of course.

  3. Oh man, the arguments about TV! If I EVER see another pawn/pickers/resto/swamp/mega show again, I’ll scream. So I’ll probably be screaming tonight. He owns the remote. (Another male/female difference. I don’t feel incomplete if I’m not holding the remote.)

  4. Ha ha – mine is wired to see the hot babes first and then the cars, after all these years he still hasn’t mastered the art of not looking long enough to NOT get caught. Douche bag. But he makes up for it in other ways like, um, er, when he does….
    Oh yes he’s great with the kids and puts up with my nagging bossiness!
    Happy anniversary lovely

  5. We have a different kind of council pick up – it’s called A’s Shed ! Over the course of this move, anything (and just about everything) that I will no longer have in the house, has landed up in his shed including an old Anne Geddes picture that we chose when we first came here on holiday in 1998, some wrought iron candlestick holders that we no longer use, some shot glasses that won’t fit in the glasses cupboard and 4 old hard drives that I think probably include data we couldn’t access any longer even if we wanted to !!! This has been made worse by the fact that, while we moved from a three bedroom home to a 5 bedroom home, there is less storage space in the new house – YAY !!! More unused stuff is making it’s way to the shed and I couldn’t be happier !
    Have the best day !

  6. All the men in my house are obsessed by the following programs: Top Gear, Air Crash Investigations (boring and terrifying), Myth Busters (gives the boys ideas about things to do with duct tape), and Auction Hunters (crap in storage lockers that miraculously turns out to be treasure). And they wonder why I retreat with the laptop!

    PS. for some reason I always visualise the The Top Gear fellas as dogs. Jeremy is a Great Dane, James May is an English sheep dog and Richard Hammond is a yappy Chihuahua. Can`t you just picture it?

  7. I think all men have a 12 year old boy inside them, my husband certainly does!

  8. That black and red Bugatti number would also garner more attention from me than Aaron Paul. And how FAB is that in-lake sculpture! My husband’s dirty secret is that he becomes an evil twin of himself while watching football. He swears, gets aggressive and abusive and completely forgets himself while watching. It ain’t pretty.

    • So Aaron Paul doesn’t rev your engine. Perhaps sub in Colin Firth? Anyhow I feel your pain re the football. My father and brother are exactly the same and its ALWAYS the referees fault.

  9. My partner loves those mega construction, frontiers of construction shows. There was a fishing one he used to watch on channel 22 for awhile which killed me a little bit inside everytime I watched it. That lake sculpture is insane btw. Oh and happy anniversary 🙂

  10. Dave and I are weird, we are on exactly the same page when it comes to some things, polar opposites when it comes to others. His humour does run to the Jackass variety too, and when he gets together with his two brothers, oh my god, it sounds like an episode of Beavis & Butthead!

  11. The council clean up! Lol! My husband would be the same.
    And congrats on 6 years of wedded bliss – Love the story of how you guys grew up living so close together but met many years later.
    You’re own modern day version of Pride and Prejudice 🙂

    Speaking of which, where is that awesome Colin Firth lake locates??

  12. Boatman is a huge fan of stoner movies; the stupider the better. Honestly I can’t complain. Harold and Kumar always have me in fits of laughter.
    Happy Wedding Anniversary!

  13. He is also weird in thinking Johnny KNoxville is funny! WHAT THE!

  14. Happy Anniversary chick… but seriously Jackass?? WHAT do they see in that show. my husband freaking loves it. I hate car movies but I did duffer through the Fast and The furious… only to support Paul Walker who has been my crush like forever. RIP 😦 xx

  15. Happy Anniversary! And OMG, where is that lake? I need to go there it’s hysterical x

  16. Husband is very side tracked as it is duck season. I’m not a fan, but have to appease him when he brings home a duck for me to cook up (did I mention I’m not a fan?) but he’s like a puppy with big droopy brown eyes, big smile, tongue hanging out – look what I got! look what I got!

  17. Happy anniversary. Love Dadabs’ priorities. My husband gets excited in toy stores – he has been known to get very excited by ‘to scale’ cars and buildings for terrain making purposes. Luckily we share a love of eating so as long as we go somewhere nice for our anniversary dinner, it’s all good!

  18. Your blog always cracks me up. Just love your writing style. Happy Wedding Anniversary! My husband is a bit into cars but with me being a plumber it’s assumed that I’m into guy stuff like this too… but I’m not. Tell Dadabs I think he’s a keeper. 😉

  19. Is that lake sculpture real? Wow!
    I also go to all the superhero movies with my hub, but see goes to watch the blowing up of things, I go to watch the super-duper superheroes 🙂

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