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Many successful and classy bloggers give alot of themselves. Whereas I just give alot of crumpet. Some of the more affecting bloggers provide a window to their lives and invite everyone to peer in. Normally I find peering at crumpets more interesting but I’ve decided to experiment with a change of pace. I’m going to make like a “normal” blogger and give you some slices from my life.

This is how pretty much every day begins. I enjoy a ration of 10 minutes of blissful alone time whilst I trot down to the beach to get a “real” coffee. Seeing the sun come up over the ocean is merely a bonus.

There are many crumpets out training at this time of day.

There are many crumpets out training at this time of day.

Its all down hill from this point onwards.

Its all down hill from this point onwards.

Back at home I have



and basil out the wazoo.

Its faulty. (Hands up who got that very poor TV pun)

Its faulty. (Hands up who got that terrible TV pun)

I’ve mentioned the out of control bougainvillea in previous posts. Dadabulous finds it therapeutic to hack at it with a lethal looking hedger trimmer. He tells me he is training for the zombie apocalypse. I could take this as a sign that my husband has a) played too many computer games and b) watched to many episodes of The Walking Dead. Instead I choose to take comfort in the fact that he is skilling up for the inevitable zombie Armageddon. It helps me rest easier at night.

Bougainvillea for Dadabs to hack at.

Bougainvillea for Dadabs to hack at.

Lamest excuse ever to post a pic of Andrew Lincoln. But who needs an excuse - he is a crumpet.

Lamest excuse ever to post a pic of Andrew Lincoln. But who needs an excuse – he is a crumpet.

Here’s something I never thought I’d have. A pine.

No not Chris Pine.

No not Chris Pine.


An actual pine tree.

An actual pine tree.

I can see how you got confused there. Both are quite wooden. Still I wouldn’t remove either from the yard.

Do you ever do this – convert Sunday night’s roast into a curry with the help of a tin of coconut milk? I am turning into my mother,  your mother

and everybody else's freakin' mother.

and everybody else’s freakin’ mother.

Meanwhile I bake much but  I don’t like to talk about it.

Lets keep this quiet.

Lets keep this quiet.

Its my dirty secret.

Its my dirty secret.

Dadabulous recently acquired new office space in the middle of Hipsterville central. He immediately set about funkifying it. It was not enough that he built the board room table with his bare hands, he created a post modern art work to go with it.

Its a homage to the buildings industrial heritage.

Its a homage to the buildings industrial heritage.

I know you are wondering if the chains came from our own personal collection and whether the whips are missing them. You’ll be disappointed (or perhaps relieved) to hear that they were sourced from Ebay.

Step around the corner and you’ll encounter this. Its the definitive sign that you’ve landed on planet Software Developer. Yes really – my husband has an inflatable dalek in his office.

Our Dalek is looking a tad flaccid.

Our Dalek is looking a tad flaccid.

The inner city suburb where we work really should be renamed Funky Town. In stark contrast to the buttoned up world of stockbroking there is nary a suit to be seen. They are worn only by those foot soldiers of Satan aka real estate agents who can be spotted patrolling the joint. Otherwise pretty young things prance about in leather hot pants and Doc Martens – and that’s just the blokes!!!!!!! No seriously – I have never seen so many skinny jeans, hipster beards and thick rimmed glasses concentrated in such a small area. I luff it (to shamelessly borrow from another blogger who actually has some style).

Like the Gen Y’s I am getting in on the shorts as work wear action. Clearly I have an under supply of shame.

What to wear to work when your office is in Funky Town.

What to wear to work when your office is in Funky Town.

Meanwhile you know you’re in Funky Town central when its not a cafe – it’s a caffeine lab. I love what these people do in a test tube.

lab medI’ve given you gardening, fashion, a sunrise, baking, crumpets, another fine example of Dadabulous’ wood and a blow up toy. What more could you want in a blog?

Hows your life looking these days?

Happy Easter


PS: Congratulations to all those who rated in the Kidspot Village Voices. I’m not jealous, peeved or miffed in any way to have been completely overlooked this year. 😦



30 thoughts on “Slices Of Life

  1. I loved this. Tell me, where can I get an inflatable Darlek from? They are a must have

  2. Happy Easter back to you too! Every time I read your blog I am amazed at how talented and creative you are. I smile as I read each sentence. You have a great way with words. And by the way you are Mumabulous. You don’t need spot in the Kidspot Village Voices merit how fabulous you are. x

  3. No-one ever needs an excuse for a photo of Andrew Lincoln, love. And I was completely overlooked (like…. completely) for the Kidspot thing, too. I don’t love those things at all, but I did have some serious FOMO in spite of it. I am a living breathing Oxymoron. Who loves a bit of crumpet. You have provided and I thank you. Kx

    • I had a feeling you might have appreciated that one MM! Meanwhile you and I have a kind of quirkiness that isn’t really what Kidspot market is looking for. That’s the way I rationalise it anyway.

  4. Love this and am very jealous of your morning coffee trip view!!

  5. A gorgeous ‘slice of life’ though you did stray into crumpet territory TWICE 🙂

  6. Your slices of life are way, way cooler than anything in my life 🙂 Love your choice of clothing! My husband would kill for that Dalek and also has issues with Bougainvillea.

  7. Love the blog… whatever the hell you’re writing about it it’s always fun to read.

  8. Love your slices!! I must admit I never pegged you as a cooker mumabs!!

  9. Love this post. My (left) hand is up! BASIL! BAHA! And an inflatable Dalek. None of those around here, but I love it.

  10. You and me both, Mumabs! I am seriously thinking of starting my own awards. You will be nominated, or even given a life membership. Or something. Mark my words!

  11. I am supposed to say it is an honour to be nominated or some shit but I am EXTREMELY relieved that I haven’t made the cut. I just found out my cousins wife and my SISTER IN LOVE read Kidspot and I would have my cover completely blown.

    And I am pretty sure that the former lives in funkyhipstertown.

  12. Don’t underestimate crumpets!

  13. I’m still laughing at the flaccid Dalek – LMAO! Oh and Lincoln, Pine, HAWT.. thanks for that, haven’t seen much crumpet recently… I have to say I went to Voices and I’m not worried to not make the cut. I like being out of the norm… if they can’t appreciate our genius then whatevs MOFO. Oh and YOU BAKE, I’m not sure we can still be friends.
    Who am I kidding, I love you, crumpet on the beach every morning and all xxx

    • Thanks babe. I only bake to entertain the demanding one (aka my four year old). I’m very surprised to hear that you didn’t make Voices Top 30? Very surprised. Anyhow it looked like everyone at Voices had a fantastic night. I would have loved to have been able to meet you all.

  14. Oh and thanks for joining in – you rock x

  15. I’m very impressed by that wall art. That’s super cool.
    Also I would wear shorts every day if I could. Stupid SA weather is making that hard at the minute

  16. Wonderful to touch base with a slice of your life, and it wouldn’t be you if there wasn’t some crumpet involved amongst your other hot baked goods xx Impressed with Dadabs creativity with wood, it does surprise me he hasn’t found a way to craft a darlek from a lump of wood, at least there would be no flacid bits 🙂

  17. Looks like you just covered the essentials here. 😉

  18. I can’t get past the fact there is a dalek in your office – that is GOLD! 🙂

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  19. Cool post and that part at the beginning where you head down to the beach and grab a coffee – completely jealous! x

  20. I’m so impressed that you managed to leave the house at the crack of dawn. I love the idea of it, but I’m yet to achieve it, but the lure of caffeine is genius. I would do a lot of things for good coffee, oh and crumpet x

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