On A Mission


Some people are lucky enough to have a mission in life – an over arching goal or purpose that they will move heaven and earth to achieve. A friend of mine’s husband for example, will stop at nothing to find the world’s best Pad Thai.

In search of the world's greatest Pad Thai.

In search of the world’s greatest Pad Thai.

Another friend is on an epic quest to unearth the perfect pork spare ribs.

The ultimate rib experience.

The ultimate rib experience.

I am awaiting the outcome of their respective journeys eagerly but in the meantime I’ve embarked upon my own personal crusades. Firstly I am determined to try every cappuccino available in my suburb. Being in Sydney’s Eastern Beaches, this is no easy undertaking. Cafes open and close as quickly as Miley’s thighs in this locale. (Sorry that was a crass but accurate description).

My second personal challenge is on a higher level altogether. My noble cause is to try out as many hot tubs in as many spectacular locations as humanly possible. I plan to take a glass of this to every single one of them because I believe its important to find out whether geography has an affect on taste. Indeed this is a burning scientific question which must be addressed.

I will need a few more of these to complete my mission.

I will need a few more of these to complete my mission.

Here are a few of my “marks”.

Why not start with the Swiss Alps

Why not start with the Swiss Alps

Before nipping down to Sicily

Before nipping down to Sicily

Then across to Turkey.

Then across to Turkey.

For something completely different here’s the outdoor hot tub cinema in London. I can think of no better way to appreciate the work of my favorite movie crumpets.

Hmmm dont know if I really need to see Will Ferrell in a hot tub.

Hmmm – dont know if I really need to see Will Ferrell in a hot tub… the Xmen however…

Nowadays its a very rare occasion that I can indulge in a relaxing bath alone (note the key word here is “ALONE”. “Indulge” and”relaxing”following from that ). In fact I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve been kid free in the tub since P1’s blessed arrival. Actually the most memorable was during P1s blessed arrival. After around 8 hours of intensifying contractions, I took to the waters to find some relief. As my swollen belly rose majestically above the surface (soon to be) Dadabulous commented that I looked like the Hawaiian Islands. You can imagine just how helpful and encouraging that was at the time. I informed him that the Hawaiian Islands are volcanic and that I was about to erupt. I might have also said something unprintable.

A pictorial depiction of how being in labor feels.

A pictorial depiction of how being in labor feels.

Dadabulous can make amends for his ungentlemanly conduct up to me by taking me to this Hawaiian spa. The 10th wedding anniversary of our first date is looming large on the horizon after all. Not that he will remember it.


The perfect anniversary destination.

The perfect anniversary destination.

Are you on a mission?



26 thoughts on “On A Mission

  1. Oh hilaire! I’ve been to some amazing hot tubs in Japan—overlooking ski fields, overlooking autumnal forests, spring blossoms—there has been an awful lot of overlooking in my life. I’m totally down with that hot tub cinema. If you ever go, let me know—we can admire crumpet together. Oh wait, that’s wholly inappropriate and creepy isn’t it. As you were. *cough*. As you were. Kx (thanks for linking up with #laughlink)

  2. Love it! I am trying to find the best latte in my town!

  3. My hubby is always searching for ribs, give up already! I will join you on hot tub tour if you ever start a travel company with that as its sole purpose. It’s a must have whenever the Husband and I have a night away by ourselves in the rainforest, about once a year! Had to laugh about the Hawaiian Islands comment, hang on I laughed at everything you write, especially about ole’ butter legs Miley! Love your work as usual xx

    • I’ve only had one night alone with the hubster since kids – it was our wedding night and he was in an inebriated state. Meanwhile the Hawaiian Islands comment was not so amusing at the time.

  4. I’m now on a mission to find and eat pad thai… x

  5. hope you stock up on bleach tabs and antibiotics if you are planning on using all of those hot tubs.

    For our 10th date anniversary I got a lovely ‘it is WHAT today?’

    Same thing happened on our 10th wedding anniversary.

  6. Ok, well I have one now: the perfect pad thai in the perfect hot tub!!

  7. Thanks for the pictures! Happy images before I rush off to work 🙂

  8. I like your missions a lot! A hot tub cinema, interesting concept! 10 year anniversary definitely warrents a spa trip!

  9. Can you please let me know when your friend finds the perfect pad thai. As a fellow traveler on that quest it would be awesome if he could just do the work for me while I reap the reward! And might I suggest also checking out the hot tubs in the villas on Royal Davui Island Fiji, where Dave and I went for our honeymoon. One word: Awesome! And because of the awesome exchange rate you don’t have to worry at all about how many cocktails you have!

  10. I need a mission. At the moment my mission is to get through and enjoy the young years with my babies and toddlers. My husband and I went to a hot tub natural hot spring spa retreat in New Zealand in the northern part of the southern island. I was so excited to experience the natural spa and was bitterly disappointed by the constant methane gas smell. it wasn’t relaxing and I felt like I was swimming in fart bath water. Take me to a man made day spa any day.

  11. No I’m not a mission to do anything really.
    I now feel as if my life is empty and devoid of meaning.
    My dad on the other hand, set himself the goal of finding a bad cab sav. He says he did find a few but can’t remember what they are so he’s had to start all over again.

  12. OH…. I don’t know what my mission is. I feel ripped off. Quick, must come up with something. So far a full nights sleep sounds like a good mission to me!
    I am quite a fan of the Pad Thai one. I think we could all make use of your friends findings. The international hot tub idea is a ripper too. I could handle any of those pictured. I think all movie cinemas should be like that in London! We’re paying enough for an average movie ticket aren’t we???

  13. 10th anniversary of first date!!! Woohoo! Demand the red carpet! 5 star hotel in the heart of Waikiki! Especially when he called you the Hawaiian islands!
    I had a mission just before I left Tokyo to go on a snog fest. Kiss all the frogs! No princes allowed! I didn’t do too badly, if I do say so myself 🙂

  14. I may have to conduct similar research on chocolate. Brands, flavours, and whether geographical locations change the tastes… you’re a genius. I’ll present my paper for funding shortly.

  15. Good luck with your tenth anniversary. I hope he remembers! Leave notes. Hawaiian Islands! Hilarious. I loved your Miley joke too 🙂

  16. As much as I love a spa, I am more enthused about the volcano. I love volcanos (ooh, look at me off topic…) I did go to Sicily but we didn’t stay at that spa place – we did climb Mt Etna the week before it erupted – it was awesome….

  17. Now I am on a mission to visit all those spas 🙂

  18. All those amazing images and dreams – and yet you had me at Pad Thai. It’s a dish I’ve always wanted to be able to cook. Not that I’ve really had a good crack at it yet. Not when there are so many good restaurants already doing it well. I hope those anniversary plans will be spectacular!

  19. I may be on a mission to find a spa! I haven’t had a bath or shower in peace for the longest time either.

  20. I feel completely loss and without purpose as I dont have an awesome mission like this. Mine was to ride through a rice paddy in Bali Julia Roberts style on the day of my 40th birthday and I crossed that off my list… time to find a new one… something in Hawaii sounds fabulous! xx

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