Trivial Pursuits


Dadabulous and I have recently crashed through the 10 year barrier. Prior to his welcome entry into my life I considered 10 months to be a long relationship and 10 days a significant one. Heck – even 10 hours counted. Still I am grateful for the romantic misadventure of my youth. They’ve made me realize that the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence. In fact the grass on the other side of the fence is brown, patchy and unkempt.

At the moment I am well chuffed with my husband. I am the envy of (some of) my girl posse because not only is Dadabulous creative with his wood in the bedroom,

Yes - he made our bed frame.

Yes – he made our bed frame but I neglected to make the bed.

he cooks fancy meals  garnished with fresh herbs from the garden. The time he adorned the tomato and bocconcini salad with basil flowers has gone down in the local folklore. People are still awestruck. 

The famous basil flowers.

The famous basil flowers.

That's what I'm talkin' bout.

Meanwhile Dadabs is no dill.

All that is merely bouquet garni in the casserole of life. I am currently impressed with him because his actions last weekend were truly remarkable – perhaps even revolutionary. Feeling the first chill of winter he wanted some fresh track suit pants but they were all in the washing pile. You know what he did? Without a word of complaint he put on a load of washing himself! He then hung it all out and brought it all back in when it was dry. He didn’t fold it – that would have really been pushing the envelope.  I was astounded when confronted with a tub full of clean washing that I had not participated in. “David – did you do this? Who are you? I dont know you anymore”. I’m sure his reaction would have been similar if  I’d put the garbage out. I might even be rewarded with sex if I took on that particular chore. Sadly we’ll never find out because it aint gonna happen.

I dont put out.*

I dont put out.*

We’re lovers not fighters here at Chez Abulous and things are incredibly harmonious. It’s so harmonious in fact that my Aunty thinks its unnatural. Really if we were anymore harmonious we’d both fall into a coma.  Luckily we’re able to spice things up by bickering about absolute trivia.  To illustrate;

Recently I was faced with the following choice in the door shelf of our fridge;

An open block of Black and Green's Organic Chocolate

An open block of Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate OR


A virgin block of Whittakers.

A virgin block of Whittakers.

To the non chocolate aficionado this may seem a bit like choosing between say Benedict Crumpetbatch and Colin Firth. They are similar types and equally tasty (OK Melbourne Mum – I know which you’d choose) but in actuality Green and Blacks contains NO sugar.

no sugar


Naturally  I eschewed the Green and Blacks and tore straight into the untouched gold wrapping of the Whittakers. When Dadabs caught me in the middle of this transgression he was irate. “We already had an open block! You should finish the open pack before starting a new one”.

“But I dont like that one. Its got no sugar”

This riled him up. “You’ve spent the last ten years telling me how you’re a chocolate snob and how you only go for the good stuff. I get you the the top line organic stuff and you reject it. You’re a hypocrite and a philistine.” To which I answered “Well you’re a %&*$ and a #@*^”.

And that is how I win any spousal argument.

Do you have these kind of fracas in your household? How do you win?



*Not Dadabulous. Dadabulous does not own  ugg boots or a pair of undies that can be seen in the light of day.



35 thoughts on “Trivial Pursuits

  1. Sounds like you hit the jackpot. Does he tutor? Perhaps I could send the old man over/

  2. hahahahaa! Brilliant. I never win x

  3. As usual, you crack me up. I’m with you on the chocolate with no sugar thing..*shudders*

    Micky Blue Eyes does 99.9% of all the washing here and then hangs it out and brings it in ,,and I have to put it away. Meanwhile, I’ve never once put the garbage out or mowed the lawn. Yeah, I don’t know why he puts up with me either. I must be good at something…ahem…

  4. I don’t know what I just did with that space and double comma above. Oops. I want chocolate now. Your fault. Hmph.

  5. Arguments at casa East World are pretty rare as we are too lazy to be bothered but when we have them we too are advocates of the “he who swears the best, wins” school of debating. 🙂

  6. Plenty of arguments about chocolate here too. Mostly of the ‘COULDN’T YOU SAVE EVEN JUST ONE TINY SQUARE FOR ME?!’ variety. And no, I can’t. I MUST eat it all.

  7. I usually finish the chocolate block before my hubby gets any of it. Another fabulous post. 🙂

  8. Hilarious! I love it! We are lovers in our household too, not fighters. If it comes down to something as serious as chocolate though anything goes.

  9. I ’bout peed my pants lady. Cracker of a post x

  10. How do I win spousal arguments? It’s simple really, Mumabs. I just make a point of being right. all. the. time.

  11. Brilliant post! Cracked me right up from beginning to end x

  12. Please post the recipe for the chocolate hash cookies consumed in Chez Abulous so that others too might share. Great post!

  13. Ah he’s no dill – LAUGH MY FAT ASS OFF. And I’m with you, it needs sugar. We fight, in fact I just told him to be quiet because he sneezed (three times) so loudly that it won’t my middle boy. Then I told him to bugger off and leave the kitchen. He did. I won.

  14. We’re not arguers either…it just doesn’t really happen…

  15. I do the washing and put out the garbage at my place. At Chez Abulous, would that mean I get to have sex with myself?

  16. This would quite possibly be considered blasphemous by fellow choclate-lover gluttons but I would totally go with the no-sugar stuff, it’s actually not that bad, and I can feel good about it.

    Dave and I often argue about the old Punch Bug. The rules are always changing and there is often contention as to whether a new bug can be included. We take the Punch Bug so seriously that if we are without the other when we see one it is perfectly acceptable to take a photo and message it with the words Punch Bug in order to claim the right to punch the other later. (FTR I think only old, Dave likes to include new when it suits him).

  17. I was slightly alarmed that was Dadabulous -I would never be able to look you in the eye again (I’m easily shocked!)

  18. Great post. We argue about whether white chocolate is actually chocolate. The argument is moot because there is always dark chocolate in the house. I win.

  19. Love it !!! So glad there is another significant other who is happy to put a load of washing on and then do something with it when the washing cycle is finished !!
    Have the best day !

  20. The only chocolate arguments we have usually come about because one of us is trying to sneak a piece whilst the other isn’t looking.
    That’s pretty much as serious as it gets around here!

  21. It’s like opposites here, I put the garbage out and hubby buys and eats the chocolate!
    Lol, I like your conflict resolution 🙂

  22. Wow! You’ve got yourself a keeper there!

  23. “the grass on the other side of the fence is brown, patchy and unkempt.” Don’t I know it!
    I’d swap a night with Mr Darcy and a pot of tea and maybe, yes, greens and blacks chocolate hehe with a real date nowadays anyday!!

  24. I always win arguments and funnily enough I see this as a bad thing and I am trying my hardest not to win all the time. I’m also making an effort to put the garbage out – sometimes in my pjs, never my undies!

  25. Bahaha! Such an intelligent, articulate comeback. Mine are about the same 🙂

  26. I’m lucky my hubby doesn’t really eat chocolate or drink wine, so I’m safe there. Your relationship sounds a lot like ours, dinners and washing and all that…we’re very lucky gals.

  27. I win arguments by using passive aggression. Sulking and the silent treatment. Evil, I know. I lasted a week once. I was wondering how you got permission to use that photo until I reached the end. Loved the meme!

  28. You know you’re in the right relationship when you have to argue about chocolate because there’s nothing else to argue about. (But it’s a no-brainer for me – gold wins every time.) x

  29. I get yelled at because I buy two chocolates – one for him and one for me and he takes too bloody long to eat his, so I do… you know waste not and all that. And then he gets mad at me for not wasting food. Sheeesh. I dont do bins either. Or Lawns. x

  30. Oh I love Green & Black’s. So good. Congrats on your 10 year milestone AND, more importantly, that load of washing. I must say Mr Charming is good on washing and ironing, but I get annoyed that he never cooks. We’re hovering around the 16 year mark now though and I think our roles are pretty fixed. Swings and roundabouts I guess 🙂

  31. Oh man, this made me laugh! And I’m with you – I would have whipped that Whittakers open faster than Mr Styling could blink.

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