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The recent spate of blogging competitions and my failure to make even the slightest impact on any of them as got me thinking (not deeply but thinking nonetheless) about my broader purpose here on the interwebs. One day I’d like to produce a coherent post tackling relevant subject matter. Heck I may even attempt to throw in a compelling argument with a side serve of entertainment value. Today however is not that day. Today I am going to spray you with random thoughts – again.

Here are some things which have recently caused a blip on my radar.

Manu Feildel

Not only is he a Master Chef whose Kitchen Rules, he is quite the philosopher. (Just like Jean-Paul Sartre‎, Albert Camus and Michel Foucault‎ – they all seem to be frogs). How’s this for a strikingly profound insight?

A resonant truth!

A resonant truth!

That is deep! This gem brings clarity to my life – especially the large percentage of it spent toiling in the kitchen. You’re a genius Manu! No wonder the people at Campbells Foods pay you the big bucks! As it happens I have a little sagacity of my own to share. Brace yourselves for the enlightenment –

I believe the secret to Michael Fassbender’s sex appeal is his HAWTNESS!

Climate Change

A seldom discussed consequence of climate change is that global warming is turning Australians into a nation of wimps, wusses and whingers. We complain all summer about the gawd forsaken heat only to moan again about the Arctic conditions as soon as the temperature dips below 20C. I for one am already over winter but its still technically Autumn. As a nation we’re not sartorially equipped for the frigid sub 20C weather. Young men still get around with their trousers slung around their hips and girls still parade about in what my Mum calls “bum freezer” mini skirts. (A former colleague refers to these garments as “Gosford” dresses because they end just south of The Entrance).

Welcome to The Entrance - just north of Gosford.

Welcome to The Entrance – just north of Gosford.

Beady Eyed

Thus far Team Abulous has managed to avoid the phenomena globally known as the f#@king loom. We have the f#@king Hama beads instead.


As irritating as the loom.

Much like the ubiquitous loom bands these little suckers infiltrate every nook and cranny of the household. They seem to have a half life of about 100,000 years and will  lie in wait under your couch or wedged behind your television for centuries after the fad has passed.

Pop Princess
According to our local rag – The Southern Courier a bona-fide A-lister is moving into our seaside village. Dadabulous was delighted to inform me that Australia’s Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue will be renting a nearby waterfront mansion whilst she carries out jury duty on The Voice. Kylie will be merely another pin prick of light among the veritable galaxy of stars who already reside here but Dadabulous is nonetheless excited. He’s virtually spinning around – get out of his way. He hopes good neighbours become good friends. (Boom Tish).  Meanwhile I’ve decided to stop wearing my high cut white leotard and stilettos to the gym. People might get the two of us mixed up.

Mumabs is the one with the cellulite.

Waxing Lyrical 

My favorite song of 2014 thus far comes to us courtesy of The Muppets Most Wanted movie. Its a duet between Constantine the evil frog and his side kick Dominic Badguy. I am being not the least bit sarcastic when I declare this to be lyrical genius.


I’m number one, you’re number two.

We’re criminals at large but I’m at larger than you.

I’m number one, you’re number two.

I believe in equality as long as you get less than me.

(add Dominic)
I’m one. You’re one. You’re number two. I’m number two.

You may think that you’re smarter, but I’m smarterer than you.

I’m number one, you’re number two.

You’re lucky to be number two not number three.

I can see by the look in your eye,

you want to get a bigger piece of the pie.

One day you’ll get your chance,

but in the mean time,

You got to dance monkey dance!

Evil has never been so darn adorable.

Evil has never been so darn adorable.

It was written by the superlative babycakes Bret McKenzie and goes part of the way towards explain my undying ardor for him (and his FOTC sidekick NZ’s sexiest man – Jermaine Clement).  By the way – I have to mention this – I was a FOTC fan before it was cool.

If this doesn't make you smile you've done too much botox.

If this doesn’t make you smile you’ve done too much botox.

Well that’s enough Mumabulous goodness for now.

Until next time.

Dance Monkey Dance.




26 thoughts on “On My Radar

  1. Gosford? Just south of the Entrance? I’d use that line on my daughter when she walks out of the house dressed in a bandaid but she wouldn’t get it. Thank you for the laugh and dragging me out of a grumpy funk 🙂

  2. The govt could make that their catch phrase – I agree in equality as long as you get less than me – and we know Mr Hockey likes to dance…

  3. Short belts is what my mum used to say I was wearing!!! And you really have done yourself a favour but deciding not to wear you white leotards and stilettos to gym as you’re bound to get harassed for autographs left ring and center 🙂 x

  4. Gosford dress – that’s awesome! I’ve never heard of that before but it made me laugh out loud and nearly snort coffee out of my nose.

    Loving the Mumabulous goodness. Those blog competition types don’t know what they’re on about.

  5. Hahah! That Manu comment has me still laughing.

  6. I’d just be hoping Kylie could introduce me to Ricky – gay, schmay he’s still a hottie! 😉

  7. Love your thoughts. Thanks for the giggle on a grey Monday morning.

  8. ROFL. I actually like Manu F, but that photo just made him look like an ass, poor bugger. If it’s any consolation, I do also wonder what my purpose is on the inter webs, given my underwhelming impact on the voting community. Clearly our talents are being used for evil instead of good. And I’m OK with that. Kx

  9. I would nominate you for any every blogging award going. AND POSTS LIKE THIS ARE WHY. Thank you. And I’m going to see the new X-Men on the weekend. I re-watched First Class on Saturday and yes, Fass’s sex appeal probably does have a lot to do with his HAWTNESS. I’ll get back to you on the next one. x

    • I really should stop whinging about the Kidspot thing. Anyhoo- I cant wait for X-men – how much hawtness can be crammed into one movie? With Fass, McAvoy, Hugh Jackman, Nicolas Hoult and a whole bunch of hawt chix there’s something for everyone 🙂 And Sir Pat Stew! And Sir Ian McKellan and Peter Dinklage….

  10. Haha must admit I am rather fascinated about looming – probably because I don’t have any younger girls into it here…Knitting Nancy was all the rage when I was a girl. Remember them? Yep X-Men def gets me going! 🙂

  11. It was very charitable of you (and your cellulite) to include an image from Ms Minogue’s “Sexercise” and not mention how godawful it is. For any other artist, it would be the sort of desperate song/video they make at the end of their stalled career, shortly before they are found dead in a hotel room. Maybe you could ask Kyles her motivations when you run into her?

    • Here’s my true confession Tunnel Ed – I haven’t seen the video or heard the song the entire way through. I am so out of touch. Still the world needs more middle aged nymphs gyrating on fit balls.

  12. I love your randomness but despair at your selection of Chef. In keeping with your general theme, for me, I can’t go past the Muppet’s Swedish Chef.

  13. Oh wow, how much freaking money do people get paid for gems like “food should have flavour”…? Thanks for linking up!!

  14. I have managed to avoid the effin loom craze like the plague, and by the looks I am not going anywhere near those beads either!
    I haven’t heard the muppets song, but maybe I should. I loved watching FOTC show on the telly. Jermaine is super sexy 🙂

    • Yep – I recommend The Muppets Most Wanted for your kids – The Muppets plus FOTC (Bret wrote the soundtrack, Jermaine is in the movie) is a winning combination for everyone.

  15. I never knew Manu was such a genius! You learn something new every day, dontcha?! And now I wanna see the Muppet movie for the FOTC link alone.

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