A blogging friend of mine has just issued a challenge. I regard myself as challenged in many respects – vertically challenged, aesthetically challenged and socially challenged among other things. Why not throw another challenge into the mix? I have been dared to come up with 50 random facts about myself. The thing is I don’t see myself as particularly fascinating – just another area of life in which I am challenged. I am going to have to dig deep to come up with 50 things that may hold your interest,. Here I go shovel in hand.

1)  I am somewhat self depreciating. ( You’d never have guessed that)

2) I live in house with 5 bathrooms.

3) I do not have a cleaner.

4) My house is not clean. sherlock med   5) I have been known to take “devils on horseback” to family events as a joke.

Mmmm retro goodness.

Mmmm retro goodness.

6) I have also been known to cook apricot chicken ironically.

7) I believe anyone who does anything ironically is overthinking.

8) I have a Bachelor of Economics from Sydney University and a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance. (See what I mean about not being a very interesting person)

9) I recently added TAFE Cert IV in Bookkeeping to that shopping list of academic achievement.

10) The TAFE certificate was the most practical course I’ve ever done. I’m actually using what I learned.

11) I’ve just been to the gym. The Wallabies were there flexing away in the free weights area. I ask you why would any one want to go to the pilates class while that’s going on?

12) I attended Kirrawee High School. At the time I referred it as “Kirrawee Prison Camp”.

13) One of my earliest crushes was (embarrassingly) Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins. I can pin point my fetish for red heads to the “Into the Gap” album of 1984.

Hawt in the 80s.

Hawt in the 80s.

14) I also loved Scritti Politti – remember them?

15) I discovered Robert Smith and The Cure in 1985. The rest of my teen years were spent wearing black and back combing my hair.

My teen idol.

My teen idol.

16) I also did some crazy gothic pencil case art.

17) I did not have a boyfriend in High School. sherlock-holmes-med 18) At university I fraternized with chemical engineers. Being female was enough to interest them.

19) I grew up 10 minutes away from my husband but did not meet him until I was 33 years old.

21) My husband has red hair.

22) My father is a school teacher. It is a job I could never do.

23) My mother is an architect. She is my intellectual superior.

24) I worked for 4 years in Securities Lending for a big assed American investment bank. Securities Lending is just one of the dodgy practices that led to the global financial crisis.

25) A few years later I was trained as an equity analyst. Equity analysts were among the dodgy individuals who contributed to the global financial crisis.

26) I spruiked for a coal seam gas company that is now in deep shite.

27) A “high net worth” individual made $3 million on a particular stock that I was covering. All I got was one lousy bottle of Moet.

28) When I was working The Establishment bar was the place to be seen. I couldn’t stand that joint.

29) I much preferred The Australian Hotel in The Rocks.

Scene of many shenanigans.

Scene of many shenanigans.

30) Once while on a date at the Australian Hotel in The Rocks I fell off a bar stool. I whacked my head on the bar stool on the way back up.

31) The date thought that was hilarious.

32) One of the nicest things a man has ever said to me was ” You  think you have a big arse but you really dont”.

33) I purchased and completely paid off a one bedroom warehouse apartment in Chippendale. It was a shoe box but I’m proud of myself for doing that.

34) In his wedding speech my husband said when describing our first date “What Brenda lacked in medieval weaponry she made up for in good looks and a short skirt that will remain etched upon my mind forever”

35) I am finding this challenge – well challenging.

36) I am an office bearer for my local P&C.

37) After experiencing the decision making process of the P&C, I believe that there is something to be said for benign dictatorship.

38) I believe that if Malcom Turnbull ever became PM this country would experience a benign dictatorship.

39) My husband is quite exceptional.

40) I am punching above my weight with my husband.

41) I have tried to rectify this by putting on weight.

42) I was in my late 20s before I discovered how fascinating science is.

43) My life path may have been quite different had I realised that earlier.

44) When I was younger I dreamed of being either an artist or an author.

45) My work on the stock market was equally if not more creative than the above two professions.

46) 2013 was all about Tom Hiddleston. This year is all about Clive Standen.

Clive Standen med

Oh my! That’s my kind of pick up truck.

47) Every day begins with a walk to the beach and a large skinny cappuccino.

48) I love living in the Eastern Beaches and will never return to the Shire.

49) My favorite TV show of all time is Northern Exposure.

50) My favorite song of all time is “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder because its how I feel about my two girls.

Pant pant – that’s the sound of me collapsing over the finish line for this challenge. Over to you. Tell me something random about yourself.

Love Mumabulous

22 thoughts on “Challenged

  1. 1. Who the WHAT is Clive Standen?
    2. My life path would have been quite different if I’d discovered how fascinated I am by medicine earlier than age 29. Starting a medical degree aged 30 with a baby? I think no.
    3. At a 21st at the Australian Hotel in the Rocks once I sat on a piece of mud cake wearing a white lycra skirt. It was bad. Very, very, bad. Stupid boys and food fights. Thank god for denim jackets to be tied around waists.
    4. You want random? I have a new job at NSW Health. Just quit the old on Friday.
    5. More random? About to launch a company selling diabetes finger wipes for blood glucose testing. There will be a new blog and website too. I’ll keep you posted!!
    6. My shoulder randomly dislocates when I sleep. It’s now stuck together with sticky tape. Being bendy is BAD.
    7. 6 is enough. xx

    • Point 5 is exciting news indeed my friend. I cant wait to hear more about it. PS: re question 1 you need to watch the Vikings. No really – YOU need to watch the Vikings.

  2. BRAVO my friend, just about to start mine! Lots of interesting facts there. When I lived in Sydney and stupidly thought I should stop finding men that were good with their hands and wore suits I frequented The Establishment, I wasn’t trashy bag hawt enough for the blokes there! You are a clever clogs!

  3. Um…. Can i tell you both something really strange? I’ve NEVER been in The Estab. Is there something wrong with me? I think i’m a pub girl at heart.

  4. WHOA. Um… no, I think I’ll pass. Too challenging. And number 30 made me laugh. Again. Love that story. x

  5. LOVED reading this! 11, 32 and 34 cracked me right up and how amazing is it that you lived so close to your husband as a kid?!

  6. Very informative Mumabs! I’ll bet you were the coolest teenager. I used to hang around The Rocks a bit in my twenties. Phillip’s Foot or some such bar? That could have been dangerous falling off a bar stool and hitting your head… bit funny though. In fact the whole thing was funny. Thanks for the laugh x

  7. You and I are so alike, it’s scary, except the bit about the 5 bathrooms. And you know I think any post with Benedict in it is a winner. ( In fact, it’s almost a necessity. Love your work Mumabs. Kx

  8. “No shit, Sherlock” my favourite saying, always used in the most sarcastic way. The receiver usually deserved it. Northern Exposure was a great show!
    My 80s crush was John Taylor, when I got over Duran Duran it was Jon Bon Jovi. I never had a chance with either.

    • 30 years on and Duran Duran are STILL luuuurve gods in my opinion. 😉 Meanwhile I wasn’t a big JBJ fan in the 80s but when he cut his hair I was pleasantly surprized. He is another one that has aged very well.

  9. The Thompson Twins was the first band I ever saw live.

  10. I love these stories ‘I grew up 10 minutes away from my husband but did not meet him until I was 33 years old.” I love the idea we are all circling the earth around each other – maybe never to meet. I used to go to the theatre a lot and started to recognise people in the audience…it was weird to think all these random members of Sydney kept hitting Sydney Theatre or Capitol or Lyric on the same nights…
    Also show 40. to your husband.

  11. Love this! I feel like I know you better already – love your writing style too – funny and honest all at once! You’ve inspired me to take on the challenge!

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