Why I Write


Clear the decks blog fans because a big name is about to drop.

You’ve probably heard about the “Why I write” blog hop. Its origins are difficult to pin point but much like Errol Flynn’s (ahem) love it has been spread far and wide. Now it’s my turn.

Legend has it he was well practiced with his cross bow.

Oh My! There’s a legendary cross bow! (Not to mention the green tights)

I was tagged by Mrs Woog. CLANK!!!!!!!! (That was the sound of the name dropping). When Mrs Woog offers you a baton, you grab it and you run like hell to the finish line.

Therefore I give you a fascinating discourse on my illustrious writing career thus far.

What I’m Working On

Many bloggers tell you that they are working on a book. I am working on an entire set of books. They are called the accounts to my husband’s business. Its a riveting saga of international credit card sales, monthly salaries, business expenses, BAS, bank reconciliations and my husband’s spending at Bunnings. The series is utterly engrossing to myself, Dadabulous, our accountant and the tax man. To the world at large – perhaps not so much.

I don’t speak of it but there’s a little Barbra Cartland inside of me. It would be best for everyone if she stayed there. HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting to burst forth from Mumabulous.

Waiting to burst forth from Mumabulous.

I have in mind – a bodice ripping romance novel. (Well I have the casting of the inevitable movie version in mind a little too often)*. Inspired by Horatio Horn(y)blower, it is a salacious tale of lust, betrayal and hawt men in britches on the high seas.

Oh my! Talk about rockin' the boat!

Oh my! Talk about rockin’ the boat!

I’d love to call it “A Young Woman’s Passage” but that would be leaning to heavily on Julian Clary. I doubt he’d stand for it.

JC med


 How Does My Writing Differ From Others In My Genre?

If you are one of the happy few who have been following Mumabs the answer is simple – the crumpet! This blog has a keener appreciation of the male form than any other in the “Mummy blogging” scene. This blog is differentiated by what it doesn’t have. There are no recipes or helpful hints. Nor is there anything emotionally resonant or  inspirational – unless you are inspired by this sort of thing.

ZOMG! Shirtless sword play !I be inspired!

ZOMG! Shirtless sword play!  I be inspired!

However it makes up for what it lacks in truly awful word play and double entendres.  Occasionally I lift my mind above the gutter and discuss things like science, politics and pop culture.

Why Do I Write

As a youngster I fantasized about  becoming a writer of fiction. Then I trained as an equity analyst and dreams came true. I had the great honor of perpetuating the mythology of the epoch (mid 2000s) – like the mining boom would be “stronger for longer” and “coal seam gas is good investment”.

Nowadays I view my writing as a community service. There are so many middle class mothers out there consumed with the tedium of raising kids, doing housework, balancing family life with paid employment, paying mortgages etc. These unsung heroes deserve an eyeful of steamin’ hawt crumpet and that is what I provide.  If there were a Nobel Prize for blogging I would a certain front runner. I’m sure Tony Abbott will draw from his suppository of wisdom and declare me a Dame.

Where the magic happens. Oh Ah - I have been sprung looking at obscene material again.

Where the magic happens. Oh Ah – I’ve been sprung looking at obscene material again.

How Does My Writing Process Work

Or not work as the case may be. Usually a smart arse comment will pop into my head – something like “Kim Kardashian has an arse-iscistic personality disorder”**. I will try to construct a post around that. On other occasions my husband will say something quirky or funny and I’ll feel compelled to lampoon him online. Sometimes I find myself feeling strongly about a political issue (like the recent Federal budget) and I’ll attempt to put something half sensible down about it.

I usually swish ideas around in my head for a few days before hitting the keyboard. Then I find that I can bash out 700 words quite quickly. The image sourcing takes more time but its a labor of love.

And now I’d like to pass the baton over to two lovely ladies whose wit and wisdom never fails to entertain. I present to you

Pinky Poinker

She’s precariously clinging to sanity one day at a time


Pinky-Banner-blocks-940x200 med


My Mid-Life Mayhem

The awful truth about middle age



Over to you ladies. Why do YOU write?

And a great BIG thanks to Mrs Woog. You’ve been very supportive of my humble efforts and it is truly appreciated. You are a good egg.




* Tom Hiddleston as Max Naughtious, a very cheeky young naval captain and Viggo Mortensen as Sir Richard (Dick) Dudley a cuckolded husband. (Face it Tom Hiddleston one of only about five people I might consider cuckolding Viggo for. Viggo is hawt)

** Actually not my line. It belongs to our friend  Mr Happy Camper.



23 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. You are hilarious! My day is not made without my daily dose of crumpet x

  2. I love your blog because it is one of the most well written, wittiest blogs on the web. And you tackle sensitive issues (eg recent Fed Budget) with style and without offending anyone who may disagree with you. Crumpet is good too. V.

  3. Love love love your work. As always. xx

  4. I second that – you are a hilarious, witty and clever wordsmith with just the right about of crumpet thrown in for good measure!!

  5. “arse-iscistic personality disorder” You are indeed a wordsmith, Mumabs!

  6. Even though the crumpet does draw me back again and again, it’s your witty and creatively original choice of words, the cheeky style and hilarity that has me clicking on your posts as soon as I see the emails in my Inbox. Thank you for passing the baton to me… I think. Somehow I suspect nothing I write will measure up against your naughty nuances 🙂 x

  7. Please get started on that bodice ripper Mumabs, the World is waiting. Well, I am anyway. 🙂

  8. It doesn’t surprise me that you and the Woogster are on the same page (so to speak). I’m just glad you DO write. Keep it up!

  9. I do love me a bit of crumpet with honey xxx

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  11. If I were tagged by Mrs Woog – I would print and frame it! But before I framed it, I would scan it – so I could brag with image evidence all over social media haha She is my bloggy idol – love her! Great to read your post and get to know you a bit more. If only I could be as witty and funny *sigh*. BTW – I love crumpets 🙂

  12. Love your blog. You’re a keeper in my blog reading list. There was one post I had no idea what you were talking about (it was me, not you) but I still had to comment because I just love your writing style. You always crack a smile from me when I read a post and that is a brilliant thing. And Mrs Woog knows what she’s talking about. A very good endorsement right there to pass you the baton. 😉

  13. You are brilliant and hilarious. The shirtless pictures are merely a bonus to your words x

  14. No matter how rough the day, or how sensitive the issue, Mumabulous guarantees crumpet and eye candy. You should go into politics Mumabs, you actually deliver on promises.

  15. Long live the crumpet – and Mumabs. You make me laugh when my kids have me on the verge of breakdown. That is a gift xx

  16. I’ve just discovered your blog via the lovely Sonia from Life, Love and Hiccups. Very funny read and in the words of Arnie “I will be back”!

  17. What I do not understand is why Golden Crumpets have not called? Do they not see a good thing when it hits them on the head 🙂 Love your work xx

  18. What a hoot. Terrific post–love all the wordsmithing. Cheers!

  19. Fab-abulous as usual! Kim K needs to beware, she is good writing material.

  20. “a bodice ripping romance novel” – Yeah, baby! My kind of crumpet! 🙂 x

  21. Laughing rather inappropriately at my desk at work reading this – THANK YOU!

  22. Love this, every time I need a good chuckle I head on over!!! I’ve been passed the baton too and am currently writing up mine!! Thanks for linking up again I love having you!!

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