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In economic news just to hand I went shopping. Analysts are currently busy upgrading their forecasts for retail spending, consumer confidence and GDP accordingly. I didn’t just spend like a drunken sailor. My performance was more like Wayne Swan in 2009. Β Unlike the nation my personal budget did not stray into deficit. However I managed to make a whopping great dent in the surplus.

I dont need to hire a spin doctor to put my own personal cash splash in a positive light. I was not squandering Dadabulous’ hard earned. I was investing it in the future of my fabulousness. OK – it wasn’t exactly national building stuff. It was more an exercise in “cougar” building. I have declared loudly and proudly many times on this blog my utter commitment to becoming a kooky old bag. With my 44th birthday fast approaching and a 12% increase in wrinklage according to the Ponds Institute (not to mention a few grey eyebrow hairs – WTF?), I’ve decided its high time to walk the talk.

Its time to unleash the animal within – specifically the cougar but the old cow gets a guernsy too. Its time to bring out the big guns – animal print.


With leopard print its double or nothing.

With leopard print its double or nothing.

And if you’ve got any attitude at all

you team your fur with pleather.

you team your fur with pleather.

Dadabulous wanted to know how many snakes were sacrificed to make this el cheapo knock off bag

the rest of that conversation is unprintable.

the rest of that conversation is unprintable.

Animal prints are fun but being a cougar can also be about pastels. Β I purchased this age inappropriate woollen tunic from Review.

I luff it.

I luff it.

Then I imposed my own taste upon my seven year old. I am completely bummed that this didn’t come in adult size 10.

Like mother like daughter.

Like mother like daughter.

Meanwhile sunglasses must reflect the personality of the owner.

In my case bright 'n cheap.

In my case bright ‘n cheap.

A cougar needs a few good role models. I was inspired by the Real Housewives of Melbourne I decided to let my inner sparkle shine through.

Appropriate day wear.

Appropriate day wear dont you think?

I reflect like a disco ball in this baby. It can be a tad distracting in the office.

Finally as my life is a bed of roses my choice of clothing should reflect this. I purchased this wool tunic dress from a chain called Blue Illusion. I think the shop would be better named “Have no illusion – you shop in here you are old”. Still it looks smoking with opaque tights and boots and it hides a multitude of winter sins.

I have no illusions blue or otherwise.

I have no illusions blue or otherwise.

Who wants to join my on the journey to Cougar Town?

More importantly do you feel a personal sense of obligation to stimulate the economy starting with the retail sector?



Here'a a gratuitous beach shot!

Here’a a gratuitous beach shot!


24 thoughts on “Get More Fabulous

  1. They do look fabulous….I think it’s a great mistake that we don’t walk around in evening gowns all the time. It would make life seem so much less mundane…

  2. I’m a bit too poor to splurge much at the moment but when I tend to I go all out. There’s no middle ground for me (with anything really: reading, TV, food, shopping), and once I start – I can’t stop!

    By the way, I have great confidence that everything you bought was on sale and fantastic value for money. So really… you were saving money!

  3. I love everything you bought. Especially the tunic with roses. You have great taste and are clearly a tiny little thing. I tagged you in my post πŸ™‚

  4. I gave the Endeavour Foundation op shop in Townsville a right going-over last week. No leopard skin t-shirts for me but I admire your pluck.

  5. No pink batts or school halls built? Just fair dinkum normal retail spending. You’ll never challenge Swany with this standard

  6. Whenever I walk through the kids section I am so jealous that the clothes aren’t in adult sizes.

  7. I love your purchases, specially the rosey knit dress. I will happily walk arm in arm with you to Cougar Town!

  8. I can’t imagine you being old at all. As for helping the economy… I do occasionally and wish I could invest more in this pursuit but alas the funds aren’t always available!

  9. Can you take me shopping? I fear I’m not dressing feminine enough…these outfits look divine. Quite the cougar indeed my friend! Thanks for linking – you are fabulous!

  10. I made the mistake of suggesting a friend and I have a late night browse at the sales last week instead of doing dinner. I think dinner would have been cheaper in the end! They were all clothes I ‘needed’ though…

  11. Love the outfits! I’m on the hunt for leopard print shoes, scarfs and cardigans as I am in love with this print right now but I don’t want to spend too much as I am on a tight budget. Love the beach shot. Stunning πŸ™‚ Maria. x

  12. Love me some leopard print & I think I NEED that gorgeous tunic with the roses. And YES, I also have noticed grey eyebrow hairs – what the!!!

    visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

  13. Nice work!!! I’m loving that Review outfit and the ‘have no illusion’ dress looks gorgeous too. I’m not an animal print fan, but my sis would go wild over that top and shoes grrr πŸ˜‰

  14. I would love to help the economy this way.
    I just fear it would be the equivalent of digging my own grave. πŸ™‚
    Very brave with the leopard print. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  15. Yes! Bring back sparkles to day wear! Love it all!!!

  16. Nice shopping!
    What is it with eyebrows as you get older?! Truly unexpected delights they are!

  17. Clothes don’t maketh the cougar on their own – you’ve got to have the attitude! I hope you’re working on a seriously predatory growl to go with that leopard print πŸ™‚

  18. I’m loviin the review tunic, and those sunnies are way flash! Go cougars!! πŸ™‚

  19. I’m late but so glad to get to your post, Mumabs. Love the cougar-gear although I feel it’s much too elegant to be deemed cougar-esque. I have a big weakness for dresses and skirts and on reading your post, was heartened at the dual benefit of fashionista indulgence and economic stimulus. πŸ™‚

  20. You will look mighty fabulous in those outfits! x

  21. What great taste you have, love the leopard printed top and shoes – perfect with the black pants.
    I went shopping today and purchased jeans, top and hi-heels. Like I am really going to have somewhere to wear them!!!
    But it did make me feel better πŸ™‚

  22. Love this!! The Leopard print outfit is just gorgeous!! Happy shopping! Love a little retail therapy….

  23. I have some serious shoe envy going on right now over those leopard print shoes. I did a little cougar shopping this weekend too and brought me a leopard top and another one with gold and silver pattern. Go the cougars. I love your choices chick and I am guessing Dadabulous does too πŸ˜‰ xx

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