Mojos MIA


At the moment I feel like I’m living in the Austin Powers universe. However instead of having a sassy code name such as Felicity Shagwell or Ivana Humpalot, I’m more like Ms Willa Knott. It’s as though Dr Evil  dispatched Fat Bastard to steal my Mojo with his high tech Mojo extractor.

Mumabulous is the latest victim of the Mojo extractor

Mumabulous is the latest victim of the Mojo extractor

I’m not talking about marital relations here. Thankfully for all I intend to stick to my pledge about not discussing that – what goes on between a vertically challenged middle aged couple stays between a vertically challenged middle aged couple. ( I hope you can scrub your mind clear of that mental image). Its more that my enthusiasm for certain mundane activities is waning.

My cooking mojo is missing in action

Decades ago the mother of an old flame said to me ” Daahling a woman faces two choices every day – what to wear and and what to cook”. As a first year economics student I was completely aghast. I’d never heard anything so antiquated. Fast forward twenty five years and I could see that the pearl and twin set wearing north shore matriarch who I completely disdained at the time had a point. Churning out meals and trying to make them even moderately interesting day after day is a major chore. I’ve got about 6 dishes on high rotation. Dadabs takes over the culinary duties on the weekend and knocks up Master Chef standard fare. Absolutely everything is plated up with style and garnished with fresh herbs from the garden no less. A humble sandwich is inedible without a decorative sprig of parsley.

After giving the matter all of 2 minutes of thought I initiated this seafood pizza.

After giving the matter all of 2 minutes of thought I initiated this seafood pizza.

My exercise mojo is missing in action

There is a reason why Mumabulous is NAWT a fitness blog. I’ll come right out and say that I do not enjoy working out (Although I dont mind bending my elbow or flexing my retina). Nevertheless I enjoy feeling fitter and trimmer as a result of exercise. Last year I was getting to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. This year sadly the effort/reward curve is flattening which is a fancy pants way of saying I couldn’t be bothered anymore.

The only time I’m get is after 8.30pm when the kids have gone to bed.  By then a comfy couch, a doona and series 4 of Game of Thrones via Chromecast awaits. I ask you blog fans – when faced with a choice between going for a walk in the frigid night air or sampling hawt leather clad dudes wielding swords what would you do?

Meanwhile unlike in Game of Thrones summer is coming and this is my bikini. Its a frightening prospect.

Summer is coming!

Summer is coming!

I really need to find my “Eye of the Tiger” or rather “Eye of the Cougar”, make like Rocky and get myself match fit.* Either that or invest in a sequinned leopard skin print kaftan.

Meanwhile my gym gear mocks me!

Meanwhile my gym gear mocks me!

Screw it - have a coffee instead.

Screw it – have a coffee instead.


My blogging mojo is missing in action

Have you noticed that the internet is currently awash with blogging tips and advice? Like the proverbial rebel without a clue I am completely ignoring all of it. Hence my lack of success as a blogger.

When it comes to blogging I'm the wild one.

When it comes to blogging I’m the wild one. (Brando was hawt for a nano-second 60 years ago.)

Recently I’ve read about the importance of having a niche in social media. “Niche” is defined by as “a shallow recess”. Last time I looked I was not in need of any recess either shallow or deep. What’s wrong blogging about anything and everything? I stick to the philosophy that Variety is a Spice Girl.

Similarly I am reading countless dissertations about finding your “authentic voice”, “letting your readers fall in love with the real you” yada, yada, yada. This theory completely discounts the joy of writing as a caricature. Brenda can authentically tell you that it is awesome fun to have an alter ego. Would you rather read Brenda’s authentic thoughts about domestic life or Mumabulous’ inauthentic thoughts about being a dirty old lady?

Has your mojo ever gone MIA? How did you get your groove back?

This is how Stella got her groove back. Lots like she's been at the gym.

This is how Stella got her groove back. Looks like she’s been at the gym.




*Some musical motivation to get myself back to the treadmill. Cue the strains of the Rocky theme song

“Its the eye of the cougar

Cops a perve at the gym

Checking out all the hunky young crumpets

And the free weights section

Is so entertaining

Cause she’s watching them all with the eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Of the cougar.”



34 thoughts on “Mojos MIA

  1. “Would you rather read Brenda’s authentic thoughts about domestic life or Mumabulous’ inauthentic thoughts about being a dirty old lady?” Definitely the latter.

  2. It’s winter. It will return with the heat. Extended gawping session of Fassbender required.

  3. I’ve lost my mojo as well. Particularly my exercise and cleaning mojo. As for my cooking mojo – it comes and goes. (Have to say – though I don’t eat seafood – that pizza looks bloody good!)

  4. It’s that time of the year Mumabs. The rain and the cold wash away all mojo. Best fertilise with wine and leather cladded sword wielders! Return of the Mojo will strike back 😉 Having a perve at the gym sounds like a good excuse for exercise.
    I love the personality that comes through on this blog, you’re an ace.

  5. Do you know what? I think there is a whole lot of BS in all the blogging shoulds/musts/have-tos and essentials. Everybody is a freaking expert. But the thing is, if you go back to the bare roots of why you started to blog, it was just to write. That was it. Maybe as an outlet for something, maybe just because you like to write. You didn’t start blogging to build a social media empire, or to have the most liked Printables collection. All the crap that is out there about monetising, networking, SEO, blahblah , it doesn’t really matter. Not as long as your blog fills the shallow crevice inside YOU., because that’s what you created it for.
    PS My gym has a coffee shop with hot chips double caramel mocha lattes and cheesecake in the freaking building! Cruel world

  6. I assumed we were already reading Brenda’s authentic thoughts on domestic life – and all other manner of topics – through the wry, entertaining lens of Mumabulous. The same object, if you will, just through some designer shades?

  7. I can remember when the idea of wearing a bikini was still in my mind. The leopard print caftan is definitely more my style now. This is one of your best Mumabs 🙂 Especially your song at the end.

  8. You don’t need to give us advice, in fact unless it’s about how to find the best crumpet I wouldn’t listen anyone, I find that everyone is an expert these days. Your niche is your awesome wit and don’t worry there is still a place in the world for us non-successful bloggers! I hate exercising but I have no excuse not to, a treadmill in garage with TV with USB box thingee there…
    No one writes the way you do – and it’s a rare treat to read, I shit you not and you know I’m not full of crap! Just chocolate and booze 🙂 Thanks for linking my friend x

  9. Your MOJO is just in winter hibernation. As for your blog and writing style – you have nothing to worry about there.

  10. ‘Authentic voice’ … ‘Niche’ … it’s all a load of tosh isn’t it? I don’t even know what it means … What does it mean? Do those people who write about it even know what it means??

    I vote for sitting in the Costa concession in the gym wearing the bikini under a kaftan having lots of inauthentic thoughts and knitting yourself a new mojo!

  11. Tee hee, love the song parody. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cooking mojo, or a bikini, come to think of it. You probably do have a niche – humour. You’re funny- in a good way. xo

  12. My mojo is always taking off to the corner store for a pack of cigarettes and not coming back for months. I wait like a sad puppy for his return.

  13. I think it’s best to leave niche people to the niches, we can fly in the face of convention…but that’s why I too am a roaring success….

  14. I shall now blame my lack of culinary prowess, exercising and bad housekeeping on my lack of mojo 😉 I just dislike all three lol. And your niche is life through your “dirty old lady” lens xxx deb

  15. I gave up watching TV years ago, it’s the only way I can fit everything in but with all this GoT talk, I’m almost wanting to take it up again. Perhaps I could place the exercise bike in front of the TV and call it multi tasking. How many hours of GoT is there? I could be rather fit by the end of the series.

  16. Lol. I would much rather read your inauthentic thoughts as a dirty old lady 🙂 My cooking mojo comes and goes – mainly goes. One thing I always have mojo for though is Vikings. Ooh ahh.

  17. I’ve also been in a similar situation, moved to new house, not working out, lost all interest in doing gardening (which I normally love) and baking hasn’t really been of interest either…I am moving house in the new few weeks and hoping this puts a spring back into my step!

  18. I do like your bikini, but there’s always an industrial strength lycra one piece with strategically placed ruching and crazy wild pattern to draw away from my non-bikini worthy bits. So pass me another wine instead of my gym gear….

  19. I think winter brings lack of mojo on all fronts.. and I will take your most humorous ‘real voice’ thanks… its still real as it is yours just spouting made up words… fine by me 🙂

  20. I have never had a mojo to lose when it comes to cooking and exercise, as for a niche? Isnt that some kind of fancy French food? Keep the crumpet and hilarity coming, and forget looking for the mojo.. stuff it, it can come and find you 😉 xx

  21. Defiantly blame it on the weather

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  23. So true about the cooking mojo – we’ve been recycling some of our standard options so often that we don’t like them anymore and they have been banished until 2015!

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