I’ll Show You Mine


So the the lovely Em at Have a Laugh On Me and the fabulous Kirsten and Kirsten and Co have shown us theirs. Handbags that is. I invite you to go and judge these ladies by the contents of their carry alls  –  here http://havealaughonme.com/2014/07/24/behold-the-contents-of-my-handbag/  and here http://kirstenandco.com/whats-in-your-handbag/.

As my favorite fearless blog-panions* have bared all its time for me to show you mine as it were. Drumroll please.

Here is my handbag.

Release your inner serpent!

Release your inner serpent!

I chose the faux snake skin because it represents my animal spirit – a sinful serpent. Ssssssssssssssssss!  Not really – I chose it because it was cheap and I have been known to be a tight wad. More importantly the black and grey colour scheme accessorizes perfectly with grime.

Keeping with the snake metaphor (because I am enjoying it so much), let’s shed a layer of skin. Here is what lies beneath.

Its what's on the inside that counts.

Its what’s on the inside that counts.


 Not one but two pairs of garish sunglasses – because as I always say Variety is a Spice Girl. If I’m in work mode I go for the conservative beige pair. If I am feeling just a little cheeky however I will don the bright pink number in order to guarantee maximum clash with my outfit.

Not one but two pink hair ties – which coordinate spectacularly with the sunglasses. Fashion bloggers everywhere should be trembling at their keyboards.

Not one but two pens – you never know when a hunk is going to ask you for a pen hopefully to take down your phone number. Sorry you caught me day dreaming again. Nowadays I give out phone numbers for the purposes of play dates rather than hawt dates.

Wallet – Because money talks and it says “Make mine a large skinny cappuccino please”.

Coinage – Which has staged a mass breakout from the confines of my wallet.

Cards –  These appear to have teamed up with the shrappa and escaped my wallet.

Bus ticket – Dadabs office is located in FunkyTown where the hills are alive with the sound of parking meters. Besides bus travel gives me ample time to consume social media through my phone. I dont do nearly enough of that otherwise.

Comb and lipstick – A rare concession towards good grooming.

Gym tag and locker key – Like my good self these items haven’t seen much action lately.

Kleenex Clean an Fresh Wipes – Because spills happen. You can be certain that the most disastrous spills (I’m talking chocolate milkshake and on white T shirt ) will occur when you haven’t got these babies with you. Its a predictable as the sun rising in Sydney’s East and shining all day out of the East’s collective derriere.

Miscellaneous receipts –  which really need to go into the recycling but I’ve been slack.

Keys – God have mercy on my soul if these ever go missing again because Dadabs surely wont.

I trust you’ve been titilated by my big reveal. Why dont you show us yours?









* A term I just invented meaning people you’ve become friendly with through blogging if not IRL.


9 thoughts on “I’ll Show You Mine

  1. Style all the way Mumabs. What I would expect from you. I wrote one of these last year called “What I keep in my handbag” I think so I won’t partake of this prompt. It scared and scarred everyone the first time 🙂

  2. Two pairs of sunglasses, I love the way you think. Not much action happening around here either, I feel that I should be more upset by that than I am. A very respectable stash my friend!!

  3. Love your invented term, blog-panion! Also love that your hair ties co-ordinate with your sunnies x

  4. Bahhahahahahahhha! I saw Emily’s post and blogged about mine too! I love that you have two of everything that I carry zero of. If I ever get stuck in a crisis I hope you are somewhere in the vicinity. Here’s what is in mine. I’m all about minimalism. http://hugzillablog.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/poke-around-in-zillas-fanny-pack-you-might-find-a-set-of-testes/

  5. What an incredibly tidy bag you have. I’m very impressed and have the ‘back-up’ sunnies, pen, hairband etc!

  6. I have to say, I think your bag is pretty tidy and presentable. I’m a bit scared of looking in mine and having some living thing looking back at me.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I had a look in mine today and discovered lots of unopened mail – oops! Otherwise, pretty similar. Maybe less coins thanks to thieving children.

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  9. I think I need a handbag. Or is that a man bag?

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