Gimme Some Lovin’


If you are an aficionado of blogs and all things social media you will be aware of the epic shindig that just happened on the Gold Coast. Doubtless you know who wore what, who hung out with whom and are able to quote every drop of inspirational ambrosia that spilled from convenor Darren Rowse’s lips. The Pro-blogger event is meant to be a gathering of the who’s who of the blogeratti but this year it wasn’t. This year Mumabulous’ conspicuous absence cast a dark shadow over the hallowed halls of the QT hotel.

The entire she-bang was much the poorer for omitting my session on adding  humor to your blog through the strategic use of the word “honk”.  As I am a generous soul I will give you a small taste.

Dirk Digler for parliament. Now that’s what I call an honorable member! HONK!

A well placed visual for comic effect.

A well placed visual for comic effect.

I tell you he won’t be the biggest dirk in the joint. HONK!

And the word play keeps coming. HONK! HONK!

BTW - Its September 1 - Boregust is over.

Dirk Digler and Amber Waves in Boogie Nights. BTW – Its September 1 – Boregust is over.

Cheekiness aside, I  have been subjected to  a constant flow of shiny happy bloggers having the time of their lives through my Facebook feed. It brings back the fragile emotions of my High School days. That Goth chick not invited to the party with the cool kids – AGAIN. It sux to be me.

This is me not going to ProBlogger

This is me not going to ProBlogger

The stupid thing is I don’t feel ostracised by the blog community. As I sit alone at my desk in rainy Sydney, a glass of shiraz in hand, I am feeling the love of the blog world. It’s all because of Liebster.


Liebster  is basically a chain letter that circulates the blogosphere.  Bloggers answer 10 questions about themselves then create another 10 questions for 10 fresh bloggers. The whole thing expands  exponentially until everyone in the universe is touched.

Over the past few weeks I was lucky enough to be tagged by these lovely ladies.

Kirsten & Co

You Learn Something New Everyday (affectionately known as YLSNED)

Hugzilla (affectionately known as the anti-thermomix)

 And I got a Versatile Bloggers Award from Pinky Poinker – same stuff, different format

 Unfortunately I cant do justice to them all as answering 40 questions would make cumbersome reading. Instead I will stick to the first three questions from each.

First cab off the rank is Kirsten:

What was the last thing you ate?  

This afternoon Dadabulous recreated the vanilla slice of his child hood. It was a retro concoction complete with sao biscuit crust. The fancy pants even drizzled chocolate over it. More interestingly the last thing I drank was a cheeky glass of Wolf Blass Founders Selection Shiraz.

Vanilla Slice Slice Baby!

Vanilla Slice Slice Baby!

What’s your favourite colour?

I love the green of money and the pink of my pink diamond engagement ring (you need a microscope to see them but they are there.)

Photographic proof

Photographic proof

Summer or Winter?

I can answer this by saying young men don’t stride up my local high street in their bathers during winter.

Next up is YSNED:

What’s your favourite chocolate flavour?

Generally speaking if its not over 70% cacoa it doesn’t rate.  Mind you have you tried Lindt Creme Brulee? Oh My. If the essence of Fassbender were chocolatified this would be the result.

Oh my!

Oh my!

What song do you play to get you in the mood for a party?

“Its raining men” by the Weather Girls. It gets me seriously pumped for a long afternoon of pass the parcel and musical statues.

What’s the funniest/strangest way you’ve ever injured yourself?

On a first date I feel off a bar stool and hit my head on the way back up. Luckily for me the date was unchivalrous and laughed. NB:  It wasn’t Dadabulous.

Your turn Hugzilla:

What was your favourite subject at school?

History – Bonnet dramas are hawt.

How easily do you wake up when your alarm goes off?

Not very.

You could never miss a single episode of which TV show?

GAME OF THRONES!  If you skip an episode you return to find your favorite characters are dead!

Finally Pinky has asked me to relate seven things you might not know about me. In the interests of symmetry I’ll keep it to three.

1. I’ve just done a 2 day course in Illustrator hence the new look blog. Its what happens when amateurs are let loose on the Creative Cloud.

2. Whenever Dadabs chastises the girls for joking about poos and wees I burst out  laughing.

3. Nikki Minaj has confused me. I have spent all my life thinking that my size 10 butt was too big. Now it seems it is nowhere near big enough. I cant win!


By now anyone who’s ever blogged has been Liebstered so its time to call an official end to this.


Did you go to Pro-blogger and have an absolute blast? Go on rub it in.

Are you feeling loved by the blog community?

Mumabulous out.


30 thoughts on “Gimme Some Lovin’

  1. SNAP! Our engagements rings are almost exactly the same except your diamond is about twice the size of mine. But I love my little pink diamonds. More to the point, I love the new look Mumabulous design. It reflects your inner cougar so much better xx

  2. All the tweeting from the Gold Coast definitely made one feel like a wallflower. But I knew there was a reason why I didn’t go to ProBlogger – no honky Mumabs presentation!

  3. It’s a little known fact that I boycotted the entire event in protest at your absence.

  4. Didn’t go. So over blog conferences :p

  5. You and I both missed out on PB this year! Next year lets run rampant!?

    I’m a history lover too. Bonnet dramas – the best! I once performed the role of Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice! There’s some random trivia for you 🙂

  6. I didn’t go either. Which is pretty much the same thing as if I did. No difference really. Nobody would notice. Anyway, you had me at ‘chocolate’. That Lindt Creme Brulee does look sublime. *drools*

  7. Well I didn’t tweet from ProBlogger because I don’t know how to tweet on my phone because I’m an old granny. It was great but I did miss all the girls I interact with. A lot. I can just imagine you watching all the half-naked men walking down your street sticking your head out the window and honking them! Vanilla slice… yum…

  8. Sorry, you lost me at “cumbersome”. Kx

  9. Hey, I’ve never met you, and this is crazy, but you weren’t at PB, and I missed you baby. Seriously. Hope I get to meet you in person one day. You can fall off a bar stool; I can trip over it trying to help you. Or perhaps trip over my own foot. Or the air. x

  10. The blogging lovefest has me reaching for the vom bag (am a blog reader not a blogger). Seriously bloggers you have an audience other than bloggers, get back to blogging about your usual shit. Lovely ring BTW Mumabulous – love a bit of pink on the side.

  11. so glad you are feeling the blog love 🙂 im super new and would love to connect to bloggers like yourself! so hope you come over and check out my page too 🙂 good luck with all the info you sucked out of the pbevent!!

  12. I totally went. And I totally loved it. And if I ever have to miss one in the future, I would bawl 🙂

  13. I loved all the tweets from ProBlogger – I even learnt something (and took down a few posts for legal reasons…opps!) I got a tweet yesterday from Melbourne Mum that absolutely made my day and I am so chuffed I might even write about it (but that may make me look like a nut…not that I usually let that stop me…) So I do love the tweeps and usually they make me feel great 🙂

  14. Go the course, you’ve done well! I’m very jelly of your pink diamonds, pre-kids we talked about getting one but then just followed the crowd and got a normal one 😦 I really have to be my Liebster post, I have FIVE nominations, not sure how I’ll tackle it- probably just one question from each – less boring for my fellow readers that way. Thanks for linking x

  15. I did really enjoy Problogger, but a couple of the drier sessions about technological what-nots and business plans would absolutely have been improved by a witty Fassbender-oriented double entendre! Big congrats on the new look site. Lovin’ the leopard! I have a Liebster nomination awaiting my attention too. I liked your approach 🙂

  16. I’m so devo you weren’t there. I would have loved to have met you IRL to chat about Rollo and the like … Meanwhile, that must have been one hell of an Illustrator course. Well done.

  17. Three cheers for an old-school vanilla slice! And I do love an award post to get to know everyone a bit better 🙂

  18. Didn’t go to problogger, and kind of boycotted IG because of it. I was green with envy!!
    I would love to learn how to use illustrator. I didn’t know you could do courses.

  19. No problogger for me, Mumabs, so like Jess, I went light on with social media for the weekend so I didn’t feel any left-outedness 🙂

    Congrats on your award!

  20. I finally got to PB this year and had a great time but it would have been fun to meet you. Funnily enough I do feel loved in the blog community but it has taken me ages to get to that point. Maybe you will make the next one?

  21. No PB here… the constant stream of photographs capturing the shenanigans made me wish I had attended.
    Illustrator – very fancy! The blog is looking great.
    As for pink diamonds… they are on my wishlist.

  22. Yay! for the first of September, or should I say Honktember.
    I bought the latest Delicious mag, it came with a free block of Creme Brulee. It didn’t make it to the supermarket car park. I have taken a liking to salt in my chocolate lately too.

  23. I seriously did not know you used Saos for that! I was at Problogger and whilst it was great you probably saw the best bits on instagram 😉 Wish you could have been there so I could have met you though chick xx

  24. Re blogger community – I think you recommended my blog and then it went on the Always Josefa Duf Duf and then others found me and that’s just lovely. Thank you. I think your blog is great too. Love the blogging community. x

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