Ultimate Solidarity


It seems to me that the issues that threaten to tear friends, family and even civilization as we know it asunder are often the most trifling. Technology has banished some of these pressing questions like Beta vs VHS or Holden vs Ford to the annals of history. Only a few die hards cling on to these ancient rivalries.  Other quandaries like The Beatles versus The Rolling Stones seem to spring eternal, gaining new life with every passing generation (unlike the Stones themselves – by what miracle is Keith Richards still alive?). Some conflicts are seasonal – arising only in September- like which NRL team is the most despicable  – Manly, The Broncos or the Bulldogs? The argy bargy reaches fever pitch over the October long weekend then blows over like a summer breeze (or a coke snorting footy groupie).

Oh to have been a fly on the wall that evening.

Oh to have been a fly on the wall that evening.

In modern society nothing is more divisive than confection. The war between M&Ms and Smarties rages on. Within the M&M camp there is a civil conflict between peanut and non peanut. Crunchie sadly appears to be winning its epic struggle with Violet Crumble. I risked ripping my family apart when I asked my brother in law (Uncle-abulous) about his preference for a new Tim Tam flavour. He suggested Turkish Delight! Argh! I did not know I had married into a family of culinary Philistines. I told him that Turkish Delight is an abuse of innocent chocolate. The answer that I was looking for was Cherry Ripe. Dont even get me started on Bounty. Its putrid.

Somebody call the police! Good chocolate is being abused!

Somebody call the police! Good chocolate is being abused!

Within my marriage I run a daily gauntlet of minor conflicts. I marvel that with as many as 2 out of 3 marriages lasting, the divorce rate is so low. The biggest source of tension in my relationship is the toast. I’ve been known to fancy pale and interesting men but when it comes to toast a rich shade of mid brown appeals. Dadabs thinks that by over cooking the toast I am going to give the whole family cancer. I  think that Dadabs is paranoid about cancer and if you are going to die anyway you may as well enjoy crunchy toast. Dadabs also believes that I overuse cleaning products and  exposing the whole family to carcinogenic chemicals. This only strengthens my point that he is paranoid about cancer. Why does he not understand the principle that the more cleaning agent you use the cleaner your surfaces will be. Clearly its a case of

You like potato and I like potahto
You like tomato and I like tomahto
Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto.
Let’s call the whole thing off

We are fortunate that social media provides a platform where we can mass debate. If Facebook is anything to go by (often its the only thing to go by) the question du jour is “To burqa or not to burqa?” Many Australian’s are preoccupied with discussing what they find more confronting – an Islamic woman in a burqa or Tony Abbott in Speedos. Of course I am being facetious. There’s a more serious discourse going on here about tolerance and the rights of the individual versus the need to keep Australia safe from terrorists. However I feel that the resulting furore has thrown a burqa over more pressing issues. For example I wish there’d been as much public discourse on whether we should again send troops to the Middle East.

Despite all the seemingly unresolvable conflict around us  I’ve observed green shoots of hope recently.   Australians of all color and creed are uniting in their condemnation of Blake the Bachelor. Apparently he proposed to one of the dolly birds (as he was contractually obligated to do) then bailed without explanation when the cameras stopped rolling. The chorus of “jack ass” is deafening and the verdict that his behaviour was “Not cool” is unanimous.  To me its proof that it is possible to set aside our differences and realize that the things that unite us are stronger than those that divide. All it takes is some trash TV. Who would have thunk that The Bachelor would lead to ultimate solidarity? Go Team Australia!


Let me hear you say "Jack Ass"

Let me hear you say “Jack Ass”


What are the great ongoing arguments in your life?

Do you feel that your disdain for Blake has brought you just a little bit closer to your fellow citizens?

Does the world need more trash TV?



PS: Time for me to confess that I did not watch The Bachelor. I didn’t watch Offspring either. Despite giving birth to two kids I sometimes wonder if I am infact a woman.

42 thoughts on “Ultimate Solidarity

  1. I am with you all the way on Turkish Delight, but respectfully disagree on Bounty. It is a much maligned and under-rated chocolate bar. I’m also a bit mystified that you like Cherry Ripe but not Bounty – to me they are very close cousins, what, with all that coconut and such. And thank you for making me want to eat chocolate for breakfast.

    • Its got to do with getting the balance right when it comes to coconut. Bounty is all coconut and hence IMNSHO foul.

    • I like Bounty bars too but I would never pay for one. Perhaps because they are less sophisticated than the multi-faceted flavour bomb that is the Mars Bar and therefore seem poor value for money. Has Alan Kohler done a graph about best value for money confectionery?

      Not even kids like Turkish Delights. Begone, gelatinous

  2. I did not watch The Bachelor on the principle that I am stupid enough already. I have never watched Offspring because there must have been something I liked on another station. I hate Turkish delight chocolate too. BUT… I don’t like burnt toast or overuse of chemically based cleaning products (mainly cos I hate cleaning).

  3. What a diverse world it is. I did not watch either the bachelor or offspring – altho loved Ninas outfits via Styling You blog. I love my toast a rich brown and am incensed at any pale shaded offering – surely that is just warm bread! I hate cleaning and resent the shopping days I have to venture into that aisle in the supermarket. But the real reason I question whether I am in fact a woman is…. Wait for it….. I don’t like chocolate – yes that’s right. But I don’t tell too many people cause the reaction is so extreme as to suggest I am secretly a terrorist. I live a life of having to pretend I too am in love with chocolate just to fit in with my peers.

  4. No Offspring???????????

    Dislikes Turkish deliiiiiiiight????????

    Hmmmmmm cheery ripe Tim Tams. Says no to The Bachelor (gold star)……..Ok redeemed thyself. 😉

    • I want everyone to understand that I don’t really have anything against Offspring. Its just that as my TV time is limited I prefer to expend it on leather clad hunks – eg: Game of Thrones and Vikings.

  5. I too was a Bachelor non watcher – I did read EVERY word of Rosie Waterland’s hysterical recap of every episode though! I am qualified to say he is indeed a jackass, well said Sam…

  6. I don’t watch any Aussie TV really, especially not the Bachelor and Aussie drama makes me cringe. Re the burqa I think it is up to the individual if they want to wear it and it shouldn’t be banned. That being said, I still find seeing women walking down the street fully covered confronting. Maybe it is because it is not common around where I live? Maybe it is because culturally I still can’t understand why women should be covered from head to toe including their face? But I don’t think it is wrong to find it confronting. What would be wrong is if I said nobody should be allowed to wear it. Big difference. Thankfully, Australia is still a free country.

    • I dont know if “confronting” is the word I would use but the burqa is at odds with our Western culture, specifically beliefs about the rights of women. Nevertheless we dont have the right to tell people what to wear and TA did stress that.

  7. VHS, Ford, Beatles, M&Ms, Cherry Ripe sounds like a good idea, just golden and based on The Project interview, I’m on Sam’s side!

  8. The debate about whether the toilet roll should go under or over is one that has been waged for decades amongst my family and it’s gotten to the point where we don’t dare mention it around the dinner table anymore, lest we end up in a screaming food fight.

    Ditto anything to do with muslims as I have one family member who was bought up in a very sheltered, very white community and therefore thinks all muslims are bad, mmmkay, and that we should just drop a nuke on the entire middle east and be done with them. Needless to say when those nasty illegal queue jumpers are mentioned on the TV news at family night we switch the box off quick smart! Some things are just not worth talking about with some people!
    (Visiting on behalf of #teamIBOT today x)

  9. Violet crumbles all the way! Sadly they are becoming more difficult to come by:(

  10. Ok my hand is up. I watched both series of the Australian Bachelor. I’m one of the few ( I think) to say I don’t think Blake did anything really wrong. He made hay while the sun ( or 24 or so girls fawned over him) shined as I see it. It was free will of the girls to commit and pledge undying devotion to a stranger.
    As to me, our dispute is between Pepsi vs Coke. Coke wins hands down in my book. Hey I’d compete with 24 girls to win the last available bottle even if it did fizz and go flat as soon as I opened it :))

    • Yes – its a bit much to expect these people to find true luuuuuuurve 4EVA. Hopefully Blake’s 15 minutes is at an end and he can go back to the obscurity he so richly deserves.

  11. There is definitely not enough trash TV on TV! Speaking of TV, thanks for the Vikings link. LOVE those hawt Vikings! Meanwhile, I’m with you on turkish delight. Vomit. Give me cherry ripe any day.

  12. No, no more trash TV. I think we have more than enough! Although I’ve been loving Reality Check lately, and it couldn’t exist without pageants of misery like the Bachelor. I’m Team Bounty, never Team Turkish Delight. My daughter had that great rite of passage recently when she was given a Turkish Delight from her Grandma’s box of Favourites (or Roses, not sure). She tried so hard to swallow it! My heart bled for her.

  13. I don’t watch TV at all, which means I made a bit of a fool of myself last year when someone called Patrick died and it was all over my Facebook feed. I spent the day trying to work out how all my friends far and wide knew him and then wondered which famous person it might be. IN the end I asked at it was to do with Offspring.

  14. I don’t get men in dresses as funny. What’s that about?? Also didn’t watch Bachelor, or Offspring. I don’t understand how Chrunchie is even in the running with Violet Crumble…

  15. Cherry Ripe & Bounty are both yuk cos coconut is just so ewww.

    On the Blake front yes I watch the Bachelor, but only to watch the fallout between all the girls. I think the aftermath has definitely been more interesting than the show so you didn’t really miss much by not watching. I thought he was an ass the whole way through the show anyway and the ending just proves it.

  16. I didn’t watch the Bachelor until I read Rosie’s episode rundowns. Then I had to because SO FUNNY!
    Look, any guy that flexes his muscles for the camera whilst reading what must be the heaviest newspaper in existence is probably not going to be anyone’s first choice for marriage.
    We have a toast issue here too – although I make it too pale and Pal likes it too burnt and OMG don’t even get us started on crunchy vs smooth peanut butter (SMOOTH? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? GROSS!)

  17. I watched neither the Bachelor or Offspring. Aside from switching on the ABC news I shun TV, allowing Bearhands to watch world’s deadliest something or other and reruns of the 1985 grand final unchallenged. I will admit to watching the grand final last weekend though. I cheered for the Bunnies and wondered who on earth hired Slash in an attempt to kickstart stadium karaoke.

  18. I can’t stand Bounty and I don’t know what all the fuss is about with Turkish Delight. I am a huge Cherry Ripe fan. I once watched five whole minutes of The Bachelor by accident and I’ve never been the same since. You can come sit by me! x

  19. OMG that Bachelor thing is just not going to go away is it? In this house the big conflicts are about tractors (he really wants a new one) and picking your clothes off the floor or at least attempting to put them in the laundry basket. WHY IS THAT SO HARD! Sorry yelling again!

    PS I love a Bounty!

  20. I’ll pretty much eat any chocolate – what I hate is when SD offers me a penguin and actually believes it’s an acceptable substitute for chocolate. I actually like my toast burnt but only when I have it with marmalade, at all other times it needs to be a light to mid brown …

  21. Finally! Another woman who didn’t watch The Bachelor or Offspring. There may have been (although short lived) celebration in my house when I heard that the show was being cancelled. If I have to read one more tweet about how people miss Patrick I may have to strangle some people.

  22. How did I NOT KNOW about cherry ripe Tim Tams! So I have to confess, I was totally sucked into the whole Bachelor thing and totally got caught up in the anti douche bag mentality… but now I actually kind of feel sorry for the guy. he is still a douched, but a douche who stuffed up and hey, I MAKE plenty of mistakes so I cant afford to get all stabby with my finger. But back to the Tim Tams…. 😉 xx

  23. My house wouldn’t be complete without a packet of Tim Tams in the fridge, as for Turkish Delight…blahhhhh….but then that’s not real turkish delight, the real stuff is to die for!! I didn’t watch the Bachelor, that show just annoys the hell out of me and I also must admit I didn’t really watch Offspring either….but it’s every man for himself with the remote control around here……..poor Mum generally misses out….

  24. LOL! I have never understood Turkish Delight – even in its purest form…blagh! I think The Bachelor scandal is hilarious! I’m so glad I didn’t watch it. Look at all these jipped, “betrayed” viewers! Now, there’s a whole TV season they won’t get back!

  25. Yeah I am sorry but there is no way I could eat chocolate with “Turkish Delight” in it! Its so very wrong….
    And we don’t have a TV so I didn’t watch the Bachelor but I did see the back lash on line….what I have to wonder is, Why would such a good looking man have to go on live TV to find his perfect match??? Seriously….if someone that good thinking couldn’t find his future partner in the real world then there is something wrong.
    Hubby and I disagree on a lot of things – parenting styles seems to be our ongoing issue!

  26. A fly on the wall would have been of it’s rocker on the fumes Mumabs. Geez I would have loved that gig!
    I had a nephew who once SCREECHED at me that he did not want vegemite on his toast, when in fact there was NO vegemite on his toast. A lover of the paler shade of cancer toast if there was any!

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