Who needs All-Bran?


Sometimes I enjoy having the shites. A little outrage gets the heart pumping. It stirs the blood. Adrenaline surges through the cells making me feel like a vital human being with a brain. Days spent trying to entertain a preschooler have had a deadening effect on my mental and emotional faculties. Chasing lite relief through the the Facebook Viking Fan page  provides a temporary treat for my eyes but doesn’t shake me out of my malaise. I mean it is a disgrace that several  hunks on that show are unvalued by the  viewing public (I’ve just been through a 100 hawtest hunks on TV list and not a cracker people – not a cracker! No FOTC or Jon Snow either!), but its difficult to get  worked up about the issue. By contrast reading the Daily Telegraph does it for me.

Facebook politics – the mental equivalent of All Bran

Its peversely pleasurable and gives me a rare sense of intellectual superiority. Its sad that I have to trawl the bottom of Australia’s media barrel to feel smart. Anyhow recently I read something on Facebook that really, really gave me the shits.  It was the mental equivalent of having eaten All Bran with prunes for  week. The experience was less than sanguine. In fact it made me despair for humanity. No it wasn’t some hack criticizing Michael Fassbender’s acting skills. It was a political post. Specifically this one from the ALP:

Australian Labor Party shared a link.

Moments ago Christopher Pyne said in Question Time that they had an “avalanche of support” for the Americanisation of universities. Yet 20,000 have signed our petition in 24 hours. Add your name here:

Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne’s unfair Budget will create $100,000 degrees and force Australians across the country into a debt sentence. Tell Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne that their higher education changes are short-sighted and unfair.
Firstly I need to qualify I am not a “liker” of the ALP nor any other political group on Social Media. Nor am I an apologist for the ALP who I believe  handled certain things very badly (carbon tax, mining tax, corporate welfare). You know there’s a “but” coming. Here it is;
BUT – I feel very strongly about this particular issue. I am vehemently against the proposed cuts to funding, deregulation of university fees and higher interest charges on HELP debt.
The age of entitlement is over now that he's had all the entitlements.

The age of entitlement is over now that he’s had all the entitlements.

Only the University of Western Australia has announced what it will charge if the new regime is passed. However it appears that fees will have to increase by at least 30% to cover the shortfall in government funding. It is feared that as Universities will be able to charge what the market will bear fees for some high demand courses could skyrocket by as much as 60%.

There is already a gaping chasm dividing opportunities for  rich and poor in this country. Its about to get wider. To be fair, the changes include a scholarship program for the disadvantaged which is marvelous. Yet on balance I fear that substantially increasing the amount students will have to pay for their qualifications roadblocks the less well off.

At the moment the changes are before the senate and it looks like that crazy cat Clive Palmer wont be letting it through.

I cant believe I agree with Clive Palmer.

I cant believe I agree with Clive Palmer.

The thing that caused me my extreme mental diarrhoea was the comments attached to the Facebook post. My faith in humanity has taken a bashing. For example;

Let’s just burden low wage income earners to pay for other peoples uni fees who will end up earning more than the people paying the taxes

Is there a petition to sign because I do not want to pay for bludgers and idiots to attempt further education at our expense…

Get a job, contribute to AUSTRALIA..

Stop the take take take mentality

Why am I a taxpayer one who will never use the University system being made to pay taxes, so someone elses kids can go to uni? User pays im afraid, its the way of the world.

Why shouldn’t the individual that benefits from the education, pay a reasonable amount for the qualification that will entitle them to a life of oncoming luxury…

Robbing poor kids, to pay for rich, and middle class kids to go to university at someone else’s expense, so that for the rest of their life, that highly educated person can look down on the labourer that paid for his education

Why should I pay for some other kids education I’m more than happy to pay for my kids only . So that increase makes me happy

Ive work for over 45 years and as a single person raised and educated my daughter through Uni so why am I now responsible for other people to go to Uni, if someone can explain this please do.

AAAAAArgh make it stop!

I cant believe the self centredness and short sightedness of some individuals out there. Why indeed should anyone contribute anything  that might benefit someone other than themselves? Why should my taxes go to building roads that I won’t drive on and hospitals that I wont visit? Why should I pay for your old age pension?

Getting a tertiary education is not freeloading as some of these commentators believe. Currently students pay 40% of their tuition back through the HELP system. If they are fortunate enough to earn a high salary (unlike highly educated nurses, teachers and social workers) they will give back far more in higher taxes. Hence these bludgers that you supported through uni will subsidize your Family Tax Benefit, your Child care rebate, your baby bonus and your Medicare.

Next time you need a medical professional, switch your computer on or even drive over a bridge that doesn’t collapse ask yourself whether having educated people is of benefit to the community.

A well educated, critical thinking population is crucial to having a prosperous and well rounded society. In the face rapidly changing technologies it will only be more so. In my book that’s worth making a contribution to.

What happened to the Australian ideal of a “fair go”?

What do you have the shites about?



NB: I also need to stress that I dont think uni education should be completely free. The system we have in place where there’s a 40%-60% split between what the student pays and the government pays is reasonable. I dont want to see education pushed out of the reach of the average person.


Smart is sexy!

Smart is sexy! – There’s a whole other rant 🙂


Sorry about the pic of Christopher Pyne. Here's some Christopher Pine to make it up to you.

Sorry about the pic of Christopher Pyne. Here’s some Christopher Pine to make it up to you.

9 thoughts on “Who needs All-Bran?

  1. I too agree that uni should be made accessible to everyone. If only the riches get in then all sorts of weird shit will start to happen in the world. I went to uni in NZ with such a range of people and really that is the way it should be. We should all have the chance to higher education. Love the rant, and Chris! HUBBA

  2. People are SO SHORT-SIGHTED. And it doesn’t make sense. There’s a real sense of Australians thinking that if someone is poor or can’t afford these opportunities, they’ve brought it on themselves or they don’t want it bad enough. Can we all get over our privilege please? Urgh.

    Stopping here before I contribute a blog post’s worth to your blog post.

  3. Oh, I am so glad you added that photo of Christoper Pine’s abs at the end there because all those shortsighted comments were doing my head in. I hate that stupid argument, “Why should my taxes pay for…”
    And THIS is why people leave Australia and take their qualifications elsewhere. Why pay for something that should be free?

  4. Ermahgerd you are soooo spot on. People are idiots I’ve decided. There’s no point getting upset because they can’t help it. Love ya work Mumsabs x

  5. Quite right… I went to uni in the UK in the 1980s and paid not a penny, to Oxford no less, what a privilege. So did my husband, who came from a very humble home and might never have been able to go… he’s pay a HEAP of tax now thanks to his excellent, free education, and he’s glad to.

    Did you know that Scottish unis don’t charge fees to Scotiish students, I am SO proud of my homeland for this. It’s very egalitarian, I think. Up the people.

  6. I hate to think what it will cost my kids to go to uni, if that’s what they so desire. I can see this not ending in well if it does go ahead, not now, but in the future.

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