Does your husband love this show?

cast-of-mythbusters med

Of course he does! It features explosions and a hawt babe who wears tight tank tops whilst blowing shite up.

Of course your husband loves Mythbusters. Why am I asking?

Of course your husband loves Mythbusters. Why am I asking?

This week at Mumabulous I’m doing a little myth busting of my own.  I am looking at two questions.

Do women like to multi-task?


Are men capable of thinking about nothing at all?

The idea that women are brilliant multi-taskers has been around for so long its become unquestionable fact – much like the world is round, the sun rises in the East and Clive Standen is hawt. Nevertheless academic studies  have drawn wildly different verdicts. Recently an experiment at the University of Glasgow concluded that on average women perform marginally better than men at tasks involving constant attention switching.

Alexander Ludwig  and Clive Standen can sword fight and look hawt at the same time. Who said men can't multi-task.

Oh my! Alexander Ludwig and Clive Standen can fight and look hawt at the same time. Who said men can’t multi-task. HONK!

The reasons underlying this result might be due to the wiring of the female brain. Yet I’d wager that if women are  better multi-taskers its because we freakin’ have to be. We’re the ones who prepare the evening meal, whilst yakking to our mothers on the phone, filing our nails and fielding a million questions from the kids. In the mornings its usually us serving breakfast, readying the kids for school whilst making ourselves vaguely presentable for the office.

Its funny because its true.

Its funny because its true.

I too can multi-task like a boss.  I can munch Tim Tams and watch Mad Men, drink and blog and perve whilst pretending to read the newspaper. Sadly the whole thing falls over when I try to multi-task behind the wheel. I can’t perve and drive. The other day I was stopped at the traffic lights when I spotted an olive skinned crumpet. I missed the light change and was beeped by the car behind. HONK!

Otherwise I dislike multi-tasking immensely. I prefer to focus  my attention on one task, completing it properly before moving on. I have always been a bit this way and parenthood has not improved the situation. My catch cry is “I cant do two things at once”.  After seven years of hearing this P1  still hasn’t absorbed the message.  “You can do two things at once Mum – you’re doing the dishes and talking to me aren’t you?” (She gets her smarts from her father)

I decided to run a scientific inquiry of my own via Facebook. Of the four lovely ladies who responded, three said they can multi-task but hate it. One said she cant do it at all. We can conclude from my academically robust methodology that 75% of women can multi-task but would rather not. I should go on the talk show circuit with this revelation.

Moving along to the second question:

I read on a blog recently that men are capable of thinking about nothing at all.  It was a Daddy blog thus giving the idea some credibility. Apparently a dude called Mark Gungor (a pastor and motivational speaker – my kind of person NAWT) has popularized the idea that men’s brains are like a shelf full of boxes. Men have a separate box for everything in their lives, job, kids, mates, beer, porn etc  They can only think inside one box at a time. Their collection includes a nothing box which is empty. A man enjoys completely zoning out in his nothing box which explains the popularity of fishing.


Woman simply can not conceptualize a nothing box and do not believe it when their partners claim to thinking about nothing. They imagine their partners must be musing on football, beer, porn etc when the man is being “Scouts’ honour” honest.

I again put the call out in social media directing the question specifically at the blokes. I had to ask a couple of times before I got a response. It was like reliving my single days. The answers indicated that men do indeed compartmentalize their thoughts and can focus on a single thing to the exclusion of everything else. At least that’s their excuse and they’re sticking with it.  Case in point (I have excluded the names to protect the guilty)


if horse racing is nothing than yes. If you mean a trance-like vacuum of serenity then no.

I don’t think of nothing… but I can focus so completely on a single thing that it looks like I’m thinking about nothing.

And on Facebook.

 I do it every time i turn on channel 9

A friend of mine went trend but despite knowing him for over 20 years I am not sure whether he is being sarcastic.

 Nope. We are constantly thinking of stuff. We are complex beings don’t you know.

 It looks like the “nothing box” myth is busted.

Can you multi-task? Do you think men are capable of thinking about nothing at all?



28 thoughts on “Mythbusting

  1. I sorely miss the days when my one brain had to think about and perform functions for one person only. I look forward to reuniting with that brain one day. What’s left of it.

  2. I’m currently writing a guest post, commenting on your blog, researching another post and trying to shake the pins and needles out of my left foot while contemplating a wee. I’m a multi-tasker from way back. But I only like it on my own terms- I immensely dislike forced multi-tasking!

  3. I love men. Men are awesome. I want that nothing box. Gimme. Kx

  4. OK, I’m the 25% cos I like multitasking and I get bored just doing one thing at a time GENERALLY… but after a day witht he obstreperous offspring, I sure love to do one thing at a time, especially if that one thing is nothing.

  5. I used to multitask like a pro but I must say my multi-tasking skills have diminished somewhat. I can only juggle 2-3 tasks at once now when once it was many more. I actually think this is a good thing 🙂

  6. Well you just have to look at my blog name to realise that I am definitely a multi-tasker and always will be. Sometimes I have no choice, running a business from home I quite often have my son on my lap while typing on my computer at the same time as talking on the phone.

  7. No one can think about nothing at all. You’d cease to exist. I think therefore I am. and all that. You can, however, not know what you are thinking about….or what you think about. Now, what were we talking about?

  8. I’m a huge multitasker. Most of the time it’s fine but occasionally it goes south. I usually know when it’s going to happen cos I’m barely paying attention to anything!

  9. I’m a multitasker and it’s gotten worse since having kids. I wish I could focus on one thing at a time but it’s like the multitasking gene is ingrained in me. Most of the guys I worked with could only focus on one thing at a time, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing but it meant my dad had to think ahead for his subbies to ensure we got jobs finished on time or even started.

  10. I would love the ability to switch off and think about nothing at very rarely happens but my ex husband was so good at it, or at least pretending to anyway.

  11. I would replied sorry I didn’t see the question, I have too much crap in my news feed! Ha ha to being honked at for starting at a spunk! I am THE best multi-tasker in the world, in fact if there were a world championship I back myself so much that I’d enter. My husband on the other hand, struggles to do one thing at a time. As for thinking nothing, ALL THE TIME! x

  12. I can think about lots of things at once. But the multi-tasking? Not so much, at least not beyond the general family-life preparation stuff (like simultaneously dressing two children, packing lunches, blowing my nose and finding my car keys).

  13. I can’t switch off at all haha. And i’m probably male because I love Mythbusters 🙂 Thanks for linking up.

  14. I can multi task like a boss, it is inevitable as a mother. It would be awesome if I didn’t have to! I gets me that I can walk into a room and gather an armful of stuff and be dropping it off in respective rooms, and hubby picks up one thing and looks clueless as to where it goes!
    I do believe that he is totally capable of thinking of nothing. Except when he is stuck to the couch when Family Feud is on, he has to think then 😉 I am immeasurably pleased when I get more right answers than him 🙂

  15. Ha ha, some of those responses are excellent. No doubt this is why the reflecto sunnies were invented, to give us the impression there is deep thought going on behind them. I love you were literally the recipient of a HONK! this week 🙂

  16. My son loves Myth Busters!
    As for your questions above – no idea. I want to say yes … but then I get too involved in the science of it all in my brain and it becomes an hour long show in itself as I argue it all out …
    Too early for that kind of brain strain.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  17. YES! Definitely men can think about nothing. We actually have a name for it here. We call it dolphin mode. Sometimes Dave looks like he’s way off into the distance. A dolphin if you will, just cruising a long in the ocean, not a worry in his world, nothing on his mind. He goes into dolphin mode a lot these days with three girls in the house, can’t think why 🙂

  18. Multi-tasking is definitely over rated. And Yes – it’s why I wish I was a man!

  19. Apparently my husband has whole conversations with me while I watch TV. He gets mad when I don’t here him. I just tell him he cannot be mad at me since I was having the conversation with the TV first.

  20. Oh I used the wrong hear, and there’s no edit button. Sigh*

  21. I call Bullshit – they cannot possibly be thinking nothing. In the meantime I mentioned in a recent post of mine about feeling overwhelmed and that while we are all multitasking at some point, maybe we shouldn’t be. You’re right, we are better to focus on one thing at a time.

  22. I’m not good at multitasking at all. I can do simple tasks at once, but not usually well.
    And interesting that men can apparently think about nothing. Though I think i have heard that before. Possibly from that motivational preacher man.

  23. The 27 tabs open on my laptop or iPad would say I constantly multitask my tech time lol. I admit I multi task when I wish I was a single task lady because I admit it means doing a lot of crap jobs (I tend to abandon ship).

  24. I’m going to be watching that show for many years to come with a husband and two sons all addicted to it. Visiting from #TeamIBOT.

  25. I love multitasking as it saves so much time. I loved the second Twitter answer from a man. Maybe that’s it. They just pretend to be thinking about nothing. This post has answered my long held question about fishing and why???? Thank you.

  26. Traditionally I have been a fabulous multi-tasker – however as I have stepped up the work, I have noticed that no-one else (kids, husband, grandparents) has stepped up to compensate – I declare I am now officially a recovering multi-tasker…. as for the non-thinking – I think generally they are in a coma dreaming about sex, when they can get some sex and whether everybody else is getting more sex than them – simple creatures really x

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