The Twelve Peeves Of Christmas


I’ve given you 12 (actually 15) hunks now its time for a good vent. I give you my top twelve gripes about the festive season over at Mother & Baby magazine:


I wasn’t always a Grinch. Back in the BC (before children) era I embraced the silly season with enthusiastic silliness. It was the time of year when bosses took off on holidays leaving the worker bees to leisurely days and long boozy lunches. The pain of obligatory family gatherings was more than offset by the party vibe and the general chillaxing.

Though it makes me sounds like a misery bag, I can tell you after seven years of parenthood Christmas has become yet another item on an over-stuffed to-do list. As for the chillaxing – we’re Mums. There are no vacations in the job description.

Nowadays December 25th finds me exhausted, broke, bloated and ready to strangle that gosh darn Partridge in the Pear Tree.



3 thoughts on “The Twelve Peeves Of Christmas

  1. Bravo!!!! I’m with you. The Pre-Christmas commercial intro to Christmas months before, takes away the magic of the day. Then there are the songs/carols. where is the snow? Can someone invent a song related to the Australian weather? Whatever happened to the 12 thumpers (kangaroos) pulling the sleigh/wagon?

    Still. when the kids were very small before they were aware of commercialism, the happiness on their faces on Christmas morning when presents were opened was heartwarming.

  2. Off to have a look – I hope you had a Merry Christmas! xx

  3. It was a fantastic article Mumabs! I loved it 🙂

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