Another ‘Abulous Annus


So the calender year is limping to a close and I have a completely lost my mojo. Absolutely all of my mojo is gone. There is nothing more to drain from that admittedly shallow pool. All I want to do is lie on a banana lounge with a glass of wine and stare out at the hunks  ocean views. I could easily remain prostrate for at least a week such is my exhaustion. Given that this bloggy show must go on I’ve decided to make like a lazy journalist and do a Year in Review post. I note that the unkind might point out the similarities between bloggers and lazy journalists but I’ve saved them the hassle.

Here is a run down of 2014 as experienced by Team Abulous.


Dadabulous ended 2014 in the same manner he started it – busy. He ushered in the year by purchasing an entire wharehouse floor in an ultra funky inner city suburb and set about funkifying his new office space. After three months of acute stress (not to mention hemorrhaging bank balance) the business emerged with very funky, industrial shabby chic digs indeed. We’re all minimalist polished floor boards, crisp white walls and exposed piping. Any self respecting techno hipster would be delighted to work (or simply ponce about) in our offices. In fact we managed to sublease the back section out to a bunch of techno hipsters. Its all good. The biggest problem is that they go through toilet paper faster than we can supply it. I’m not sure whether that relates to their hipness and technical prowess or whether people can’t resist going in hard with the dunny wrap when its free. I suspect the latter.

Dadabs continued to do wonders with his wood.

Dadabs continued to do wonders with his wood.

Not content with creating his own personalized version of The Block, Dadabulous continued to do interesting things with his (ahem) wood throughout the year. Being a software developer he also developed software as well as some hardware. Don’t ask for more detail. If I identified the business on this blog it would precipitate a divorce. Its convenient then that I only have a cursory understanding of what the software (and hardware) actually does. I can however tell you how much Dadabs spent at Bunnings warehouse and subsequently expensed.

Dadabs ensured no pancake went ungarnished

Dadabs ensured no pancake went ungarnished

During 2014 Dadabs continued to cook gourmet fare on weekends. No Sunday breakfast suffered the indignity of not being garnished with fresh herbs. He did very little exercise other than pounding his keyboards but remained exactly the same size. It’s quite annoying really.


My eldest daughter finished Year 1 and in the blink of an eye transformed from a kindy-punk to a fully fledged tween. We waved bye-bye to Frozen and My fecking Little fecking Pony, Tinkerbell et al and said a big Hello to Monster High and the ABC3 presentors.

Seven year olds – they ain’t what they used to be. P1 reads chapter books, produces illustrated novellas (granted she has dozens of unfinished masterpieces), does Mathletics like a boss and draws like this.

One of many master pieces.

One of many master pieces.

It might seem like I’m bragging (well Ok just a little bit) but most of P1’s classmates are at a similar level. There’s even a few who are streets ahead and would give Dr Dougie Howser a run for his money. This new generation has the jump on us old foogeys.


In 2014 P2 reprized her role as the real boss of the household. She turned five and is off to school in a couple of weeks. I don’t have any say in the matter but I’m slightly apprehensive. I think the powers that be should hold school back for another year. I fear that school isn’t ready for P2. School needs the extra time to gain the maturity and social skills necessary to cope with P2.

Yo skool! Y'all ready fo dis?

Yo skool! Y’all ready fo dis?

Here is a miniature human tornado who thinks that a tutu worn with a woolen beanie is a good look but underwear and shoes are gross inconveniences.  She favors Jason Derulo’s Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle over The Wiggles and is constantly telling  me ” what to do with that big fat butt”. She’s over daycare. They make her nap after lunch which is totally lame. At the same time she’s taken to chanting Charli XCX’s “I dont want to go to school, I just wanna break the rules”.  Great – she’s a rebel without a cause before day 1 of Kindergarten.

P2 just wants to break the rules before Kindy's even started.

P2 just wants to break the rules before Kindy’s even started.


In 2014 I remained the least interesting member of the team. My coffee, wine and chocolate consumption was inversely proportionate to my gym effort – in a bad way.  I completed my Bookkeeper Qualification and went to work with Dadab’s business. I know about Quickbooks, BAS, Payroll and lots of other stuff that people need in the real world.  I am much more useful to society now than when I worked in stockbroking. (But heck “useful to society” and “stockbroking” belong in the same sentence as much as “Fassbender” and “nawt hawt”). I also did a short graphic design course and my husband bought me Photoshop for my birthday. The results prove that a little knowledge is indeed dangerous.


Mad Skillz put to good use.

Mad skillz put to good use.

It’s meant to be a comment on sexism in the popular culture. Just kidding! Its a fantasy of mine –  if you swap Gina Rinehart for me and Joe Manganiello for my beloved Fass.

Finally in a really exciting development, I was offered my first (non stockbroking related) paid writing gig! I’ve joined the new look team for Mother and Baby magazine along side some really big names like Sonia from Love, Life and Hiccups, Seana from Sydney Kids Food and Travel, Dee from Mama Stylista and Cheri from Raising Master Max. For me this is like getting to sit with the popular kids in the school cafeteria. Come check us out. We’re not mean girls.

How was 2014 for you and your family?

Wishing my wonderful readers (all 12 of you) a wonderful 2015.




12 thoughts on “Another ‘Abulous Annus

  1. Congratulations on the new job(s), especially the writing gig! I’d love to learn Photoshop and make some ridiculous pictures too! Have a Happy New Year!

  2. That is a stellar annus indeed Mumabs. I hope the new year continues to bring more awesome career opportunities and lots more hanging with hipsters. Your girls are destined for greatness, obviously. Happy new year x

  3. Congrats on the new gig – awesome work there 🙂 No wonder the mojo has gone begging after such a big year but hope you get time to rest and recover before the whirlwind of 2015 begins. Have a great new year Mumabs!

  4. At first I totally thought they were spearmint leave lollies on top of the pancakes and I was thinking cool thats kinda different… then I was like oh dickhead when I read it lol. Congrats on the Mother & Baby gig!

  5. Thrilled to learn of your new gig. Looking forward to loads more crumpet in 2015! xx

  6. Love it. Love your blog. Congrats again on the gig. Loved your first contribution! Happy new year to you and your lot Mumabs. x

  7. Sounds like an awesome year for you guys. Mine has been great too but I feel like one of those people you see who collapse in a heap only metres away from the finish line of a marathon. Weary. So weary. I see all these enthusiastic posts about new years resolutions and it makes me want to hide under the doona.

  8. Congratulations on the gig at Mother & Baby – an old mate of mine Erin Mayo runs the mag. Say hi to her from me!!

  9. Awesome to see you join the M&B lineup! Look forward to seeing you help other mums find their abulous!

  10. Sounds like you’ve had a fan 2014- hope this year is even more ‘abulous!

  11. A lovely wrap up there B and I love how you write about Dadubs, he’s quite awesome I can tell! I’m nervous about my middle child hitting school but for different reasons. He’s so SHY! Congrats on writing gig and here’s to many more x

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