If you are a regular reader you’d know that Dadabs and I are a particularly ambitious pair. We blow aspirations out of our aspirations. Dadabulous is working zealously on his goal of becoming a grumpy old man and I have a dream that no one can take away – the dream of becoming a dirty old lady. I’ve bought the cougar pants and I intend to wear ’em. I also bought this age inappropriate top. Riooowwwwww.

I've got my cougar pants

I’ve got my cougar pants


And this age inappropriate top

And this age inappropriate top

My problem is that over recently weeks its as though my husband and I have switched modus operandi. He’s been swanning about making the most terrible (and dirty) puns. They don’t bear repeating. Lets just say its a good thing that our kids don’t understand double entendres yet. Their idea of risque is to chant “Shake yer bum, bum, Shake yer bum bum” implying  they possess the wit and sophistication of Nicki Minaj. I really expected better from them at age 5 and 7. But I digress and you love it when I do that.

Oh my! Tom Hardy. He is really hawt.

Oh my! Tom Hardy. He is really hawt.

See what I mean!

Anyhow back at the ranch Dadabulous is channeling his inner Dick Emery (Ooooooh he is awful but I like him) and I am finding myself in an almost permanent state of annoyance. It is as if I not Dadabulous,  is morphing into Victor Meldrew. Sadly I’m more often like this.

queen med

than like this.

Somebody get me some Bolly STAT.

Somebody get me some Bolly STAT.

My general cranky disposition may be hormonal. I’m turning 45 this year and am probably in perimenopause. However I’m noticing a distinct correlation between my mood and time spent on the interwebs.

It all started a back in early December when TV and radio host Yumi Stynes took her baby to a red carpet event clad in just a nappy. Forget Kim Kardashian’s naked butt this was the thing that nearly broke the internet. A frenzy of shaming, counter shaming and shaming those who shame broke out. Even Derryn Hinch weighed in. Mind you he was concerned about the public hygiene aspect. The thing about all of this white noise was that I didn’t care. I simply did not give a proverbial shite. I didn’t want to see comment after comment on my Facebook feed about this non-story. The worst thing of all was the media kept referring to the baby’s attire as “a diaper”. As far as I’m aware Australia isn’t the 52nd state of America YET.

Whilst all this was going on Mark Latham took aim at leftist feminist Mummy bloggers, particularly his Fairfax colleagues.  I can just imagine the Fairfax editorial team rubbing their hands with glee at ensuing brou ha ha between Mark Latham and the Daily Life columnists. It was click bait that kept on giving.

Suddenly all the huffing and puffing was interrupted by the Martin Place siege. Frankly that wasn’t good for anyones mood. I dealt with the ensuing melancholy with pinot noir and vintage David Bowie. I scrawled aimlessly through Facebook becoming increasingly annoyed at the commentary as only a person who drinks pinot noir and listens to Bowie can.

In retrospect Australia’s response to the tragedy was exemplary. The police did a stellar job under the toughest of circumstances. I don’t usually heap praise on politicians but Tony Abbott and Mike Baird displayed strong leadership with their calls for calm. Even the media showed admirable restraint (except for the Murdoch rag). Most heartening of all was the coming together of Australians across all creeds to condemn the violence.

Yet despite the flood of goodness that flowed from this terrible event I was still shitted off. I had to contend with a number of posts featuring Australian flags with slogans along the lines of “wake up – Australia”. One FB “friend” put up a post in support of Pauline Hanson. WTF? That old chestnut? I toyed with the idea that she was being ironic but decided the individual in question didn’t have the mental capacity to do irony. Unfriend.

My few remaining brain cells were assaulted by a discussion where “civil libertarians” were said to be “destroying the country” and that the “fabric of society was falling apart”. Unfriend.

Interestingly I’ve enjoyed a couple of weeks of peace and my crankiness has slipped back to moderate irritation with the kids which is to be expected over school holidays. Now when I’m subjected to simplistic catch cries, meaningless statements and cliches at least they accord with my particular view of the world.

Was I wrong to unfriend these people simply because I disagreed with them? Is social media and media in general acting like mental metamucil for you too?

Is it in fact me who is the very annoying person?

Anyhow I hope in the coming weeks to convince you that Australia is infact “awake”, “civil libertarians” are not running wild, the “fabric of society” is hanging together and Australia is far from being “destroyed”.



PS: This piece needs some clarification particularly in light of the Paris shootings. I am not trying to argue that terrorism isn’t a real threat and shouldn’t be taken seriously. There’s no denying the existence of a tiny but dangerous element who could potentially do disproportionate harm. BUT to suggest that the Australian government is somehow “asleep” to this is just daft.  Since 2000 only 4 Australians have been killed on home soil in terror related incidents and 130 overseas (95 in the Bali bombing). At the same time the Federal government has committed $600m in funding for counter terrorism over the next four years. They’ve also tightened up counter terrorism laws restricting the movement of terror suspects, granting ASIO and the Australian Federal Police greater powers as well as collecting everyone’s meta data. Are these measures offensive to civil libertarians? – Definitely. Will they save lives? – It’s impossible to quantify but most probably. Would more lives be saved if $600m was instead channeled into healthcare? Life’s never simple.


I wanted to post this on my Unfriends timeline but sassy Joss Wheldon dialogue is wasted on them. BTW:  Vintage Nathan Fillion is hawt.

I wanted to post this on my Unfriends timeline but sassy Joss Wheldon dialogue is wasted on them. BTW: Vintage Nathan Fillion is hawt.


Bowie man!

Bowie man!

22 thoughts on “Annoyed

  1. I have a saying, that if you’re having problems with all your relationships, the common denominator is you. That all said, some people have the weirdest ideas about other people (and races/religions), and sometimes you can argue another view point, and sometimes you can’t. If you can’t stomach it, then unfriend away.

  2. Sometimes I think we have a right to be a little bit annoyed, by the way that is a very annoyed photo, bet she is super annoyed with having her photo taken again. School holidays themselves are a good enough reason in some cases. I find my mood changes if I’m spending too much time on social media and not enough in the real world. Sometimes people put the most ridiculous stuff out there, not really thinking it through.
    By the way at 45 my mother was a grumpy bum, she has improved somewhat over the last couple of years and is now 50. Maybe it is all in the hormones. I think she made a concentrated effort to get over it and not let things stress her out. She also bowed out of a lot of all those community organisations she was part of which are valuable but she felt she had served her time and it was time for someone else to deal with those cliquey groups. Now she gets a bit more ‘me’ time and seems to be better for it.

  3. There’s a definite difference between using social media to reinforce your own narrow scope of belief, and not tolerating people who violate your ethics. Racism is one line I do not allow to be crossed on my feed.

    If however you defriended someone because they said they pair cheese with seafood, that may be going a little far 🙂

  4. As a 50 year old cranky perimenopausal woman, I was right there with you in the being annoyed stakes! Lots of terrible things happening – one.thing.after.another! Lots of dickheads saying stupid things in the media. Bloody shocking heat. Christmas shopping hoo haa. A new hashtag craze every other day. Fun in the sun and rotten humid heat with family members who annoy the shite out of you … and more. On the flip side of a new year with xmas and new year behind me my annoyed levels have shifted down to mild. Having a pool and aircon are big factors in keeping me on the mild side 😉

  5. While I’ve never unfriended anyone I happen to know people have unfriended me. Not for putting annoyingly ignorant politically oriented stuff on FB though. I don’t know why. Too much silliness perhaps? Too many dog pictures? Who knows? It makes me sad. Not really. My cranky years have passed hopefully. I don’t know what the Queen’s excuse for that face is though!

  6. I feel like that cranky old lady too – I wish I had her money 😉 I am menopausal and it sucks.
    UNFRIEND – I like that word , no LOVE it – I found a mass unfriend widget and I think I need to revisit it.
    Healthcare would be a much better avenue than terrorism.

  7. I too have been someone at odds with life, and the world recently. I’ve dealt with it by falling off the radar somewhat and LOVING IT! I haven’t had a FB cull in ages but I think I need to. I bumped into Kirsten at the beach the other day and I was so jelly that she got to met you, she told me you were ‘this small’ so enough talk, you are a HAWT cougar so stop trying to fight it!

  8. I feel more cranky old lady than not lately. Maybe I need some leopard skin in my life. I do remember my mother saying when I told her I was preggers at 37, that I did not want to be dealing with menopause and children! Too late now! bugger it. I can’t wait until school starts!

  9. I feel ya, Mumabs. In the last 12 months I became a savage beast in the unfriending stakes. My intoerance is ironically for the intolernat. I can’t hack any more rubbish about our “way of life” being destroyed by “insert minority group”. I can’t tolerate any more rubbish about “stopping the boats”. I will not suffer one more “I’m not racist/sexist/homophobic BUT….” Nope. Not one. I don’t want those people in my life, let alone on my newsfeed.

    • The thing is I consider myself a “moderate” politically. I believe its good to listen to opposing views particularly when they are well thought out and backed by evidence. I’ll accept arguments about certain cultures clashing with our own, failures in the criminal justice system and the need to dissuade asylum seekers from using people smugglers (primarily for their own safety). However catch cries like “stop the boats” and “civil libs are ruining the country” are just mindless BS. I’d bet if you asked these people to elaborate on what they mean they wouldn’t be able to.
      BTW: Are you in the Eastern Sydney area? We should try to catch up.

  10. I would have unfriended those people too. And I get annoyed too, but then so heartened by the outpouring following the Sydney siege and now the Paris terror incidents.

  11. Oh, what? Sorry just got back from taking my baby out in public in his nappy-suit. Ok focus. I loved your line about mental Metamucil. My husband also had to unfriend someone for their racist comments just after the S. siege ( – clearly it takes too long to write Sydney). I keep quite a few homo-phobic friends on FB just so I can rub my views in their news feed and arrogantly think I can change their closed-up minds. So far it’s not working but they do make it oh so fun when I post a pro-gay marriage status.

  12. I think it would be incredibly hard to be a world leader of any country at times like this. How far do you go in protecting people from what might never be an actual threat? And if something happens, you’re going to be blamed for not doing enough anyway. It’s a sucky position to be in.
    But I hear you on SM making you snarky. Some days I just can’t do it. Some people clearly have no braincells at all.

  13. I was unaware of pretty much all of that news, except of course Martin Place. I tune out to the negativity, the bullshit and media hype about pretty much everything. I surround myself with people who are the same so my news feed isn’t too out of control. I don’t blame you for unfriending, no one needs that in their life.

  14. I’ve wondered the same thing about myself. Is it me who is the annoying one? I’ve been bitching and moaning about a few friends lately. Could they be losing the plot or is it me? I’m going on an unfriend cull too. Time to lighten the load.

  15. I’ve had a fall out with my brother and sister in the past week and my husband is driving me bonkers. Is it them or could it be me? Let’s go through menopause together shall we? 🙂

  16. Mental Metamucil – I love it. I never watch the news – and I don’t miss it or feel uninformed.

  17. Love it. All.

    I’m trying to have more offline time this year cos SO much pisses me off! And yes, I just turned 47 and have been going through the perimenopausal thing for a little while now. 😦


  18. I sometimes have a terrible time biting my tongue. I have gotten into some real stouches on social media and in the end I have just learnt to let it go…..I think I must be pre menopausal too…..fingers crossed Thanks for linking up!

  19. I think the press just makes me cranky too. I am SO tired of them trying to get ME to care about the things they want me to care about instead of anything I actually DO care about. I haven’t watched the news on a regular basis in about 10 years for just that reason. Here in the US the story was all about Ferguson and the young black boy who was shot by the police. I do think that was a very sad story, but I don’t think it’s fair to care about him and not care about the dozens of other similar situations that happen every single year. I think we should both turn off the TV and give up the cranky and just care about the stuff we think is important and not what some goofy celebrity is doing.

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