How To Stay Sane These Holidays


I’m over at the new look Mother & Baby magazine today.


I’ll betray my age and tell you that I grew up in suburban Sydney during the 1970s and 1980s. I have sun drenched memories of school holidays spent free ranging around the neighbourhood with the local kids. There was relatively little parental intervention except for the odd trips to the beach. Movie days were an extra special treat. Occasionally my father would take us to the local oval to kick a ball around. Other than that all parents really had to do was supply food. Toasted sandwiches washed down with orange cordial were enough to satisfy. A serving of fish and chips was heaven on an old newspaper.…/…/2015/1/school-holidays/…

3 thoughts on “How To Stay Sane These Holidays

  1. It will be me complaining about how short the holidays are in two weeks #don’twanttogoback

  2. I’m going insane today with two cheeky little boys! Great article.

  3. Loved your post chick… have just sent one child to QLD for a week so I only have two now to send me insane 😉 xx

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