Cafe Culture & Kids


I’m over at Mother & Baby discussing the perils of eating out with kids. Venture over if you dare.

In response to poor reviews, Ms Morris declared via Facebook that her establishment was “not child friendly” unless the children were “happy to sit at a table with you, while you enjoy a coffee, and are well behaved”. That disqualifies my family.

The Facebook post instantly went viral and polarised the café-going public (which is just about everyone).

Many congratulated Ms Morris on her position. Her supporters seemed relieved that there was at least one oasis of calm where coffee drinkers could enjoy their favourite brew without interruption from screaming, undisciplined children. This comment on the Café’s Facebook page sums up the mood:

“Bottom line is your kids will ruin the dining experience I PAID for. So if you want to join me, GET A BABY SITTER.”



3 thoughts on “Cafe Culture & Kids

  1. Have to say I’m NOT a fan of parents who let their kids run wild through restaurants while they sit blithely eating their meal ignoring the fact their offspring are bumping into other diners and tripping up the waiters. Does that make me a grumpy old woman???

  2. Yeouch! Harsh comment! At least parents now know which cafe not to hang out at. Even when I won’t have my kids with me…with that attitude you won’t see me there..

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