The Unexpected


“Expect the unexpected” is a cliche more deeply entrenched than “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns”. Yet over the last couple of weeks things on both a personal and national scale haven’t panned out in the way I imagined.

Let’s start with the BIG one. (‘The BIG what?’ you may well ask)

There was a minor ruckus in Canberra last Monday morning. It was a mere blip on the radar, largely ignored by the press. Just kidding. The press precipitated the LNP leadership debacle. Once it catches a whiff  Mal-content in the back benches (see what I did there) the media pushes relentlessly until a challenge becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. The government then looks stupid if they do and stupid if they don’t. Bottom line, they look stupid.

You’ve probably gorged on thousand different opinions but remain nonetheless hungry (like the wolf) for more. I imagine you are bursting to know what Dadabs thinks about it. Here is a verbatim quote from my husband.

” I think he (Abbott) will survive ya know”. 

Once again its Dababs: 1, Mumabs: 0.

I thought TA was going down like a domino. I posted this on Facebook and people liked it.


It would seem he’s a dead man jogging in banana hammocks.…/tony-abbott-twitter-hashtag-backfir…

A hashtag that was started with the aim of supporting the embattled Prime Minister is trending first on Twitter for entirely the wrong reason it was intended.
With all the derision on the virtual brick wall for electronic graffiti that is Facebook and Twitter, you’d think TA was a goner. Some commentators even likened Tony to the nation’s ultimate political joke – Billy McMahon*. He’d lost the public’s respect (if he ever had it in the first place) and keeping him seemed like  electoral suicide for the LNP.  Yet despite the expectations of many so called experts, most of social media and myself, TA hung in there like a banana in a hammock.
The election isn’t due until the end of next year. If a week is a long time in politics, two years is an eternity. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that TA could be re-elected.   I am reminded of John Howard’s  “Lazarus with a triple bypass” comments.  Like Howard, Hawke and Menzies before him TA could well be here for the long haul. Hope his banana hammock has some durable elastic. (Sorry for that unpleasant mental image.)
TA is still hanging around.

TA is still hanging around.

Valentine’s Day
If your significant other is a male chances are the only passion he feels on Valentines Day is a passionate loathing of the whole thing. Dadabs freakin hates it. Like many males he doesn’t hate showing affection, he hates being dictated to as to how and when. Moreover its a rip off. I hesitate to call Dadabs a tight arse but he does have keen sense of value for money. He will not tolerate price gouging by florists, purveyors of fine chocolates or restaurants.
This year he typically forgot all about the significance of Feb 14 and invited some friends over for a BBQ. A few days later it struck him – “Shit -I forgot. Saturday is Valentines Day they might have hawt date.”
“They might be doing the thing that married people do.” I added.
“What rootin’ like rabbits?”
 What a quaint, old fashion view of marriage he has. “No. They might be going out for dinner and having romance.”
 “We can do ours on the Friday?” trying to dig himself out of the hole.
“Don’t worry about it.”
Then unbeknownst to me Dadabs arranged for his mother to baby sit so that we could indeed have “romance” on the Friday evening. We had the Valentines Special at a local tapas bar washed down with a champagne cocktail. We followed up with coffee at our favorite patisserie and a moonlit stroll along the beach. Well played Dadabs. It was a sweetly unexpected touch.
Romance in a glass

Romance in a glass

Did you know that the FSOG movie has hit the cinemas? Seriously is there anything else on your social media feed. FSOG is the most remarkable literary work of this century and predictably there has been a rash of opinion pieces on it. Every aspect of it has been filtered through a feminist prism. Popular websites bulge with headlines like “All Feminist Must See FSOG” or “All Feminists Must Boycott FSOG”. Seriously?
Why should seeing or not seeing this movie impact upon your feminist credentials? It is escapism. Most people realize that Christian Grey would make a shitty real life partner. I enjoy watching the Vikings but that doesn’t mean I recommend plundering, pillaging and experimenting with guyliner.
I love the Vikings but I dont want Dadabs to take up this look.

I love the Vikings but I dont want Dadabs to take up this look.

Whilst I found all this FSOG related chatter irritating, I realized something important. Thanks to the FSOG fallout domestic violence is centre stage. As a society we’re actually having a conversation about it – the first step in bringing about lasting change. I can’t remember a time when this issue was so prominent in the public mind. If a banal movie helps put  scourge of domestic violence into the spot light, its an unexpectedly good thing. Oh and Rosemary Batty helped a bit too.
Has anything unexpected happened in your world lately.
* For all people took the piss out of Billy McMahon he had a hawt wife and a hawt son.
Julian McMahon - not as funny as his Dad.

Julian McMahon – not as funny as his Dad.

 (Well Julian appeals to some people’s tastes – not my own but I’m Fassbent)

2 thoughts on “The Unexpected

  1. Bless Dadabs – so nice to hear he was romantic! The kids conned my hubby into getting me a rose, it was lovely and unexpected! x

  2. Hubs and I had planned a late night movie on the couch for V day but I forgot (yes, me!) And told master 4 he could stay up to watch whatever kid suitable movie was on Go thinking it would finish at a reasonable time. If by reasonable you mean quarter to ten I did ok. ..

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