The Heebie Jebbies


I was planning to give you yet another informative and helpful post about making the most of you money but life got in the way this week. That’s the great thing about personal blogging – you don’t have to stick to a brief, especially a self imposed one. Anyhoo do you really want to learn how to invest like a boss when you can be entertained by my fluff and nonsense? Here are some of the small first world things that are giving me a case of the heebie jeebies (as opposed to Hee Bee Gee Bees who were awesome in a Weird Al Yankovic kinda way).

I said I had the heebie jeebies!

I said I had the heebie jeebies!

I get around: These new fangled bus tickets are superior to their flimsy cardboard predecessors. The old MyBus tickets would disintegrate like perishable goods leaving fragments among the general detritus at the bottom of my handbag. Their only redeeming feature was the fact that you only had to dunk the things once when boarding the bus. Under the new Opal regime you have to clock on and off! It’s too much for my addled brain to deal with. All too often I only remember to “tap off” when I’m mid way through  the door. This brings on a Gangnam Style dance as a I simultaneously forage through my bag and land on the footpath. The sooner we get microchips containing all this shite embedded in our foreheads the better. Bring on the future!

Come on, come on. Do the Opal shuffle.

Come on, come on. Do the Opal shuffle.

Mumabs on the pick up:  Do your kids do this?

Guess who has to pick that up.

Guess who has to pick that up.

My five year old re-enacts that jocks and socks scene from Risky Business at the end of every single school day. I really would not mind  if she could deposit her worn uniform in the laundry basket.  It’s probably a genetic issue.  Dadabulous too has a defective domestic GPS. He can’t seem to navigate the route between the bed and the laundry hamper. Here’s a hint for you Dadabs – its conveniently located by the entrance to the walk-in closet!

Not even close!

Not even close!

Meanwhile I’m a cougar who picks up every day!

Decisions, decisions: Friday nights are difficult. Just how does one choose between Shiraz and Shiraz Cabernet?

So many issues to consider. So little time.

So many issues to consider. So little time.

 I’m one of the plastics: Like Kim Kardashian I have discovered that plastic is fantastic.  I recently added this fabulousness to my shoe collection.

Cherry bomb

Cherry bomb

Sadly Dadabulous who has an exceptionally sensitive nose, can’t abide their smell and they have been banished to the back deck.

Dadabs leave pass: I can not wait until Dadabs next gets together with his man posse for a Dungeons and Dragons gaming weekend. This is because the Dungeon master (who is a mild mannered optometrist by day) is has pirated Game of Thrones. Dadabs refuses to pirate anything. He thinks its a bad look for an internationally renowned software developer. Thank the laws of physics for geek friends.  I’ve been subsisting on a TV diet of one episode of Vikings per week! I am simply not getting the recommended dosage of hawt men in leather wielding swords.

Tank boy: Meanwhile Dadabs invested in a number of cut price DVDs from JB Hi Fi. According to Dadabs’ posse this film’s depiction of World War 2 tanks is as accurate as a Hollywood movie can possibly get. So thanks my husband’s enthusiasm for war memorabilia I get to cop an eyeful of Brad Pitt. Alas – it’s a shame that I’m not that into Brad Pitt.

Oh my! What big guns!

Oh my! What big guns!

I am however into Damien Lewis. Well played Dadabs.

Damien Lewis - husband sanctioned perving!

Damien Lewis – husband sanctioned perving!

This is husband sanctioned perving as I was smart enough to point out the physical resemblance between Dadabs and Damien. Win Win.

What’s giving you the heebie jeebies.




6 thoughts on “The Heebie Jebbies

  1. My husband does exactly the same thing with his clothes and my boys used to do it as well. I feel your pain. My pool man came to the back door on Friday after he’d been working on the filter for an hour and a half with one of my daughter’s bikini tops he’d found mangled inside the filter. I don’t know why her bikini top was in the pool area in the first place but it’s more likely she just left it there and not through skinny dipping or anything. Love those shoes but I couldn’t wear them cos of my massive bunion and if that doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies I don’t know what would x

  2. My hubby never leaves clothes on the floor, he just had a 2-metre high pile on his dresser/laundry hamper. Meanwhile, my 7yo thinks it’s okay to chuck all clothes on the floor. Sorry but those cherry shoes need a bomb. But then again I am rather clueless fashion wise, if they’re comfortable that’s all that matters. So I’m getting the heebie jeebies because the block of land I wanted to buy turned out to have MAJOR drainage issues and I kind of had my heart set on it. Now back to waiting (not so) patiently – UGH

  3. I’m totally stealing ‘defective domestic GPS’ for daily use at my house! Like how the hell do dirty socks end up on the kitchen bench?

  4. OK, I thought I was the only person on the planet who had heard of the Hee Bee Gee Bees. I had a fantastic LP of theirs including their ‘cover versions’ of hits like Pretty Boys On Video (Duran Duran) and Purple Pants (Prince) back in the day. Ah, vinyl – as hip today as it was then.

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