Why am I still blogging?


Now here’s a nice compliment.

Woog - med

This is my signed copy of Primary School Confidential (I was at the book launch a few weeks back). It says ‘B  – unique voice in a world of vanilla. Keep writing xx Mrs Woog’. I was all like ‘Gee Shux Kayte’. It was as if she’d peered into my very soul and served up exactly what I wanted to hear.

Mind you I  think most bloggers crave this type of acknowledgement. Whilst we’d like to think that our ramblings are unique and worthwhile, the evidence to the contrary is often overwhelming.

The past six months has seen the Mumabs go into extended hibernation (consequently crumpet levels on the blogosphere went into free fall like the  NASDAQ in the early 2000s). I was simply disenchanted with blogging and had come to see it as a waste of time – a mildly embarrassing one at that.

Bear Nap

Mumabs in hibernation



I certainly did not believe I was adding anything new. My story is well trodden ground. Yes – like millions of middle class women  I gave up a career trajectory for motherhood. And yes I am at times ambivalent about it. On one hand working on the stock market holds a certain kind of kudos in some circles. On the other its a bit of shit fight frankly and I don’t miss the testosterone fueled aggravation which typifies that scene.

Working Mums speak of ‘mummy guilt’ but during my stint at home I felt the burden of letting team feminism down. Here I was privileged enough to comfortably take time out whilst others were fighting tooth and nail to keep their berth upon the good ship career.

I’m sure you know the drill. It’s an internal monologue that’s played itself out on publications like the HuffPo, Mamma Mia etc etc for decades now. Why add my voice to this thunderous chorus?


Apologies to Team Feminism but I don’t really miss this gig.

At the same time the Mumabs ‘brand’ was suffering an identity crisis. Despite its name much of the content didn’t quite gel with the mummy blogging genre.I was reluctant to talk about parenting, mainly because I need a mental break from it.

There’s was no way I was dishing out life hacks because I have no interest in telling people how to live. Recipes and craft? – don’t make me laugh. Style? – it would be nice to have some to share with you.

My blogging shebang descended into a self parody that grew old. (It was great fun for a while though). I can imagine one off visitors grinning, shaking their heads and thinking ‘this woman’s off her trolley’ then clicking away for good.  As for my faithful tribe of about 12 fellow cougars – I’m sure even they became tired of seeing Clive Standen pics in every single post.


But I’m not. Here he is in civilian gear for a change.Yes – Vikings fans – that’s Rollo. #Sorrynotsorry.

None of this works well when it comes to partnering with brands – which is just as well because that route a giant turn off for me. The hamster wheel of creating relatable content, to attract unique visits in order to work  with brands is simply does not float my boat. I don’t blame others for trying to make a few lousy bucks but you could not pay me enough to flog cleaning products etc. I’d consider shilling coffee, chocolate, booze, five star resorts and  hunks in leather pants  but its a moot point given my tiny niche appeal.

Hamster in a wheel

Stop the blogosphere – I want to get off!

The above explains why Mumabs dropped off the radar for a while. But why did I come back? All I can say is invisible forces beyond my control pushed me back to the keyboard. I have a compulsion to write – complete drivel though it is.  My name is Brenda and I’m a bloggaholic.

Have you ever taken a blog break?

Do you sometimes feel disenchanted with the blogging scene?

Why are you still blogging?

Should I change my name to Cougar ‘Abulous?



BONUS MATERIAL – Some pathetic fan gurling.

The James Bond Casting Conundrum

I’m indifferent about the Bond franchise (what 26 installments are not enough?). However rumour has it that top banana Tom Hiddleston is about to replace the priapic bastion of masculinity that is Daniel Craig.

As a Hiddleswooner since the first Avengers movie and a self appointed casting expert I had to weigh in on this. In short computer says NO!!!!!

Mentally casting Tom Hiddleston is one of my hobbies. My people need to talk to his people about ;

  • Dr Who – there’s no-one else I’d rather see wield a sonic screwdriver. (Besides David Tennant – calm down loyal Whovians)
  • Horatio Hornblower – so many puns about blowing horns and  I have fetish for 19th century naval gear.
  • Willy Wonka – because the Candy Man makes everything he bakes satisfying and delicious.

BUT – NOT JAMES BOND. Hids is beauty, elegance and intellect manifest in male form. (which does’t mean he can’t be a pretentious prat). James Bond is a suave killing and rooting machine. These two things are incompatible.

In my expert opinion – the other TH is the better choice. Tom Hardy. He can do a suave exterior (though mostly chooses not to) but there’s no denying the deep darkness in his soul. Tom Hardy can serve up a savage beating and really mean it.

Tom Hardy

Now – here’s a plausible killing and rooting machine..

Meanwhile the internet wants Idris Elba to be the first non-white 007. I have no problem with that. It’s a worthy experiment.


I mean who wouldn’t want to experiment with Idris? HONK!

I also think  Nikolaj has super spy potential  but unfortunately his career will be stained by Game of Thrones forever. He’d be known as Jaime Bond – the spy who loved his sister. Shame.

Got any Bond picks cougars and amateur casting agents?




24 thoughts on “Why am I still blogging?

  1. I’ve reached that roadblock many times, too, and like you, selling my soul to washing powder is not my thang. Blogging for me is therapy. I am the biggest fan of my own jokes and hope that others understand my humor and take something from it. I truly believe that if I won the lottery, I would still write.

  2. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. I have missed the bit of crumpet you so generously serve up. Keep it up mumabs you never fail to bring a smile to my dial and I’m amazed at how similar our tastes in crumpet are! X

  3. “Rooting machine”… lol. I’m glad you’re back because I love your voice. It’s intelligent. Best word I could think to describe it. I missed writing when I had a short break at the beginning of the year. Blogging is very therapeutic for me. I write because I want to, not for anyone else. I think you do too x

  4. Personally I don’t find all those useful blogs terribly interesting anyway. I’d rather read your so called ‘drivel’ and have a giggle. I’m totally ad hoc and useless with blogging, always have been and always will be. I keep blogging because I still need an outlet to write despite having no illusions that I’ll ever be a literary genius. In some ways it makes no sense because I’m so introverted and private, but I’m happy being the quiet person in the corner of the blogosphere just like in real life.

    Anyway, glad Mumabs is back xo

  5. I’ve only been blogging for a year so no breaks yet. I’d love to make money from it but I have no idea how to do that. Plus my audience is very small. I’d be happy to sell shampoo if it meant staying home and not having a boss.

  6. Totally resonated with you wise words Brenda… thank you for sharing! I still blog, yet not as regular as I used to. Sometimes it can be disheartening when only a handful of my subscribers read what I’ve written. However, in today’s busy world, I understand there’s too much on people’s plates… they simply don’t have the time and if they do, many don’t prioritise what’s important. ♥

  7. Hi, I’ve just found you via My Midlife Mayhem and I’m glad I have! I’m in the age they lovingly call ‘midlife’ and have just started blogging. When I initially googled ‘blogs about midlife’ I was bombarded by sites telling me what I should wear, eat, think, do etc. I’m now thrilled to be finding blogs that don’t do that, but just tell it how it is and make me smile. I’m glad you’ve come back to your blog as I can tell that I’m going to enjoy it!
    Damian Lewis for Bond…

  8. First up, ‘do be letting team femmo down if I didn’t tell you that Gillian Anderson has thrown her hat in the ring to be the first woman to play a leading Bond, Jane Bond. I wholly support this. If not, Idris will do nicely because he’s a dreamboat.
    Secondly, that’s Rollo? He looks so different with a shirt on. Not sure how I feel about that.
    Thirdly, I love your writing. I’m a blogger who writes parenting stuff….sometimes. But I’m more often rambling about something else entirely and that’s the way I like it. People like you inadvertently confirmed for me that that was okay! I’m glad you’re back!

  9. I take bloggy breaks regularly. I usually put the blog in hibernation while kids on summer break and schoo holidays. I also only blog 1-2 times a week now and skip weeks if I have nothing to say. I think that is te recipe for me to stay longer. I am coming up on 5 years and my blog will keep evolving with me. I hope you find what you want to share about that feels good to you.

  10. Because you are a freaking legend. So glad to see that your comeback seems to be sticking. There ain’t enough crumpet in the Australian blogosphere.

  11. You are still blogging because like me you are addicted. You are a unique voice in a sea of vanilla. (I count myself as a vanilla pod but dream of being butterscotch or rum n raisin blogging flavour) Like Deb I am back to writing 1-2 week but have taken big breaks over the last 2 years. If Woogsy tells you to keep writing, then I wouldn’t argue with her! x

  12. I’m all for writing for the hell of it. I think it should be applauded. As for James Bond, I’d like to see Gwendoline Christie shake it up and we can have a brawny Bond boy.

  13. That photo of Rollo in civilian gear is so freaking haaaawwwwwwtttt! Thank you! God, you can’t stop blogging. Your words are incredibly witty, you’re funny and one of the most intelligent bloggers I know. Sometimes I think oh shit, she’s so smart. I don’t even know how to respond. Keep serving up this awesome content with a side of crumpet and I’ll keep coming back. I honestly don’t know why I keep blogging. I can’t seem to help it. It’s a weird addiction. I told Dave last night that one day out of the blue I’m going to close down the blog, cancel my blog and personal FB page and move to New Zealand and become a hermit. All or nothing 😉

  14. Ah, but you are such a unique voice in blog land. Glad you’re back, and love the reasons you’re here. As for Bond, I’m all for Gillian Anderson!

  15. Here’s cheers to the rambling, pointless blogs. They are most definitely my favourite kind. And Gillian Anderson for Bond!

  16. LOL yes to all your questions pretty much. I was glad to see you pop up again, I enjoy your sense of humour, and who doesn’t love a bit of crumpet to make us drool! Maybe you should just change the blog name to Mumabs, because you give us plenty of abs for eye candy!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  17. Glad you’re sticking around – I’m always at a crossroad of some sort or another. I just need to ditch HALOM and get my Write Styling blog pumping… why haven’t I done that already?

  18. I take bloggy breaks from time to time. Life gets in the way, or I don’t have anything to write about, or I DO but it doesn’t belong on the blog so I write and pitch and flog and beg for a while. Then I come back.
    I’m so glad you’re back. Crumpet and NASDAQ in the same sentence? NICHEVILLE. x

    • Bond casting. Bleeeeurgh. For all I care about Bond, they can give it to Vinnie Jones or someone else I won’t be watching anytime soon. I’m with you – enough with the Bond films.

  19. If it wasn’t for IBOT, I think I would have stopped blogging a long time ago. But I love the community and that it forces me to read things I never would have read before, and meet people I wouldn’t normally.
    FWIW, I’m glad you’re back. Crumpets are not my thing, but I love the way you put words together. Keep doing it.

  20. I just enjoy it..Simple! …and people actually read it too! Having my own little place on the net is nice. I love gardening and wine so why not share the love. Glad to have you back on the airwaves!!

  21. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been disenchanted. Please keep blogging. I’m very new to your blog so I didn’t know you’d been off the air.

    No-one else makes me snort with laughter like you can. Just the word hawwwwt makes me crack up. And as for all those hawwwwt photos… I especially love it when they have nothing to do with whatever you’ve written about.

    Love your work!!

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