Thrifting Me Fabulous with Kimba Likes

Last weekend I happily gave myself over to be experimented upon. The wonderful Kim-Marie Williams from Kimba Likes ( http://kimbalikes.com/) was looking for guinea pigs for her new business idea – The Kimba Likes Thrifting Tour and I was more than happy to answer the call. The prospect of an entire morning child free to shop and drink fine coffee with some lovely ladies was too alluring to resist.  So I abandoned Dadabulous and made a rare pilgrimage  over the Anzac Bridge to meet up with RoboMum (http://robomum.wordpress.com/) and Girlzed (https://twitter.com/Girlzed) at the hip La Grande Bouffe cafe in Rozelle.

The point of rendevous

The point of rendezvous

Finding a niche and going for it.

If you’ve spent any time traipsing around the Aussie blogging landscape then you’ve no doubt encountered the delightful corner of cyber space that is Kimba Likes (http://kimbalikes.com/).  Kim-Marie’s world is all about fashion, friends, frivolity and of course her gorgeous menfolk  (her adored husband and son).  It’s a blog that radiates joyfulness at all the good things in life. Even if fashion is not your thing, its difficult not to be charmed by her enthusiasm and passion for beautiful things.

Recently the Kimba Likes blog has become a platform for a germinating business concept. The idea of hosting thrift shopping tours had been rattling around in Kim’s mind for some years but with her 40th birthday looming large on the horizon she decided now was the time to get started.  She took a leap of faith and resigned from a job that was making her stressed and miserable.  She knew that she dearly wanted to make fashion her livelihood but it was a question of exactly how to go about it. Kim-Marie had already established a reputation as a “master shopper”. Her friends would frequently seek her advice and “book her in” for shopping expeditions. Even strangers asked her for her stylist card. Meanwhile her blog was taking off and had attracted the attention of the bigger plays like Andrea and Fox in Flats (http://www.foxinflats.com.au/) and Nikki from Styling You (http://www.stylingyou.com.au/). It was simply a case of finding a niche and running with it. For Kim-Marie, the answer was thrifting – or breathing new life into second hand clothes.

Kim-Marie is lucky enough to live in Rozelle,  a thriving suburb in Sydney’s inner west with loads of character. Rozelle not only boasts funky cafe’s and edgy upcoming restaurants and bars it is home to the in Kim-Marie’s words “the Golden Triangle of Thrifting”. The cross formed by Darling St and Victoria Rd is abuzz with op shops, classic vintages stores and weekend markets. Kim-Marie knows this terrain like the back of her hand and loves nothing more than the thrill of chasing down a bargain whilst making a friend look and feel amazing at the same time. The idea of Kimba Likes Thrifting Tours was born!

Quirky cool at Rozelle markets.

Quirky cool at Rozelle markets.

Too much bling is never enough

Too much bling is never enough

The thrifting experience

On the morning of the tour we steeled ourselves with caffeine and headed off like a pack of cougars on a mission. As you would expect Kim-Marie had the low down on every store on the strip and directed us towards the best “hits”. The Rozelle Vinnies, though unassuming on the exterior was a hidden treasure trove of amazingness. The jumbled racks were crammed with labels, sweetie labels – designer fare at a fraction of the original cost. Kim-Marie scanned everything with her “magpie eyes”, quickly calculating whether any particular item was a bargain and assessing how it could be given a new lease on life. She also encouraged us to step outside our fashion “comfort zones”, encouraging us to play with new colours and styles.

I picked up this elegant woolen dress.  It’s nylon, angora, silk blend and is fully lined. Its very flattering to my figure type and I actually feel sexy in it ( a rarity indeed).

This angora blend dress is stunning on

This angora blend dress is stunning on

I also picked up this sequinned jumper for a little day time sparkle.

Find my inner sparkle

Find my inner sparkle

Having exhausted Vinnies, we headed to the sunny side of the street to check out the Salvos and U-turn.

U turn here for bargains!

U turn here for bargains!

Here I picked up this cute Tommy Hilfiger blouse.

The cuteness.

The cuteness.

And this Marks & Spencer linen vest in excellent condition.

Its the WOW at $6.00

Its the WOW at $6.00

I couldn’t resist this striped Chanel style cardigan and needed only the most gentle prompting from Kim-Marie to snap it up.  There may be a few similar items in closet-abulous but what can I say – I fetishise stripes almost as much as shirtless British actors.

I'm crushing on my Chanel style cardigan

I’m crushing on my Chanel style cardigan

By this time I was loaded up like a pack horse and decided to switch off the cashflow. The others intrepidly braved the Rozelle markets after refuelling at the Rosebud cafe.

Overall it was a fantastically fun morning. Kim-Marie is every bit as vibrant in person as she is online and I thank her for giving me a much needed injection of fab.  I came home with five “good as new” items for a total of around $120.00 and a successful bargain hunters glow.

To find out more contact Kim-Marie at styling@kimbalikes.com.






Vogue Inferiors

If I have learned anything from GOMI* its that some people don’t care for Mummy/ Lifestyle blogs. You know the ones that feature an array of gorgeously photographed interior design, fashion and craft and gastro porn. Some readers view this type of thing as self important yet bored housewives documenting the tedious details of their privileged but dull lives. Whilst Mumabulous has never claimed to be anything but over privileged and bland, I’m hoping that this post will provide a refreshing antidote to the “la-de-dah, more stylish than thou” blogs out there. Welcome to Chez ‘Abulous’ feature spread in Vogue Inferiors: The 2013 Summer Edition.

Chez ‘Abulous is like a super model who has let herself go. ( I note that this is not a common occurrence, most supermodels hold onto themselves with a vice like grip.)  She is amply proportioned with “good bones”. She simply needs to be whipped into shape to become “catwalk ready”.  Here are some of the blemishes that could use a dab of concealer.

Skip To My Loo

One of my next of kin a retired architect. She sneered at this throne of magnificence. P1 by contrast squealed with delight the first time she laid eyes on it. “Look at the dolphin twoilet! It’s bewdiful”.  The problem is you can’t appreciate this intricate collage while attending your business.

The throne of magnificence.

The throne of magnificence.

Personally I prefer our office ensuite. I refer to it as “the loo with a view”. You can sit there reflecting on nature while you are answering its call.

The view from the top.

The view from the top.

That’s Like Soooo 90s

Presenting the ensuite to the master bedroom where the princesses take their royal bubble bath of an evening. At first inspection the architect told me that it was “very 90s”.  Her super power apparently is dating a dwelling by its bathroom decor. Actually she’s right – the upstairs extension was completely by previous owners some twenty years ago. I relieve myself of all responsibility for the choice of tiles. The towels on the floor however are all my own work.

90s retro chic?

90s retro chic?

Oooooooooh Look At Us – We’ve Got a Bar!

We have a swanky bar area. It’s cool. If we added a pool table and a dart board the living room would be a functional man cave. It’s a pity I’ve been using it as a crafting base instead of an entertainment epicentre. If you look hard you’ll  notice the artistic plaster busts on the shelves. They are yet another of Dadabulous’ creations. Before we met he attended a sculpture workshop to pick up chicks.

The entertainment epicentre?

The entertainment epicentre?

Dirty Laundry

If an interior design blog shows the laundry at all its either gleaming stainless steel or charmingly rustic with raffia baskets. By comparison our laundry is a rehabilitation clinic for indoor plants.

The Peace Lily is recovering from dehydration and exhaustion.

The Peace Lily is recovering from dehydration and exhaustion.

The laundry is also the scene of Dadabulous’ greatest failure. Not too many fancy pants blogs proudly display their husband’s botched handy man jobs. To be fair Dadabulous doesn’t have too many DIY disasters on his resume.

So when are we calling the plumber?

So when are we calling the plumber?

Child’s Play

Our playroom is the jewel in the Chez ‘Abulous crown. If there is a better playroom in the municipality I’d like to see it. Look up and you will observe these ornate ceiling features.



Look down and you will observe  (ahem)  this.

Great picture.

Our wide screen TV is the shizz man.

On second thoughts it’s best to look up. Damn that’s one fine ceiling.


Some popular blogs regularly showcase the author’s flower arranging skills.  This is the ancient art of ikebana done Mumabulous style.  A friend of P1’s plucked these gems from a neighbour’s front yard. The plastic yellow cup was the best I could come up with at short notice and after two wines. Rather fetching don’t you think?

The work of a true master.

The work of a true master.

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of Chez ‘Abulous. I’ve got so much more style to share with you but I know you’re busy people and don’t have all day.

Until next time stay sleek and chic.


* Get Off My Internet – a site where people go to “dis” blogs that irritate them. The tone is bitchy but some valid points are made.

PS: Mumabulous requires surgery to remove her tongue from her cheek. I admire the decorator/lifestyle bloggers’ ability to create beautiful images. This offering only serves to highlight their talent.


Who Do You Dress For?

I love the fashion bloggers. They are taking the esoteric world of Haute couture and demystifying it for everyone. You don’t have the connections of Anna Wintour, the body of  Gisele Bündchen or the budget of Gina Rinehart to join in the party. Whats more the likes of Kim-Marie (http://kimbalikes.com/), Rachel (http://www.redcliffestyle.com/) and Mama Stylista (http://www.mamastylista.com/) all have an infectious exuberance. I’ve not met any of them but they seem like they’d be a fun addition to any gal posse.  They obviously get so much enjoyment from fashion whereas my relationship to clothes has been fraught.

Being style challenged is a consummate first world problem. I’m sure that the boat people would love to have the opportunity to struggle with accessories.  Nevertheless during my younger days, from the black clad wanna-be gothic teen years, through to my office life where I tried to balance the corporate uniform with a touch of individuality,I could never quite “nail it”.  The thing I “nailed” was attracting boyfriends who were quick to point out exactly what I was doing wrong. I was not sexy enough for some or elegant enough for others. Some deemed my neither sexy nor elegant. For a young woman this kind of criticism is confidence shaking. I sheepishly admit that there were occasions where I put money and time into meeting my ex-paramours’ exacting standards. If I could borrow the keys to the TARDIS I’d go back and give these jerks the middle finger with a resounding STFU.

Still I learned from these experiences. My former flames’ respect for me did not increase with a make-over. They would quickly move on to something else to criticize. Also I noticed that the response I got from the wider world didn’t change greatly based on what I was wearing. A brief stint where I played the hawt babe with towering heels and short skirts did not transform me into a man magnet. My relationships with my male friends remained grounded in humor and shared interests. It didn’t seem to matter much to them whether I was wearing jeans and flats or a bum grazing mini. On the other hand revealing outfits provoked the occasional snide remark from females.

These days I dress for no one other than myself. I wear what I feel comfortable and happy in. Trinny & Suzannah, Gok Wan and Carson Kressley can all sod right off. I intend to ski the downhill slope to old age in a blaze of colors, patterns and quirky fabulousness.

Case in point.

I’ve just invested in a super sized hat. It’s the kind favored by middle aged matrons who have nothing to do but schmooze around resorts all day. You will observe the leopard skin scarf and the oversized turtle shell retro sunglasses.  This combination feels like I’m wearing a satellite dish and a car windscreen. Nevertheless it makes perving on young hunks undetectable.

I’m picking up Foxtel with this.

Shorts are mandatory for kid wrangling in the summer months. Here is my latest purchase. They were the longest ones I could find. The pattern is busier than Charlie Sheen’s dealer but at least it takes attention away from the cellulite just beneath the hem line. I ask you why hide a round butt when you can swathe it in fab and shake it about?

Hell yeh – my butt looks big in these.

I live in a Sydney beach side suburb that is not Bondi and I’m middle aged. All roads are leading to the kaftan! I’ve recently topped up the collection with these two.

I got the blues.

The next one hails from that mecca of hippidom – Tree of Life. It came with the dubious claim that “one size fits all”. On my vertically challenged frame it is more like a Mum tent but its a Mum tent of magnificence.  I can’t wait to be mistaken for the girls’ grandmother as I waft around the kiddy pool in this flowing cascade of chiffon.

Mumabulous Mum tent.

Would any fashion post be complete without footwear? Why is that even a question? Here are my brand spanking new Mary Janes from Shoes of Prey.  You can see I’m taking my style cues from my five and a half year old. Pink and silver all the way.

I heart you MJ.

Ladies, no matter what your personal style groove happens to be – hot n’ sexy, sleek and stylish, free-range and feral or retro and rockabilly I hope you’re rocking your look just for you.

Get your glam on.


The Surprise Beginning


Mumabulous Blahnik

Men. They’ve had a bad rap lately with all the misogynistic goings on in Parliament.  Bettina Arndt came out swinging in defense of the male persuasion in the Murdoch rag yesterday, again blaming ladies for the great sex drought of 2012. This will no doubt provoke an another bucket load of anti male backlash. Luckily for all of those with a Y chromosome, Dadabulous has donned his superman undies on the outside and redeemed the species. Just look what he gave me for my recent birthday. How can men be all bad? Some of them know what we really want!  Shoes!

The gift of shoes.

Mind you these are not just any old shoes. They are bespoke footwear from an up and coming designer, yours truly. Shoes of Prey (http://www.shoesofprey.com) is an ingenious website which allows you to design your very own unique pair of shoes.  Its designed for the technically impaired and is very user friendly. It even does its best to assist the fashion challenged (I include myself here) by suggesting color schemes as you go along.

The first step ( haha – a shoe pun) after logging in is to chose from a dozen basic design types – only two of which are flat.  Once you’ve selected a basic model its time to go to town with a cornucopia of fabrics and colors.  The extensive list of options includes faded soft leather, soft leather, patent leather, suade, animal print, silk, snakeskin, fish skin, glitter, cotton blend and lace overlay.  The website’s graphics allow you to click on your color selection and watch your creation take shape.  If you were so inclined you could spend hours just tinkering around with the colors. Its like  being a kid let lose in a lolly shop except that shoes dont go straight to your hips the way sugar does. I was tempted to unleash my inner drag queen, follow the yellow brick road and order a pair of Mary Janes encrusted in red glitter. However that was just too naff even for me. In the end I went for silver and light pink ballet slippers with a Mary Jane strap.

Once the basic design in complete, the real fun begins. Its time to bling things up with a range of decorations. Once again you get to choose from a range of embellishments such as rosettes and bows.  There’s even a double rosette option for those who dont have room for a garden in their abode and thus have to wear one.  Here’s how my design ended up.

My shoe ‘abulous design.

The final step is to provide your shoe size then the good people at Shoes of Prey handcraft your masterpiece. The finished product is delivered by courier to your home within four days. If they dont fit or are faulty in any way you can send them back and Shoes of Prey will remake them free of charge. I finalized my order last night and in the words of Dr Frank ‘n Furter, I’m “trembling with antiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicipppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation”.

In order to keep my excitement levels on a high plateau I pinched some shoe-purb images from the Shoes of Prey Facebook page.

Flower power.

Shiny, shiny bad times behind me. Shiny Shiny na na na na.

Diamontes are your toes best friend.

Welcome to the jungle. Rioooow!

Such fun! Really I couldn’t have had more fun even if Michael Fassbender was in the room serving champagne cocktails. Which only goes to prove that I need to get out more.

Thanks Dadabulous. Your awesomeness remains unsurpassed. Now if you could do the washing up and fold the laundry……..



NB: This is not a sponsored post. I dearly wish it was but alas.. If anyone at Shoes of Prey is reading how about a freebie eh?

The Surprise Beginning


So Frocked Up

Sometimes a blogger has to reach for the low hanging fruit and the fruit doesn’t hang much lower than entertainment industry award ceremonies. The silly season leading up to the Oscars kicked off today with the Emmy Awards. It was nirvana for fashionistas and celebrity addicts alike. Undoubtedly social media is going haywire, deconstructing every red carpet ensemble. The world doesn’t need yet another Emmy’s fashion blog post. But hey – Mumabulous doesn’t need another piece of Lindt chocolate but I’m sure as hell going to have it anyway.

Here are some of the highlights for me.

Sophia Vergara

Ariel called. She wants her tail back.

Six innocent mermaids died so one Latino diva could look fishy on the red carpet. The fashion police panned this frock. It was relegated to worst dressed lists all over the web. I don’t think its that bad. Perhaps on a lesser mortal it would have been a disaster but Sophia has the chutzpah to carry it off. She’s like the bride of Neptune. It reminds me of what the Swedish exchange student wore to our year 12 formal. Her head to toe emerald sequins out blinged my ruffled green taffeta. ( It was 1988!).

Lucy Liu

C3PO is getting excited.

In an episode of Futurama Lucy Liu is featured as a sexy robot gone rogue. Its therefore fitting that she should wear this. As Zack Brannigan said in the aforementioned program ” Now there’s a wave of destruction that’s easy on the eye”.

Christina Hendricks

You dont expect to find so much curvy goodness in your lunch bag.

I am a Mad Men freak and therefore a big fan of Christina Hendricks. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women in the world, she’s a very handy actress. However this is not her finest red carpet moment. She looks like she’s wearing a wet paper bag. I’m sure most men would love to see her fight her way out of it. Mind you she still looks smokin’.

Julianna Margulies

From living room to red carpet?

Is it just me or does Julianna look like she’s wearing sofa upholstery? Looks like she’s raided my grandmother’s sitting room. On the positive I love the colors and her skin is amazing.

Ashley Judd

Don’t tell the bride.

The fashion critics tore this one to bits with gleeful savagery. It reminds me of a bridesmaid dress I wore back in 1997. I was wearing a similar amount of hair lacquer too. It took days to get it out. I’d imagine Ashley’s shampooing her hair for the hundredth time instead of schmoozing at an after party right now.

Lena Dunham

Too Mumsy even for Mumabulous

This is the only Emmy’s frock that I would describe as a “shocker”.  Lena Dunham is the creator and star of the HBO series Girls. She’s 26. Sadly this dress would be better suited to Susan Boyle who is 51.

Padma Lakshmi

A sunrise woven into fabric.

This is my favorite. This woman looks breathe taking. The color reminds me of the sun rise over the ocean. This is not something that I need to be reminded of as I’m seeing it every morning when the sun blazing through the window at 5 freaking 30. Still this dress is divine and just perfect for Padma’s exquisite skin tone.

What were your Emmys  frock picks? Does posting about this kind of thing make me a shallow and vacuous person? If yes, is that a good thing?

Get glamorous girls.




Advancing My Style

In 2008 a new style bible exploded on the scene – How To Not Look Old by Charla Krupp. This tome of wit and wisdom advocates, lightening your hair, bleaching your teeth, brow plucking, constricting yourself, bondage style into shape wear and botoxing the be-jeepers out of your face. It is basically an instruction manual on how to look like Charla Krupp. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Charla Krupp looks great. Its just that if everyone followed her sage advice we would all look like the inhabitants of info-mercials and morning TV. Designer sunglasses would become mandatory to protect us from the glare of everyone’s dazzling white teeth. Its not the kind of world I want to live in.

A year or two back I kidded myself that I could somehow postpone aging and Charla’s work was of profound interest. Mind you I was not interested enough to spend Dadabulous’ hard earned. I borrowed the book from the local library. Unfortunately I couldn’t get through it. I found myself increasingly irritated by her insinuation that I needed Spanx and a high end hairdresser. Despite all the money, time and effort we put it, we will all one day look old and that sure as hell  beats looking dead.  In a recent post I spoke about my intention of morphing into a groovy granny or a senior hippizen. I fully intend leaving sexy on the shelf and bringing quirky back.  Now firmly entrenched in middle age I have taken the first baby steps on this journey towards disgraceful aging.

I present the following items as evidence for the prosecution your Honor.

Exhibit A: 

Red Vans sneakers. Chase toddlers, go anywhere with happy feet.

I see red, I see red, I see red.

Exhibit B

A hat that will take me from the beach to the bowling green.

I hide my bad hair life under this.

Exhibit C

Over sized sunglasses. Who needs botox when you can cover crows feet with fabulousness? They also conceal shameless perving at gorgeous men young and old.

My windscreen.

Exhibit D

The bedazzled kaftan. This item is de rigueur for an eccentric old bat on the beach.

This kaftan is busier than I am with two pre-schoolers.

Exhibit E

The retro cardigan. The cardigan is the most unfairly maligned garment in the fashion universe. How cute is this Mary Poppins print?

Mary Poppins – perfect in every way.

Exhibit F

Vintage leather jacket. I picked this up from the Randwick Vintage Clothing fair. Its a genuine 1970s leather jacket. If I ever wanted to be an extra on the TV series Life On Mars this is what I’d wear.  It makes me feel too cool for school.

This pre- dates disco!

And finally Exhibit G

A butterfly print wrap dress. I recently purchased this at the mecca to drippy hippidom – Tree of Life. A senior hippizen could easily be outfitted by that store alone. I cant wait to flutter by in this.

Hippie chic.

The fabric’s ready for its close up.

Being middle aged and married is surprisingly liberating. I can wear what I want because heck nobody cares (if they ever really did). Freed from the shackles of having to be a smokin’ hawt babe, I can have fun with clothes just like my girls do.

Charla Krupp has been permanently consigned to the library shelf to be replaced by a new Bible – the wonderful megablog (dare I say Blog Buster) Advanced  Style (http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com.au/)

Over to you Mumrades. Are you still still rocking the sexy or enjoying the descent into old age like a fair ground slippery slide?

Stay Gorgeous


The Surprise Beginning


A Walk On The Posh Side


If Queen Street Woollahra isn’t the ritziest shopping strip in Australia, it would have to be in the Top 5. Walking down its tree lined streets is like witnessing your Vogue Magazine fantasies come to life (except the one about the yacht). In between the art galleries and the antique dealerships, the upmarket boutiques are housed in funked up terraces. These small squares of conspicuous consumption have an inverse price to floor space ratio (the smaller the shop, the higher the prices). I’m ashamed to admit that despite my middle class credentials I felt slightly intimidated, like I had no business being amid the “labels sweetie labels”. Like my almost 3 year old daughter (p2) I put on my cheeky face and decided to have some fun.

First I stopped was for coffee in this very cute “hole in the wall” cafe. It was technically on Spicer St but oozed the Queen St vibe. I chuckled to myself as I read an editorial in the Wentworth Courier (The Wentie) entitled “I eat muesli and I vote”. It was decrying the ridicule that “inner city values” tend to receive from the Alan Jones’ of this world. I tried not to smile too hard for fear of attracting sneers from the crowd of cashed up senior hippizens united by their taste for on-trend eye wear.

A refuge for cashed up senior hippizens.

My next destination was one of Queen Street’s most famous landmarks – the Victor Churchill Fine Family Butcher. This place has to be seen to be believed so I will let the pictures do the talking.

The window display.

These truffles are under 24 hour surveillance. Seriously.

A gilded fridge display.

The deli to the stars.

So ludicrous is this place that my visit to the renowned hipster hang out – Jones the Grocer with its huge refrigerated cheese room was a bit of a let down.

Say cheese.

In Woollahra even the concept of the humble local bottlo is taken to another level.

This Cellar actually has a cellar.

The historic Post Office building displays a whopping big “Australia Post” sign. On closer inspection I found it is actually home to Napoleon Perdis’ flagship “lifestyle” store. I plucked up the audacity to enter and ended up being thoroughly entertained. The “lifestyle” banner translates to “all things stylish and amazing about Napoleon”. I’d love to show you some pictures but in-store photography is outlawed

The foppish young shop assistant soon became my new gay best friend. He preached the gospel according to Napoleon and gave me the guided tour of fabulousness. I had the privilege enough of being shown through “vintage” cabinet which harbored a dining set identical to one owned by “The Queen”.  “Really, don’t you mean A Queen?” I quipped. “No darling Queen Elizabeth has one just like it”.

Either my new bestie was taking a shine to me or was bored because he got out the big guns. “Do you like Chanel?” he asked. “Aaah weeeeell” I stuttered. I wanted to say something like “Karl Lagerfeld is an A grade jerk who resembles Michael Jackson’s corpse”. Luckily I held my tongue. “Who doesn’t?” enthused my friend. He unlocked the glass display and produced the Chanel Cuff.  “Its 1980s vintage. Feel the weight in that. Every day I try and try but it just doesn’t fit “. He handed it over to and like Cinderella (Chanelarella?) it slipped straight on my dainty wrist. Then with a clunk my arm collapsed under its weight.  I admitted that was the closest I’d ever been to Chanel and that I couldn’t be changing nappies in it. I think the message that there was no sale here was beginning to dawn on him. I did manage to impart that I had met the divine Napoleon before he was famous. “What doooo you mean? He’s always been famous”. I told him that nearly 20 years ago Napoleon himself did the make up for a wedding where I was bridesmaiding.  My bosom buddy would have been in short pants back then. Nup, on second thoughts he was probably in short pants at the Stonewall last weekend.

I gathered my last shreds of dignity and left before I was forcibly removed.  Just minutes later I encountered the funkiest Garden/Homewear store I have ever seen!

Feast your eyes.

“Terrace – Central Funky Town!

Isn’t this retro chair wonderful? Wouldn’t you just like to swing in it with Don Draper and a margarita?

A seat for swingers.

There was more awesomeness in the courtyard out the back. When I am Queen this will be my throne.

Throne of funkiness.

This caught my eye for kitsch. It looks like the flamingo lovers in the movie Gnomeo and Juilet.

Divine kitsch. I want it.

I needed one more fashion fix before I headed back to my mundane and Mumsy life. Lisa Ho gave me what I needed. Her silk prints are gorgeous this season. However could someone please hurry up and do a knock off of this! I cant justify $700 on a day dress!

Ho Couture.

I returned to my comfort zone, happy that my wallet and I had escaped the experience  unscathed.

Happy Shopping



The Surprise Beginning